Panic Spring

I would like to share their impressions of spring hunting in 2014. I was anxiously waiting the opening of the hunting season in connection with the attacks on her efforts antiohotnikov, although aware that this year anything can happen. But we have repeatedly faced with the practice of the individual regional authorities to close the spring hunting under false pretenses. It seems that this time nothing happened, but then the regional authorities intervene at a certain date.

Panic Spring

Photo by Alexander Nazarov

I had already had to speak out, that would be more correct to determine the timing of the Moscow coordinator of hunting in the regions. In the Center, according to the Department of hunting, they have the ability to constantly monitor the location of migratory birds arriving in districts, so they can more accurately determine when the game reaches a particular region. On the ground, this is not done, and because hunting seasons are appointed on the basis of experience of previous years. As a result, this year a number of areas with the opening of the hunting season for at least a week late.

We were hunting with friends in the southern part of Vologda. Profit for the two days prior to its opening to examine where there is a goose, how and where to pull the woodcock. The main game manager Smirnov, writing tickets, with his usual humor, remarked: «No Goose, duck sat on the eggs, Woodcock went. Will you hunt?» Well, not that we drove 500 km from Moscow to return the evening of April 24 and checked our favorite places.

Link began at 9.20. Within 10 minutes of observation recorded flight of 9 male, 5 of which could shoot. Local hunters were on another site, and a 40-minute flight to 10pm counted 26 weevils. This information pleased and brighten impressions flyby goose flocks that ran without landing in the same place of hunting.

Unfortunately, a neighborhood agriculture continues to deteriorate, and the first seed of the field covered by forest, depriving goose fodder. Little pleased that around 10 pm there was a good scattering of drakes of rivers and other bodies of water, giving them a chance to hunt with decoys.

April 25 next verifying access to the draft showed that the woodcock flew by almost half. It is absolutely clear that the peak flight ended. Indeed, in the days that followed, we watched the evening no more than 5-6 birds, and even less. Thus, under the shot fell no more than half seen or heard. Only once Woodcock pulled silently. The three of us took a few males, mostly young last year (according to the wing). It is a pity that the main span was without hunters.

Hunt helped drakes well stuffed. During the day, we sit down as a local drakes, and the remaining, possibly until the autumn, northern. Apparently, the game manager was right in saying that the flight path duck as woodcock, mainly flew to the north.

As always, when hunting is not very pleased, helping old friends from the Tver region, have invited to hunt capercaillie and black grouse. We went to them for a couple of days. The yield on the capercaillie has not brought success, despite the relatively warm and almost windless weather. Aktivnichal gluharki, admitting 25–50 m, but their «to co-to-» not able to excite «men». We watched the rally with three pines gluharey-«silent types»And one even has admitted to its close and the tree was discovered only after the resounding failure from the top of a pine tree. But current grouse pleased more.

Out of the house at two o’clock in the morning. It was a little frosty. Fantastic sky was decorated with large and small stars, among them easily view both Dipper and other constellations. They seemed to be hanging so low that, climbing on a pine tree, they could be touched. Absolute silence poured into his ears, like mist, spreading out over the fields and ponds. The forest was silent like enchanted.

Sometime after four in the morning in the sky bleated first snipe. Then several times prohorkali woodcocks seeking friends. Then the cranes in the marsh welcomed the awakening of each other with their trumpets. In a clearing grouse current suddenly heard the sound of fast-moving wild laughter and screams like a forest monster staged skirmish. This white partridge started their love game.

Finally, came the long-awaited sound of strong wings. I do not know about you, but here for the first time had a chance to see how tokovik not yet sat down on the grass, he began tokovat in the air, marking the place droppings. There was yet another funny scene: two flies grouse encountered when flying over a small pine, and one of them immediately blasted the other, sitting on a nearby branch. The second without resistance, probably, observing the ranking, sat below the branch.

Yet surprisingly, many times had occasion to be in the currents, but almost every time you open for yourself something new. the main thing — not to hurry with a shot, and more bird watching. One of our group whether from greed, or impatience even shot at dusk, but the bird did not take. The current scattered, but after half an hour the males become flied threes and pairs and singly Teterka previously having sat on the surrounding current trees.

Fighting broke out with renewed vigor. First males flew 1.5–2.0 m, chufykaya while, then jumped in turn to each other and finally collide feeding, tearing feathers from the neck of the opponent and hissing like a cobra though. They then bounced to the side, and everything is repeated.

Somewhere, at half past five in the morning when significantly lightened and it was clear, I shot on one of the fighters, hoping to catch, and the second when they met, but took only one. The current does not scatter, zatihnuv. Then a few grouse flew and sat on the trees near my friend. He did not hesitate and took both clean. Particularly successful was the second shot at a distance of 55 meters. Hunter said he was well assisted collimator, with whom he does not leave, even when shooting at a flying game, even though there is more modest results.

On April 30 we returned to Vologda. Evening traction did not exist. May 1 decided to return to Moscow, more or less satisfied with the result of hunting, but a strong impression weekly contact with nature away from the city. I must say that the modest rate of extraction drakes and woodcocks none of us chose, however, as five of our local friends.

In conclusion, I would urge the regional hunting authorities: as long as you retain the right to determine the terms of hunting, please do not refer only to the experience of previous years, try to get information about the actual location and movement of a flying game in Russia and already on the basis of this data, albeit at a week before the opening, set hunting seasons. Then hundreds of thousands of hunters and voters will be grateful and thankful!

Oleg Krymtsev24 May 2014 at 00:00

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