It is necessary to return the examination

All hunters all hunting community in Russia know which ruined state is hunting in our country. So far, so it seemed, would be worse. But at the end of May there was a change of leadership Ohotdepartamenta MNR. We hope that this will be a positive change. Our hopes are justified if the new leadership would not repeat the mistakes of the former.

It is necessary to return the examination

Photo by Alexander Nazarov

The former management Ohotdepartamenta MNR promised to MPR minister, and in the turn promised the highest leaders of the country that a In 2030 the number of game animals in Russia will increase twice. «Promise — is not That Into You!» I like to resursoved area of ​​hunting resources, not I could not believe MNR promises.

Firstly, why just all kinds of hunting animals? Some species must be protected, and try every possible way to increase their reproduction. Other species need to be kept under strict control, as they say — engaged in the regulation of the number.

Secondly why twice? Useful and appealing to our hunting game species need to increase their numbers in a variety of times, not two. A those species which interfere with it, to reduce in several times, Depending on the regions of our vast country.

Third, no matter how all-powerful Ohotdepartament MNR was, he did not the power to influence migratory population in including waterfowl. A These birds value account for about 80% of the total Russian production of hunters.

The only thing that can Ohotdepartament in as an excuse to draw Russia into the signing of the notorious Agreement AEWA, which would lead to ban spring hunting our country and no affect increase in international resources for migratory birds. As Western countries pursue their national interests and already extracted a lot of woodcock, ducks, geese and pr.

Fourth, sedentary population of animals in the recent years for some reason not rises and vice versa. Although it is not the level of poaching one in 90s, yet less? And protection of lands from poachers not Ohotdepartament It can realize, as the state system of protection of hunting had thinned considerably. Thirty Years’ War with the authority of state hunting public hunting organizations, Essentially, it brought a lot of public inspectors and All hunting public from protection of hunting resources, although in the past it was the only effective force protection of all nature.

Ohotdepartament reported to the values ​​of the number of animals not corresponds to the actual state. For example (I already wrote about it) in the past three years the number of bighorn sheep on According to them, increased by 47%. Who knows at least a little in biology, just to say that this is not maybe in principle.

Moreover, no one bighorn sheep into account. By other species — the same lie. AT including accounted for the species. A lot of wasted time and record-keeper force on Accounting, and The data is then interpreted accounts, falsified in Ohotdepartamenta favor of management.

Additionally, and Ohotdepartament Some regional government agencies totally hunting illegally deprived of permits for hunting users production «license» animal species, for alleged improper conduct of census, often formal frivolous reasons or occasions.

This situation I I see in profound incompetence of previous management Ohotdepartamenta in desired, and referred to some regional administrations receive «kickbacks». We had to rely on expert opinion rather than to focus on his own opinion, ignorant, or According to officials, also illiterate.

AT Essentially, the major government body responsible for all ground fauna, all remained without its own science. I He proposed AE Bersenyev its cooperation, but he is not He showed interest, and I publicly, in «HORN», She refused his offer. Most of the educated and hunters Zoologists have left the state Ohotdepartamenta remained obedient unit.

Staff turnover there in subordinated «Tsentrohotkontrole»: Knowledgeable specialists or nursing, or dismissed, there are virtually no It left ostepenennyh hunters.

In this regard, I am reminded of a great tenderness TsNIL Glavohoty RSFSR even «Tsentrohotkontrol»When the accounting department of hunting resources has led prematurely gone from us Igor K. Lomanov. He would not I made a distortion of the results account. We are it worked very closely when I was on Ecological Expertise quotas «license» species on at the federal level in the MNR 2005–2008.

On the results of this environmental assessment I He wrote repeatedly. So, two years of work the number of wild boar in Russia increased 25% of elk — on 7% etc. Despite something that the expert committee were as moderate «environmentalists»And and representatives of the users of hunting grounds business executives initially held opposing views on quota, yet in during deliberations, the Commission came to the the unanimous opinion. This is due to the fact that the commission were the only high-level professionals !!!

The biggest debate called quotas (limits) production of ungulates. The increase in their numbers, even in the two years was not achieved Only some reduction in catch limits ungulate some regions, but and the division of quotas the age of the animals. On This most insisted leading expert on ungulate Russia — Alexei Danilkin, everyone knows him. Rather, it has played a leading role.

Unfortunately, the next reform of the government in country abolished the federal environmental assessment of quotas of hunting animals, this feature is turned on regional level. This was no way to do! The damage from the elimination of the federal environmental review did not discussed in Scientific hunting management community; and so everyone understands.

Manage economy should certainly regional authorities, but determining quotas major game animals should be placed on federal highly qualified! FROM transfer function on quotas the regional level has begun a series outrage of local government agencies and the hunting illiterate regional environmental assessments.

Involuntarily begs the thought: Do not revive competent expertise in across the country? Or something same nationwide monitoring of hunting resources. Diligent monitoring and involving all the major experts on groups and types of game animals.

This case can not be charged or entrust the federal authority of hunting: they so disgraced themselves in all the ongoing destruction of the industry. You can not trust them at at least because it is illegal to trust the wolf herd sheep and well as long as the current situation and structure Ohotdepartamenta frames.

In my opinion, this kind of system could be organized at the Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz». However, this social system It will have the legal power to approve legally quotas extraction of state resources of game animals.

One would revive the expert commissions under the State Environmental Impact Assessment, which is no longer dependent on the Ministry of Natural Resources, it is independent and largely independent organization. AT scientific expert committee could attract all the leading experts: hunters, zoologists with resource orientation. That all really judge how to conscientiously, competently, and without prejudice to hunters Their social organization, with focus on Cumulative increase in hunting resources.

AT expert committee would need to involve not only Moscow specialists, but and leading scientists from the regions heads of government agencies and bona fide regional unions of hunters. They also probably tired of cutting quotas production or trafficking of animals. However, this option is more complicated: you need to get the Government’s decision to determine the conditions for financing of the expert committee, its responsibilities and law, including the right of inspection regions implement the conclusions of the Commission on the use of quotas.

You have to understand that environmental assessment quotas game animals — it is one of the tools and multiply protection of game animals Russia.

Vladimir Kuzyakin7 July 2015 at 11:21

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