Hares in uzёrku

Hares in uzёrku

Photo Boris Emelyanov

Timpani swans silent in the distance,
Cranes were quiet for the swampy meadows,
Only a hawk circling over the red stacks,
Yes, autumn rustling in the rushes.
E. Bagritsky

In uzerku (from the word – to behold, to see), or, as they say – «out of myself». «samotopom»You can hunt like
on the hare, and the hare. But the main object of hunting in uzerku still a hare. Rusak harder to see in the prone,
as its color allows it to more reliably hide from hunters.


It is so named because that is closer to the winter turns white. Brother Leo N. Tolstoy Tolstoy writes: «But approaching the real fall, the hare starts «overwritten», Puts on his trousers, as they say hunters, ie Gachi him turn white…».

Fully moult, starting in late August to November. Only at the ends of the ears is black fringe. Beljak – forest dwellers, but not continuous taiga. It is found throughout the northern part of the Russian forest, including mountain areas, as well as thickets of dwarf tundra. Common hare among birch groves of forest-steppe of Western Siberia.

His favorite place: Sich, burning, clearing, overgrown with tall grass in the summer, young aspen and Wetlands with sedge. In the fall of white hair, as dry grass, fed blueberry twigs and willow, winter gnawing branches and soft bark of deciduous trees and shrubs. So he did not go hungry in the winter. Sated, the hare goes on «maturation».

Before you lie down, confuse the hare tracks. In autumn and winter, it usually falls in places protected from the wind, in the bushes or dense coniferous undergrowth. As a rule, the muzzle is always a breeze. In snowy winters and severe frosts, as well as in northern hare sometimes digs a hole in the snow to a depth of one and a length of one and a half meters with a through output. He loves hare hide in the cavities formed by the branches of fallen trees and littered with snow, especially spruce.

Hare tend to spend the day on «lezhke»And before the sun to go on feeding (utility bills), where he could spend the night. As noted by ST Aksakov: «…night for him completely replaces the day; during her he runs, he eats and zhiruet, ie sports, and generally fulfills all the requirements of nature; at dawn he chooses a secluded place, and lies with her eyes open, … sensitively dormant until evening…». It should be borne in mind that the night life of a hare can be traced only in the presence of snow in its wake.


The Russian hunting birds for our hunters are traditional, and therefore have developed different ways of hunting for these animals. Of course, every method of hunting has its own unique charm, bringing together a hunter lurking life of this animal. In this article we will talk about hunting in uzerku where from the hunter requires certain knowledge and skills, endurance, attention and speed of reaction. This is a very interesting hunting hare without a dog.

One of the main conditions of its long snowless weather. Often the snow falls and melts. In the woods again chernotrop. By this time the rabbits almost faded. The leaves from the trees and bushes showered in the morning sometimes there are mornings, but the land has not yet been grasped by frost. Crumble the leaves and drops frightened hare and make him get out of the forest. In such cases, it must be sought in the clearings, forest edges, forest glades, in a pile of firewood in the clearings, and sometimes on the outskirts of the hummocky marshes dry. Do not ignore low thickets of spruce and juniper and sagging, rusty ferns. Fishing is successful only in the warm and mild days.

Hares in uzёrku

Beljak extracted from TOZ-63

Around this weather, which it has developed this fall. Downright second Indian summer we had in October. In such weather white hair is particularly dense, and moist earth contributes to easily and quietly approach him. Hunter slowly, quietly, gait Indian moves through the typical for this time of Hare places. That sharp eyes stumble on something white. Tension builds. A shudder runs through the body.

Hunter, clutching a gun, carefully moving closer to the goal. And what is his disappointment! He took on a piece of paper or thrown by someone white plastic bag. Of this «of good»Unfortunately, in our forests arbitrarily. Maybe after this event and he will refrain litter in the woods? Do not worry. The hunt continues. Go ahead and carefully inspect all places where it can hide the hare.

And that there is white low-flattened branch ate? Closer, closer … Lord, hare! Hare with his usual art took refuge under the fir paws on fallen needles and dry moss. Shot in the damp air muffled sounds.

Fraction whips schepit branches and tree bark. Hunter trembling hands pull a rabbit out of the branches, eyes closed, face digs into soft and fluffy fur animal stomach, smelling withering leaves and fragrant resin. And, as the poet said Nikolai Rubtsov: «At the heart of something wakes such that words can not express all of a sudden». It may be objected that in the prone shoot hare unethical. I do not know anyone, but to me, Orenburg steppe inhabitants while hunting in the Leningrad region, rarely managed to hit the hare jumped. Painfully short moment represented hare hunter to produce an aimed shot.

Another thing – hare. Harvest is over, in the fields and meadows, quiet, and there are no longer drive out the cattle. Time of grace for the hare! The best hunting in uzerku happens after the first snow fell on «warm» ground and melted. Land was exposed again and weathered.

School hunting hare held under the guidance of his father and grandfather Stepan. Sometimes, walking along boundary strips, margins of fields or harvested «shkandybaesh» Turned layers of plowed fields, and around the quiet, beauty and space to the horizon! At this time easy to see the hare «lezhke»Especially on arable land. Seeing a rabbit, do not stop and approach him directly.

Move obliquely, if you pass by, but not letting it out of sight, and be ready to fire. Hare is hard, and damp earth approach makes silent and unable to make a shot for lying animal. But more often notice hare already plucked from the maturation – this moment, and how much sense it compressed! And it always have to be ready.


For hunting rifle uzerku will fit 12, 16 and 20 gauge (for the last desirable cartridges «Magnum»). However, preference should be given semi-automatic machines. Sometimes the hunter will not notice the hare, and he nearly jumps out from under your feet. Hunter hurry «Doublet» and longingly eyed briskly escorted the fleeing animal and unscathed. Here semi-automatic rifle and could help out. Hare is not so strong on the wound, so get involved in large numbers should not be shot.

Cartridge standard with a shot №№ 3, 2 or 1, 32 g, but the distance is within reason. If a hunter ammo equips itself, the first shot is made with chuck «Troika» and without the container, it is important for shooting at close quarters, especially Belyakov.

The cartridge is armed as follows: the powder is placed on a cardboard pad with a minimum thickness of 3 mm, it osalenny felt wad, then additional neosalenny or instead of it all cut off part of the wad-container without the cup, then shall be sent gasket filled roll. Also do not forget about security measures, especially when hunting in the forest on the hare. Village semi-closed and shooting is lower than a man’s height.

Especially we must be careful not far from suburban areas and villages. At the time of the shot on the line of fire could be mushroom pickers. Yes Yes! In this weather still enjoy the latest fungi lovers, wild or domestic animals and other hunters. It seems that we have discussed. Then the doubts away – I find or do not find a rabbit? Next, a meeting with a beautiful and his hunting happiness. Especially in this weather features.

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