Lost Hope

For two decades, the best minds of Russia beat the problem of how to arrange a hunt and hunting country

Lost HopePhoto: Alexander Nazarov

No exception and authors «HORN» A. Shigar («What to do or how to improve the situation in the amateur hunting and fishing?». «HORN» Number 6) and O. Crimeans («How to strengthen the hunting?». «HORN» Number 7). In an article titled hear the pain of the current situation in hunting and expressed a sincere desire to improve it.

I agree with the authors. Himself all those years acted in hunting the media on these issues. With someone argued with someone agreed. From this discussion, issued a «greatest» think – count on «at the opening». If the government really wanted to bring hunting and hunting economy of the crisis, they were enough to carefully study offers scientists Game Biologists, experts hunting, ordinary hunters, and they would get deliberate hunting legislation and the finished program reform. But, alas! All sensible proposals went as water in the sand. We are convinced that without the law «On the hunt…» Reform can not succeed. And now we learn: a group of 57 deputies of the State Duma and a member of the Federation Council introduced a draft law «On the hunt…» № 66299-5, 04.07.2008 passed in the first reading. Finally happened! Media became known version of the draft versions of the law «On the hunt» – January, February and March «Spill» 2009, prepared by a working group at the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources and Environment. But suddenly, the 18.06.2009 on the site of the above Committee bill appears «On the hunt…» № 66299-5, prepared for the second reading, has nothing to do with the options in January and March of content. Later he escape velocity «overshot» the second (15.07.2009) and third (17.07.2009) reading, and of 18.07.2009 (Saturday) was approved by the Federation Council. One gets the impression that the Council of the Federation sat and waited for the bill. And 24.07.2009 Russian President signed into law «On the hunt…» № 66299-5.

Lost Hope

Photo: Ilya Lipin

This «Oil Painting» involuntarily suggests that the law is urgently needed someone. It deputies and not say a word about the public hunting organizations and the interests of ordinary hunters have taken out of the brackets, which only confirms the view of the wide hunting public that the main purpose of the Duma majority – commercialization and notorious «prihvatizatsii» hunting grounds and the conclusion of the process of public control. The evaluation of this law was given in his article «We wanted the best, but it turned out as always…» («Fishing and hunting» № 1, 2010), known to readers «HORN» N. edges and Matveichuk: «The total social cost of the introduction of deliberately incapacitated and, moreover, the destructive law «On the hunt…» greatly exceeds the possible positive effects of the few contained therein design standards». Fishing and hunting are «pushed» Ministry of Natural Resources (certainly not the best option, but still better than the Ministry of Agriculture), although we had hoped to create an independent republic agencies with separate line in the budget of the Russian Federation. And all eyes turned expectantly to the Ministry of Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev. How – hunter! But without waiting for the positive short-term solutions to the Ministry of Natural Resources, we have thunder. All shocked mocking procedure when receiving gosohotbileta and permission to hunt. Regarding ticket turn to art. 21 h. 1, which states that ohotbilet issued to individuals having civil capacity, having no outstanding or unwithdrawn convictions. And about the permission for mining – to Art. thirty «Contents of permits for hunting prey resources». The permit must specify information about hunters and hunting license provided for in subparagraphs «a». «g». «d». «e». «Well» paragraph 6 of Part 2 of Art. 37. Well, look at these documents and see all the same requirements specify:

a) surname, name and patronymic;

d) data of the main identity document;

d) the name and legal form of legal entity, an employee who is a hunter, and a contact telephone number, mailing address and (or) e-mail address by which to communicate with the entity;

f) surname, name and patronymic of the individual entrepreneur, an employee who is a hunter, and a contact telephone number, mailing address and (or) e-mail address by which to communicate with the individual entrepreneur;

g) the date of issue of hunting permit and accounting series and number of …

And how it looks at the background of talk about the fight against the bureaucratic red tape and excessive writings? And given that our XXI century – age of computer technology?

Lost Hope

Photo: Ilya Lipin

A. Shigar offers protection of the animal world lay on the police (police). The idea is good. But it will require the introduction of additional states. But Rashid Nurgaliev has reported that in 2011 the Ministry of Interior are coming cuts. Our authorities are aimed at austerity money. However, she «saving»What makes the speaker of the State Duma Gryzlov, reducing its staff by 78 people subservient, is to put it mildly, a smile. The unit was reduced, and funding for it increased. If in 2010 for its maintenance spent 5.256 billion rubles, for 2011 is planned 5.45 billion rubles. In law «On the hunt…» It provided for the separation of powers in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting resources. This is described in Chapter 6 «The powers of state authorities of the Russian Federation, bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation, local authorities in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting resources» (Article 32–35). Laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation transferred to the hunting and functions of control, supervision and conduct biotechnological in the territories subordinated to them. The exercise of the delegated powers allocated grants, ie funds from the budget of the Russian Federation. So Minister Yuri Trutnev has no right to interfere in the activities of the subject of the Russian Federation and beyond the law. If he afford it, the supervisory authorities in the person of General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice to correct him. All our claims have to show to the administration subject. It all proved a case that occurred in the Ivanovo region, where the governor signed a decree selected land at the regional society of hunters. And that’s just one of extraordinary cases. And hundreds of them. That’s «climb» we grievances and issues to Trutnev. Also, we put him in the reproach that he slowly developed amendments to the law «On the hunt…». But Yuri Trutnev personally promised! We remember. What is there to say? Here is an example «Forest Code». Who has not spoken about his imperfections, as laid down in a corruption component! Even Putin (when he was still president). Code and continued criticism of President Dmitry Medvedev. And nothing has changed. And excites the country code 2006! The reason is simple: clumsiness, perhaps, and the reluctance of our councilors erase their imperfections. It is hoped that the leaders «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz»SBI, «Dynamo» subscribe to this process and will provide all possible assistance to Yury Trutnev, to convey to the State Duma of the aspirations of millions of Russian hunters, as the minister alone is not easy to shake rusty cart. And he was at it should be given time. Especially now, when the Duma elections on the nose.

A positive in the activities of Yury Trutnev believe that he does not think the reform of hunting and hunting without the participation of the broad masses of hunters, as well as the fact that the drafting of the order to the exchange (delivery) gosohotbileta he suffered on 01.07.2011, thereby get rid of the headache of law-abiding hunters on the eve of the opening of the summer hunt. Now you can not rush.

Adoption of the Law «On the hunt…» State Duma deputies have buried our hopes for an affordable amateur hunting and traditional hunting management of Russia. The industry now looks something like the Organization for airports and stations from terrorists: meet a lot, namely – anyone.

Victor Gurov8 March 2011 at 15:20

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