It is time to sound the alarm

Hello, dear friends! I am a regular reader of your paper, write out her long, always look forward to new rooms.

It is time to sound the alarm

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I — Hunter and Fisherman with great experience, but I have a lot of new I learn from your newspaper. Thank you very much. Each time, after reading the next issue, «itching» take a pen and write. But It appears, it is not so easy. So it is not blame me!

«HORN» Number 6 (1070), Article «Common sense is more important».

Regarding hunting Bear on den as traditional Russian hunt. The author of these lines need to license prey to a bear den, highlight the two men with wooden pitchforks, and himself to spear — traditionally Russian weapons for hunting Bear on den. AT olden days, when the hunting was traditionally Russian, it is diagnosed in Hunter qualities such as courage, bravery, strength and body spirit. In Hunter and the beast had the same chances victory. Now it’s just killing a defenseless animal, with no chance of survival, since instead of spears — large-caliber carbine, or fitting and a dozen armed rangers. And pursue different objectives. A since the entire fauna and his hunting resources — is a public, public property, the destroying it in such a way to be a criminal offense.

Further. I agree with author that if Russian hunting is permitted in night-time, must be night vision devices are allowed. It `s that same, the optical sight on carabiner on day hunt. After all, he did not prohibited. Nightlife «hunting» — Kill from the headlights of a moving car — Traditionally Russian, Russian «hunting». Not I am surprised that soon will be the question of its resolution.
Therefore, if you really follow «sane»Then night hunting should be banned on All species on the throughout the country. And then disappear need for night vision devices.
Now on about weapons, has a semi-automatic.

No need to argue, such weapons has long existed, and therefore has a right to be. Only those who have weapons and Hunting with it should know a real hunter more than two times beast shoots. The presence of semi-automatic and hunting them on and goose duck lead to that they will not soon will remain on ground. I highly recommend reading poluavtomatchikam «Sibiriada» Gregory Fedoseyev: «Path testing». «The evil spirit iambic». FROM what weapon hunting guide Ulukitkan, what He had trophies and from what point of view he approached the choice of weapons. Read, do not sorry.
About electronics hunting dogs. Now on no yard 19th century, when these gadgets make, so they have a place to be. I I think that these hunters electronics from us Russian bit, they can be on fingers. A The conclusion is: what hunters are and dogs.

But the presence of Hunter compass and in the group, driven hunt portable radio, can help you avoid a lot of trouble, orient areas.
I am getting up. Night hunting, night vision devices, electronics, semi-automatic — we are not reserve animals, birds no chance to survive. Brothers-hunters, you come to your senses! It’s time to beat alarm.

On paper «The gun in the car». What if no car, no food on and shooting outside the hunting season, and the gun should be the master, who lives in other cities, other region. All I I stated my personal opinion.

Gennady Stytsenko28 March 2015 at 00:00

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