Pritravochnaya station today

After reading the article, thought, very familiar handwriting. Scribble a lot of different dirty facts without explanation («I know», «I have the facts») — and that’s it, now, people zagudit, condemn EA And VV Timofeyev Pavlov for the joint «increase personal well-being» through the sale of Fryazevskoy testing station. Received «kickbacks» and now let’s ho them to the «pillar of shame.»

Pritravochnaya station today

From the Editor: To the extent possible, we try to give a voice to all stakeholders. Another point of view on the situation, you can read the article V.Evstigneeva: "Oboronservis local scale"

Yes, all the familiar methods — by Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. Apparently affected long stay Valery Alexandrovich USA, learned something.

To start a «only pays off» Division MVOO CO MO RF (in years) ESI «Fryazevo». Do not Fryazevskaya test station It has been paying off. AT Also in 2004, only 6 months it was recoverable, and for the year in the minus.

I do not I deny that the station lay a heavy burden on society, and we were looking for ways to solve this problem. It offers not easy to sell and the funds received to build a new station on based Dolgolugovskogo hunting farm, which is hunting, began to lose perspective.

And offers the option to create «Ltd» from participation MVOO Organ Ministry of Defense, «Kennel Club Hunting» and third party on the suggestion of the club, which would sponsor the activities of the station. Yes, the Central Board found that the station is best left as it is. Well, my idea is not I found support, but I am still convinced that it was promising.

Word of trying to sell station 2008 — just a lie, no confirmation. VA Evstigneeva not well to know that «quietly»As it claims, in public organization to sell something impossible. To do this, a collective body — The Council, especially as a front one-day firms. Throughout its 28-year activity SBI or never I have business with such firms. No decision of the Council 2008, RRI does not I am taking.

Somehow, Valery not He mentions about another attempt to sell station 2011, where the Council of the Russian Defense Ministry MVOO CO (Minutes № 4 of 03.08.2011) allowed the realization of assets RRI «Fryazevo» «Kennel Club Hunting» SBI and an independent examination of the property value with followed by determination of the cost of implementation.

As time went on, the club was silent assessment conducted, it was a question of finance. It was another time. The club has already ceased to be a structural subdivision of the Central Organ MVOO Ministry of Defense, he went under the auspices of the SBI, CA, became the organization SBI at as a member. Legal relationships have us the club was quite different, and action buy with they do not no party It was.

The financial position of the Company 2013 was really hard, and really reduce the number of its members took place on because of the introduction of OBEFO. Of course, the VA Evstigneeva it is difficult to understand, since, according to the minutes of the General Assembly, the regional public organization «Kennel Club Hunting» on March 16, 2011 has already three people. If reduction was not and would organizations — the law does not provided. A if you see the statistics in whole SBI, the reduction in the number of members of the SBI goes on all societies and all about the same.

No auction on not for sale It was, and none of this is not Evstigneeva spoke he could not speak. AT February 2013 in The Council formally requested the SBI member, chairman of the club MOO «Hunting and dogs» AR Fatkullin. Given that «Kennel Club Hunting» not I used their right to package, for Council Decision of 03.08.2011 authorized to sell assets RRI «Fryazevo» AR Fatkullina for 5.2 million rubles., That It was made.

Any sane person who has seen the realizable property, understand that this amount exceeds the market value, and get something else «to improve personal well-being» there is even theoretically possible.

All funds received in full on by MVOO CH BY, all checked on account and hand.

Now a few words about Preemptive Right «Kennel Club Hunting» according to the lease agreement. Somehow, once again pulled out of a contract favorable to the position of the club, and Now the item 2.2.7 of the contract reads as follows: «The tenant is not without the consent of the Lessor to trade, to provide for temporary use, or lent tangible assets included in makeup base, take them in and sublease transfer its rights and Acting on the present lease contract to another person».

What’s going on Really? That agreement dated from 15.07.2012 SP Surkova Tatiana Valerievna: transferred to temporary possession and Use two holes — U-shaped and 8-shaped, shedy number 1 and 2 for the beasts and decoy content non-residential building. The cost of the contract 20 000. By the acceptance certificate has transferred 21 foxes, raccoons and 14 3 badger.

