Poaching — a social phenomenon

Poaching … It seems to be about it says it all. But, after reading the article I respected Yu Tundykova «Poachers are different» («ROG» № 1-2 of 2015), could not resist and took up the pen.

Poaching - a social phenomenon

Photo by Alexander Nazarov

Ozhegov interprets: «Poaching — hunting in prohibited areas in the prohibited time or prohibited method». It appeared with the division of society into classes and the emergence of private ownership of land.

Simpler and easier — theft. Time is theft, whether it is large or small, committed wittingly or unwittingly, it is stealing, and he has no excuse. Razverneshsya next issue «HORN» — conduct as from the front. There’s a poacher use weapons, fired in another region, or threatened use of weapons inspectors, and in the Amur region have found 10 carcasses of dead deer poachers.

This problem — social phenomenon and has not lost its topicality. On the contrary, in connection with the bulk crisis only worsened it. Official food inflation reached 15.4%. And I want to eat something.

Earlier surveys in such «hunting» regions such as the Far East and the Altai Territory, showed that 95% of hunters are willing to afford poaching. I think that these percentages can be extended to the whole of Russia. It is no secret, for each license in some regions of Russia is mined from 2 to 5 and more prey. Admittedly, poaching, as the rotting wound corrodes the hunting community.

Working hunters, I know this problem is not in the newspapers. I know the feeling when you threaten, or worse, when you shoot. During the arrest poachers tried to get him to talk, trying to understand, «that made you forget the melody» hunting. And today, when confronted with poachers and other violators, trying to bring them to a frank conversation. Sometimes I succeed. Apparently, this «reluctant poachers»About which we wrote Yu tundyk.

Seeing in front of a lonely old hunter, does not inspire them to fear, and they sometimes confided angrily talked about the power to drive them in this situation. Poachers can be divided into the following categories.

The first category

These are people who need to poaching pushes, and the hunting passion and frustration caused by the callous attitude toward them heads of hunting leases. For example, I have not given permission and a ticket, or the daily value of 1,000 rubles for a local hunter prohibitive. Popa, are beginning to complain of poverty back home hungry kids. They are cautious. They hunt for trivia — duck, rabbit.

In slave households I knew these hunters. I tried to get into their position. The punishment they usually «appointed» — paint the boats in the economy or cut into a thousand brooms feed. But the fear of punishment is sometimes pushes them to fire on the guard services.

The second category

The most numerous. It earners. Most of them work. However, their earnings are modest and insufficient to support a family. Therefore, a piece of meat is never superfluous. Their motto: «Nature for the people — free shop». They are mobile and well-armed. With one license hunted almost the entire season, and their hunting is not considered a criminal. What power can oppose this force? Some three hunt inspectors in the district and obscure industrial control hunting… All.

The third category

it «professionals, industrialists»Commercially oriented. Work under the order. Get skins, tiger or bear derivatives, myastsa for the festive table, antlers or hide, wood grouse shoot on the scarecrow, and to shoot on the cap and collar. Another work, they do not want. Well known lands. Pretty arrogant. They hope for the protection of their high «customers» or bought off. Pretty dangerous. In case of failure, and are ready to go for the kill rangers and inspectors.

The fourth category

In my opinion, the most «repulsive» at its core. The so-called VIP-person, status «bespredelschik», Accusations of power or close to it, and consider themselves the masters of life. Before them — «and the court, and the truth — all quiet!». Asking the full sense of the word — both physically and mentally. Everyone knows the resonant poaching high-ranking officials, deputies and representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Some authors consider poaching as a disease of our society and believe that it has deteriorated with the emergence of a new economic system. Therefore, our hunters do not understand why the government limits access to hunting them. The Department is developing hunting «Strategy». «Programs». «Game-laws», Orders, and other securities that do not take care of simple hunter. And from such work bumagotvorcheskoy little help.

To combat poaching, we try to look at this problem from the perspective of today, and to find the reasons for its vitality. They are approximately as follows.

1. The impoverishment of the population, especially in rural areas, and his lack of any source of income. Increasing administrative and cost barriers to the right to hunt, erected authorities and users of hunting grounds. For this reason at the dawn of the Soviet government pointed out one of the most eminent scientists of the time A. Silant’ev: «When the poorest segments of the hunters, having no material possibilities consist of various hunting clubs and societies and rented land, they are deprived of the possibility of hunting and were forced to take the path of poaching. A hunting passion in man is indestructible, and no restrictions can not drown it». Unfortunately, our government does not think about it.

2. High «status» Hunter, especially among those in power, the oligarchs, bankers and representatives of law enforcement agencies. Their well-being does not depend on the number of bagged game. On the hunt can hang out, Make the necessary acquaintances, resolved «insoluble» questions, have the opportunity to show themselves and join the circle «favorites». About permissions and trips and they have no idea. Access to the area of ​​their hunting is limited. They even thought not admit that their someone may bring to justice. People see all this. Once they can, why can not we? Hence the protest poaching.

3. The Russian hunting animals considered and consider God’s creatures, and they belong to all the people. By the way, enshrined in the Constitution. Therefore, indulgent attitude toward poaching. Hunting grounds today crook taken away «New Russian»Hence the attitude to the animal world has become a market-bazaar. Even in 1913, the philosopher Vasily Rozanov said: «In Russia, all grew out of the property «I begged», or «presented»Or someone «robbed». Labour property is very small. And that it is not strong and is not respected».
Admittedly, the simple hunters really robbed. So fill in the lands the oligarch elk or wild boar is considered fair.

4. slurred hunting legislation and the lack of reliable protection of wildlife, in my opinion, only exacerbates the problem. Wildlife protection — it is the bounden duty of the state, and shifting it to the hunting grounds users poaching win. Statesmen still can not pluck up the will to solve the problem of protection of fauna, thereby allowing to settle heavily in the pockets of dishonest people. And then complain — no money. Following the publication «List orders» President of the Government of the Russian Federation and «Staff report» Presidential Aide — Head of the Presidential Control of Russia K. Chuichenko there was hope for change in hunting, protection of flora and fauna, but also, unfortunately, melted like a ghostly mist.

5. Lack of hunting culture. Depriving society of hunters the right to issue a ticket (OBEFO), to check the applicant’s knowledge ohotminimuma knowledge of hunting regulations, to educate young hunters ethical standards, respect for nature and hunting traditions of the people. And the authorities do not have a clear program of such education. What also contributes to the prosperity of poaching.

6. The authorities’ desire to negate the role of hunters. They were taken under false pretenses hunting and pass «necessary» people. The authorities are doing everything in order to minimize the presence of ordinary hunters in the land. I do not cease to remind the words of Professor W. Flint: «I do not see any other real force for the protection of wildlife, except for hunters and hunting organizations». And the authorities in favor of this power is not needed.

Forcing hunters from land, the authorities turned them into the edge nepuganyh poachers. Let’s imagine the following scene: on the way poachers hunt inspectors from the public stood four or five fellows harsh, even with guns, would be immediately reported lawlessness poachers would be considerably less.

I, like other authors, covering the topic, the intended target — do not be silent! We hope that our words will sooner or later will be heard. Authorities should know, against grand corruption scandals, theft and the growing poverty of the population poaching itself disappears.

Victor Gurov1 April 2015 at 05:44

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