Match tackle for carp

Match tackle for carp

In the suburbs, there are many ponds paysites where carp are often caught when fishing for carp Makhov rod with a dull snap. This method is characterized by mobility, the ability to use loose stones on the hook attachment, and most importantly – the cast is very rarely overlaps leash and the main line. But he has and disadvantages: the range is limited to fishing from the shore, as a rule, the distance of 10-15 m, possible use of thin woods, the process takes place over vyvazhivaniya lured place. All of these deficiencies deprived Match tackle for carp.

The first breeding of the fish began to engage in China. Then, breeders in many countries have created various species of carp: naked, mirror, scaly. From carp, his wild brother, carp usually different body height and humpback.
Thanks omnivorous carp grow rapidly, reaching two years of life, the weight of 400-600 In general, carp grows up to a meter in length at a respectable title – I have been known to catch carp in the 20-30 kg. It feeds on a variety of aquatic organisms and larvae, which are found in the mud among seaweed and driftwood, and all kinds of plant food. Adults carp sometimes eat small fish. In winter, the carp is not active, but in some reservoirs (with a hard bottom) is caught sometimes with ice.

Find Parking CARP
In small ponds parking carp can be found in places where the bottom is steeply in depth among Progal aquatic vegetation. In lakes and reservoirs it also rests on the border of the deep, near the grassy seamounts, going to feed on smaller plots. River carp adhere quiet, deep pits, and dawns like to go and see the bays and backwaters, to rummage in the bottom mud in search of delicious larvae and mussels. This can be readily determined by chains of bubbles coming from the bottom.

Large carp especially love to visit the colony of zebra mussel clam. Zebra mussel carp not only high-calorie food. It was there, where the colony it is always enough oxygen and water circulation here is excellent. Zakoryazhennoe bottom with a diverse topography also attracts carp. It is no accident in the West, some owners of private carp ponds create many artificial snags, which will eventually become the favorite habitat of big carp. In spring carp start to be active when the water warms up to about 10. With cooling water carp nibble spring deteriorates. In general, I must say that the most comfortable he feels when the water temperature in the range of 7 to 18.
In early summer, during daylight hours there are several periods in which carp are the most active in the search for food. It is early morning hours – just after sunrise. Noon and time after sunset – before dark. At other times of the day or carp stands in half-waters, or walking in its upper layers, ejecting upright above the noise and fell back into the water. By the end of the summer, warm in the cloudy days with a gentle wind, biting sometimes lasts from dawn to dusk. Large specimens caught at night.

In an average strip catching carp ponds in open water begin in May, when the water warms up very well, and finish in September and October, with its coldness. In flowing waters carp remains active longer.

Do not fertilize – Not sexual
Experience shows, successfully engaged in fishing for carp can only, as a rule, well lured places. And in the process of catching biting activated if from time to toss vtremeni portions of bait: boilies, granular feed based on cakes, steamed cake, peas, boiled potatoes crumpled (young), bran, kneaded with ground roasted sunflower seeds. It is possible, of course, use a mixture of fresh feed intended for carp. As an aromatic additives used anise oil (very metered), vanilla, crushed hemp seed, special carp attractants. Karp has an excellent sense of smell, and if you guessed a bunch of flavors, he would come up on the bait.


Properly selected match rod having a certain margin of safety – the first step on the path to mastery. Optimal length of 3.96 m, in the form of rings 12 plus tulip. Build quickly.
All match rod legally divided into a kind of throw-weight classes snap (float set of weights, bait). Light Class – 8-10 g, average – 20-25 and heavy – over ’25 matchevikov Some models are designed for casting tooling 80 Since this rod can be done without problems casts a distance of 100 m. At the same time on the casting distance is influenced by the following factors: operation rod, uniform winding fishing line on the spool reel form and the weight of the float, the wind direction (side, head, from the coast).
When choosing a rod, always pay attention to the number and arrangement of the rings on the form. They should be of appropriate diameter (from the first coil of at least 8 mm inside) and are mounted on legs. Otherwise, you will constantly have to deal with the wet adhesion to the form of line, which naturally reduces the casting distance. When the force throw over his head and overlap the main line of the tulip rod or a ring you can simply «soot off» snap-in with an expensive heart float. Therefore, before each reflux, make sure that there is no overlap.
I think the most versatile rod up to 4 m. With longer having trouble catching overgrown with trees and bushes coast that you will agree, it happens quite often.

Match reel for carp fishing should be selected after you purchased the rod. First of all, these two gear elements must be well balanced. The lower rod weighs together with the coil, the better. The main difference from the spinning reel Match – It is somewhat larger spool diameter and is less deep. The fact that the cast is fairly easy to snap (2-5 g), and even with a head or side wind, bring the bait to the point of complementary feeding is problematic. You can, of course, heavier snap, but with cautious carp is not always – fish becomes extremely choosy. Matchevik balanced should be considered, which, after installation of the coil center of gravity is located between the upper part of the handle and the first gating ring.

Much depends on the REEL
Often faced with questions novice anglers carp anglers about what weight should be coil as having bearings, etc. When choosing a reel much depends on what size you are going to catch carp. One thing nedomerki to 500 g and quite another – seasoned trophy struggle which truly captures the action. There are some basic rules that, when choosing a reel for carp you must observe.

You have purchased a reel with front brake, forgetting that after hooking a carp makes a powerful throw. In this case, use the rear clutch, of course, will be much more convenient. The experienced carp anglers just by adjusting the clutch during vyvazhivaniya exhausting without problems, even such a strong fish like carp.
2. Often, the carp have to catch at a distance of 50 meters or more from the coast. In this situation, the speed of your actions will give a speed reel. With it you will quickly exhaust snap that will positively affect the results of fishing.
When catching big carp is important is not the number of bearings, and that in which the nodes are located. This is primarily a rotor pinion bearings, roller lesoukladyvatelya.


Something about a snap
The main requirement for carp rigging – is its reliability. It should make it a rule to every fishing trips carefully check nodes. It is better to abandon swivels, carbines and other attributes that are not only scare cautious carp, but also significantly weaken the strength of the gear. In this case, the leash is attached to the main line way «loop in the loop». Do not forget that the more nodes, the less strength tackle.
In order not to waste time on installation of equipment on the waterfront, in the home make several snap-ins, ready for connection to the main line. 2-3 plastic bags with accessories – not the big load when leaving on a fishing trip. But can only fathom the depth and snap-connected to the main line.

Depending on the weight of the equipment is used as the basic quality fishing line diameter of 0.16-0.20 mm. A thicker monofilament considerably reduces the casting distance, stronger «sails» under the influence of currents and wind. Leash in any case, the strength should be weaker than the main line. When carp weighing five kilograms syshe necessary and appropriate gear.
In conclusion of the floats. The Match fishing can be used as usual floats and samoogruzhennye. In recent years, fishing for carp using torpedo floats. Why? First, they allow you to make long casts, and secondly, their ogruzka easily adjusted using removable washers. But most importantly, – not lazy home considering nozzle ogruzhenie adjust the float so that the antenna is located 2 cm above the water surface.

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