August 2012. The agreement between CBS and the SBI Simple Machines-governmental organization «Champion»: Transferred to the temporary use of Hunter’s House. The cost of the contract 180 000.

In addition, offices buildings carried overexposure puppies private owners (probably not free), funds received for services rendered by JSC «Megaphone» and «Vimpel-Communications» (MTS — for reference), which were connected to the power RRI «Fryazevo», and This amount is much more than 200 thousand rubles.

Virtually ESI territory «Fryazevo» other organizations and work individuals, and CBS collected from their money.

I could understand the deep knowledge of VA Evstigneeva in Accounting and statements when he proposes to reduce the accountants. By the way, hunting leases in MVOO BY CO-five and One house fisherman, and in the state apparatus on Today, not addition to the driver and cleaners, 7 human. For the record, when I was elected Chairman of the Council 1991. (not in the late 80s), his staff was 31 people.

About «prestigious» foreign cars («Ford Mondeo» the lowest grade) and personal driver explained: Vehicles used for the needs of the whole society, and it trips Supply in bank in tax authorities, meetings seeing foreign hunters and tourists much more.

My office is both hall for meetings of the Board and meetings. Place 15–20 people a smaller room, sorry, not I can.

At the same time I want to finish my comments. We could write and write, but then get that I the defendant and excuses.

In conclusion I would like to say that after the acquisition of ESI «Fryazevo» MOO club «Hunting and dogs» headed by AR Fatkullin, he became a full member of the Central Organ MVOO VU (as a legal entity). I invite everyone to ESI «Fryazevo». Come and see for yourself what’s going on.

Here is a list of activities that have been carried out on ESI «Fryazevo» over the past year after the sale.

In 2013, the IPO club «Hunting and dogs», A member of the Central Organ MVOO VU on ESI «Fryazevo» I held on various types of hunting disciplines following activities:

— Russian championship aviary among wild boar hunting dogs 23–November 24;
— Russian championship aviary badger among hunting dogs 23–November 24;
— Russian championship blood trail among hunting dogs June 8;
— Russian championship search and feeding bat game 13–September 15th;
— Championship of RKF blood trail 21–September 22nd;
— international competitions retrievers (CACIT), the English version (III round) 7–August 11;
— Championships of RKF complex «search and feeding bat game, duck (for the sake of hunting leases), the blood trail» among retrievers 27–June 28 3–August 4, August 11, August 31, 12–13 October;
— interregional competition Retrievers 4–May 5, May 12, June 9, 29–June 30 July 14 26–October 27, 16— November 17 3 November;
— interregional competition burrowing dogs artificial burrow 22–June 23 20–July 21 17–August 18 26–October 27;
— inter-regional competitions blood trail 22–June 23, July 13;
— inter-regional competitions decoy and boar badger 14–December 15th

In 2014, the IPO club «Hunting and dogs» supported by the VU to MVOO CO ESI «Fryazevo» He held:

— three regional exhibition of hunting dogs under the TA and CH MVOO Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» January 25 (all huskies), February 22 (all cops), 3–May 4 (all breeds of hunting);
— Russian championship aviary among wild boar hunting dogs 26–April 27;
— Russian championship aviary badger among hunting dogs 26–April 27;
interregional competition burrowing dogs artificial burrow 4–5th of April;
— Championship RKF burrowing dogs artificial burrow 12–April 13;
— inter-regional competition among retrievers 3–May 4 16–On 17 May.

Tests of hunting dogs are first and the third Saturday of each month.

This is a graphic illustration of what the station today. It is not at all died.

In my opinion, now we must deal with more important issues of the hunting dog. Is brewing a serious problem green sleeping, and see how the test ban hunting dogs. It is necessary to create a legal basis for this to hunting dog breeding was protected on state level. The first signs have We already have. This ban Test is hunting season.

I can assure Valery Aleksandrovich, I at all I want and It did not mean I keep hunting dog to become a gravedigger, which he introduced me to his article. 

Eugene Timofeev7 June 2014 at 00:00

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