Open your eyes wider

Part 2: Enough to shed crocodile tears!

Open your eyes wider

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

In the previous issue "HORN" It published the first part of the answer of Professor MD Perovsky opponents spring hunting of Russian Bird Conservation Union. By publishing the second part of the author’s arguments, we hope to answer opponents. I wish that the new leadership of the Department of hunting also expressed their views.

At one time our family bred ducks. Plumage they had, like real mallards, were only slightly larger. In winter, a divorce left five — Six ducks and drakes couple. In the spring of each duck brood received eight — ten ducklings. No participation in the education of young drakes did not take.

Culture hunting stool pigeon is based on polygamy drakes, which is most clearly expressed in Mallard. The success of the spring hunting drakes duck decoy provides exactly that hunters have long been well known. With this purpose, the hunters brought the breed decoy. All of this is clearly contrary to speculation opponents spring hunt drakes — allegedly males actively participate in the protection of nesting sites and females pair formed almost on the wintering grounds.

Those who hunted with decoy, knows that all duck beckons consecutive flying drakes and especially does not make the choice. Yes, ducks temporarily form a pair, but after mating, the female is already trying to avoid male secretly runs away from him for egg-laying and hatching. Kryakovye drakes no part in hatching do not accept. So in the spring, if you do not hang out with a gun on the land, on the drakes with the stool can lead the hunt for as long as they respond to the call decoy, and the shooter is sitting in a tent.

Here is another example of mass deaths of waterfowl hunting, in which the protection had to accept in the first place figures Bird Conservation Union Federation. In Volgograd, there is a huge body of water, which the locals is known as the «himliman». In general, it is the evaporator, where the drained waste biochemical companies, since such waste to pour into the Volga categorically impossible.

The composition of this waste is very complicated, but that does not stop raving develop aquatic and semi-aquatic vegetation, phytoplankton and zooplankton, primary duck poop. About the size of the reservoir can be judged on its perimeter, which is more than 105 kilometers.

Naturally, this attracts the bulk of waterfowl; He settled there and muskrat. It all feels well and multiplies until, until there comes a drought. In dry years, due to the evaporation of the active concentration of an unknown mixture of water and discharges increased sharply, causing mass death of birds. The first die mallards and coots. So in 1972, killing thousands of different types of wetland birds that shaft lying on the shoreline. Hunting is prohibited on the evaporator. It is surrounded by a fence on concrete pillars.

Circling the perimeter fence is, I have seen the breaches made by a bulldozer. Of course, this is done deliberately in order to poaching ducks and muskrats. These are man-made traps for birds bulk suppressed under communism. Especially do not publicize them now. This oil spills in the oil fields of Siberia and the Far East. All the more so since 2007 cease using the authorities work to create environmental assessment of game farms, nature reserves, game reserves, protected areas and protected areas, etc.

As for the hungry geese, which supposedly scare away the spring hunters and do not allow them to feed on winter wheat relish, our opponents should more often be in grounds and watch what is happening today in the margins of the former collective and state farms, and how they are treated now.

In September, I am now the hunters drove 300 km from Moscow to Ryazan Oka floodplain near the district center Pitelin. We have not seen a single herd of cattle or a plowed field. About what kind of winter wheat can say when in 1975 in Kalinin, now Tver region of 1 million hectares of arable land was transferred to the category of forest land ?! Over the past forty years, the situation in agriculture has further deteriorated.

Now hunters typically «bear» areas to organize commercial hunting of oats or amuse his own soul, seeded plots this cereal at his own expense. And here the hunters, spring hunting and hungry geese? Wipe your eyes, gentlemen, defenders of geese and ducks, opponents of spring hunting. Not to specify a finger. Better tell me honestly, for someone trying.

And you are trying to oppose the spring hunt for submitters grants you and fulfills. Do you want Russia to be a big poultry farm, feeding trough for Western hunters. These gentlemen birds born and reared in Russia shoot at wintering million. And the owners homeland of birds offer to stop hunting in the spring, just after 10 days, regardless of the age-old Russian tradition.

Newspapers, radio, television, the second month of spring continuously reported grand forest fires. Burning hundreds of thousands of hectares of Russian forests in Siberia and the Far East. Do not forget to forest fires and central regions. Recently reported that burned even Astrakhan reserve. And what does the fire in the woods in the spring and in such vast areas? This is primarily the death of hundreds and thousands of nests capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, woodcock. Many will suffer useful forest birds.

And this is also to blame hunters? This spring they are specifically set fire to the forest? I think that to blame to a large extent the government thoughtlessness, when removed from the forest guard. Every forester had bypass and was responsible for his condition. Now the forest was left without a master. This is the first time since the days of Peter the Great.

Let’s count, who have more opportunities to shoot the transit game. So, in the spring in Russian hunter can shoot 10 days. Then, starting from the middle or end of August to mid-October, at best, two — two and a half months, or 60-70 days. And if the summer, usually at the end, will burn wood and peat bogs, which happens quite often, the opening of hunting is delayed until the rain started. And when they are only knows «heavenly office». Thus, the duration of the hunting can be reduced up to 30-45 days.

I was amazed sophomoric authors of the concept of spring hunting opponents on page 17. Here is what they write: «The overwhelming majority of Russians want, as is common in the developed world, outdoor recreation spring in nature and do not listen to the guns rifle shots, and the singing of birds to observe and photograph the calm, not frightened animals, want to enjoy the beauty of the living, not the bloody birds killed».

Just branchy cranberry: shame hunters. And whether these defenders of spring hunting in Russia at least once? Within 10 days of often snow and wind, rain and frost. Such weather does not have to walk. I went back to the spring hunt, which was three days in the Tver province. He shot himself once and partner three times in two afterglow of a thrust woodcocks. No, we have not heard the cannonade. And this word suggests a strong and uninterrupted continuous shooting. Link is known lasts 30–35 minutes. But songbirds heard enough. Maybe the weather is said to have let us down, and, quite possibly, «trying» In this respect, your Western friends.

It’s in their trattoria could be ordered foie nightingale tongues of larks or baked with marinated goldfinches. And actively treated to Mavis. Here they are bird lovers, your dear sponsors. And I want to recommend to fans of outdoor activities during the spring hunting, as recommended by the Russian Bird Conservation Union, pre-stocking high rubber boots and bravely climb on a walk in the puddles, marshes, mud heap nestayavshego snow to wade through the bushes, driftwood, fallen trees and cane… And let at the same time relax and enjoy nature, removing the tick next to the neck.

I wanted to go further on the concept of spring hunting opponents, but I think that’s enough. But is it really worth the powder to singing along to shed crocodile tears and smear their cheeks for grants foreign friends.

Michael Perovskiy26 June 2015 at 10:01

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