Ide due coastal shelters

Ide due coastal shelters

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One of dobychlivyh tested gear for catching ide at large and medium rivers with natural course – rod with a lateral nod, which snap is ogruzhennaya fishing line and hook with a lead. Using a hook instead mormyshkas justified when fishing near strong jets.

This gear is used by some fishermen Okskaya – mainly in the upper reaches of the river, where there are steep banks with overhanging bushes. Well, when it was quite close to the edge of the branches it is suitable for quick, even better, when rip current tempted to shore. Where the result of undermining the course creates a cozy niche and coastal dredging, fish feels great: for bringing food, shelter and protection from enemies.

Most catchability places are difficult to access because of the coastal thickets. Crunching noise and branches can scare away the fish, so choosing the right progal between the bushes, to the shore approach slowly, trying not to touch the branches. The use of expensive gear can cause them to malfunction. Also often when fishing from hooks in the bush loses or breaks a thin float casing (as thick fishing line when fishing in the strong current to float gear is not necessary). And then comes to the rescue gear combination, which combines elements of the summer and poludonki jig. Gear rods is very simple – above leash with hook №18-1, depending, on, on what kind of fish you want, put a sliding sinker fixed bottom pellet.

It is best suited for such fishing rigid sturdy fiberglass rod is no longer than 6 meters. However, if you are well studied and it is favorable place for fishing shorter rods, better use of them. My combined tackles one meter lower knee plug made artisanal, and the rest – telescopic. Such an addition facilitates the landing of fish with short scaffold. In addition, the rivers are often found gullies, near the fishing which does not require a long rod, and then an additional knee removed.

Attachments rods can be combined as a deaf and moving either the upper knee fixed motoviltse or rod must be equipped with rings and coil. Due to the fact that catch accounted for throughout with a weight of 5 to 15 g, the nod should take shorter, made of wide steel plate or Mylar. When fishing reel with a nod at the end of the ring to be spacious and close to the rod tip through-ring free running line and the distribution of the main load tension. Without this, the use of various fixing gums or nod, which rings are located on both ends, as well as vinyl chloride pipes for the passage of the fishing line is impractical because when hooked on the nod has to a large load, and it can break.

The main fishing line diameter of 0.25-0.3 mm, leash 0,17-0,23 mm with a length of 20-30 cm. When using longer leashes need to move the nozzle at a distance from the bottom. In this case, I put through a carabiner at the end of the main line change of load type «Cheburashka» with one eye removed, and install it above the triple swivel. Then from the middle ear swivel it goes a long leash, and the two extreme ends of the assembly used to cut the main line. However, you can do without the triple swivel and leash attachment loop used on the main line – 25-30 cm above the sinker.
If the rod is equipped with a coil, it is mounted on the lower knee «Telescope»And removable knee remains free.

Under the bushes caught using a wide variety of baits and lures, including fry. At Oka and its tributaries good autumn nozzle is steamed wheat, but with the cooling water ide beginning to catch a worm, a worm sandwich and maggots, and a big bunch of bloodworm bait fish or fry. Worm (podlistnika or earth) are usually pushed onto one or several pieces on the hook with a long forearm, № 5-15.

If after several shelters for fishing on bites not, you can go to other heads. To do this, use a removable leashes, as may be necessary hooks with a short forearm. Leads are attached to the main line small karabinchikom with swivel to prevent twisting of the fishing line, or the way a loop in the loop. Sometimes I use a sliding snap a leash when the latter is in the working position on the line is free to move between two stoppers. Stoppers can serve two round lead weights, still clamped on the line.

Many river fish, including ide in river conditions the larvae feed on a variety of aquatic, so as you can use the tips of autumn larva mayflies, dragonflies, caddis. Close Oka caddis often irreplaceable when fishing for a variety of carp fish. Also ide will not pass side-leech klepsinu.

It is best to catch a coastal shelter when the water is clear. The muddy water fish on the site is rare. Tactics fishing is to ship drifting over, as long as it does not fall into the zone of quiet water. Its weight is selected according to the strength of the main flow. At Oka and its tributaries, such as Pra, Sturgeon, Moscow River, Protva, Ugra, Upa and others, one is enough «olives» weighing 10-15 g Casting produce further or closer to the shore, whichever is higher, or downstream to put the nozzle under the cover. Then, by adjusting the tension of the fishing line, give the nozzle raft in the right place. But we must bear: to avoid snags too great vacation nozzle is not recommended.

So, finding a suitable bush on the bank, we will gently lower the Snap-on for at most a raised apex, and then regulate the movement of goods vershinki slope. If Running rigging, the position of the snap in the water we additionally control a small etching of line from the reel. Once the bait is held fast the water and you will feel it to ease tension fishing line, immediately drop the rod tip – and the load falls to the bottom.
As for the IDE, particularly large, it is not always likes fast floating nozzle and often prefer sedentary. In any case, it should not hang out on the course, and allowed only its natural movement: wiggling worm or larvae and weak drawing on stream at the bottom (sliding sinker must necessarily remain motionless). Applying heavy (10-20 g) «olives»You can achieve such a drawing on a weak current when the nozzle, having a sail, draws the line while moving «olive» its weight is held in place. Close ide often react to unexpected comes up to him and pecking nozzle on the move. Fixed nozzle it takes careful. Hunt for this fish can be used lighter weights, which quickly blows torrent, nailing a backwater. In addition, after 2-3 hours of natural wiring under one of the shrubs used a couple of times a step forced the wiring. To this end, a light load tear off the bottom, and it blows over the next station.
It so happens that the fish is under the bushes in a completely inaccessible to place the nozzle and does not go out of the shelter. It comes to the rescue of a small closed feeder with maggots. Rigging and installation – like the feed gear. Larvae crawl out of the trough, will take over, and the fish will go towards the food source – and here and hook bait!

Despite the fact that the bushes to hide from the angler fish, his clothes must be camouflaged and blend in with the background.
When fishing under the bushes to fight with the help of hooks unhooked very difficult. Therefore, in order not to lose time, better drag force and breakage replace the leash. Of course, then you should go to another place.

Late in the autumn anglers who practice this method of fishing, are increasingly moving to the use of live bait. It can be gudgeon, roach, bleak, okunek or other fish. The catch, except for large and medium-sized ide may be walleye, pike, perch, chub, who also love to stand in the bushes.

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