Quo Vadis?

From 3 to 5 June at the Vyatka State Agricultural Academy was held International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of training hunters’ biological resources: the state, use and protection. » Against the background of general decline, prevailing in most sectors of our science, the event was unexpectedly high, quite unlike the banal «skit» alumni-hunters. Surprisingly, I was at this event only journalists from hunting pressure.

Quo Vadis?

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova

Kamo gredeshi? *

* The phrase from the Bible (in Church Slavonic). Russian translation: «Where are you going?» The Latin version: «Quo vadis?» According to legend, during the Last Supper, Jesus told his disciples (John, ch. 13, art. 33): «Children! Little while I am with you … Where I go, ye can not come …». At this, Simon Peter asked in bewilderment: «Lord! Where are you going?» Jesus answered him: «Where I am going you can not follow me now, but thou shalt follow me».

Since the days of heavy now, there is no doubt that in the Kirov attended by people interested only in restoring prosperity and the cause to which they dedicated their lives. I did not fail the opportunity to talk with experts about the prospects of further development of hunting and the ways of its withdrawal from the crisis.

Tatiana S. Aramileva, Igor Dome, Pavel Pavlov … the list would take up almost half of the page. Scholars, officials and employees of the regional offices, directors and owners of game farms, game wardens – all of them are united in the opinion that the situation requires immediate intervention by the state.

«Worse was never». «the way that develops today our hunting thing is absolutely impossible to go». «hunting is experiencing the strongest decline» – Here are a few statements that reflect the situation. In his speech, NV Kraev expressly called 2009 a year of hope for the funeral of good governance in the field of hunting.

In light of recent events and the need to reshuffle again an overall comprehensive analysis of existing problems, not afraid of the word, to make a diagnosis. And decide what to do next.

To date, there are several key issues:

The crisis of the regulatory framework as a result of sloppy Hunting Act and on what does not fit bylaws. Over the past few years, orders Ohotdepartamenta Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Natural Resources and then, instead of having to clarify a situation only adds to the confusion. A typical example – sensational story to the methodic of SCM, which led to the breakdown of state monitoring.

PM Pavlov: «that the regulatory framework that has been created over the past 7-8 years, lives its own life, and hunting – his. Wanted urgently revise the system of state monitoring of hunting resources. Every effort should be to restore «Tsentrohotkontrolya»Because in recent years through the efforts of psevdorukovoditeley it turned into a dumb appendage incapacitated Ohotdepartamenta MNR.

Earlier Tsentrohotkontrol was unquestioned authority, led the great scientific, field work. What is happening with the accounting of game animals and the subsequent production quotas – It is not nothing but a cycle of bullshit in nature».

Absolutely right TS Aramileva: «We appear legal documents, which are not compatible with each other. Not necessarily, and hardly it is possible to change the law on hunting. But just need analysis regulations. First, they must be put in order, and then go to the law itself. Make a rapid analysis of the current legislation in the field of hunting».

That there is only one declarative system for issuing hunting ticket, thanks to which hunting turned into a thoroughfare with open gate.

TS Aramileva: «Many get a hunting license at the place of residence, and in case of deprivation of the right to hunt in one area, quietly get it in another». PM Pavlov: «you need to separate the concept of membership of state hunting permit and hunting permit. Membership man can have as many, and the state, giving the right to hunt, there should be only one».

The inability of civilized and legal hunting management. No more, no less. Ambiguous wording describing the procedure for concluding agreements ohothozyaystvennyh puts hunting users at risk of losing farming legally acquired «out of the blue» without any compensation investments.

Maybe it is advantageous when the Truce goal is to divide and conquer, but it is not good to develop and guide the long-term prospect. TS Aramileva: «It turns out that, in fact, people were deceived. When they took the territory and the right to use hunting resources, they did not know that it would take 10 years, and someone five years – all. Give. Under the circumstances, profitable hunting grounds users just knock everything on its territory to return at least some interest, at least some of the investment.

Concepts investments in hunting distorted. When we talk about investing, you first need to understand what investing. According to the laws of business – If I put the money, then I have to make a profit. Now, profit is impossible.

The system can crush elementary Institute of bona fide hunting users, and they will lose the desire to engage in this activity. Where do we come? For biological desert? The Law on Hunting should be made clarifying amendment that would ensure long-term use of resources and hunting it would guarantee hunting users».

And one more thing. What kind of farm or business may be discussed if a de facto do not belong is not that wild animals that live in a certain area (which you are, by the way, is obliged to take it to multiply and guard), but also those whom you purchased the feed and divorce of their own money for the fence as livestock.

It is urgent to establish a legal framework for the conduct of captive hunting. Tossing a debate about ethics, we accept as a fait accompli: captive hunting has come to Russia. With this need to live. Let’s do it in a civilized way.

Imperfection licensing system (limiting, or even the distribution of quota) production of valuable species. The naked eye can see metastasized cancer monitoring system.

P. Pavlov: «As a rule, established by present rules quota live on paper alone, and actual production – by itself, just as current hunting legislation is separate from the practice of hunting. In reality, no one knows how much is mined hunting animals». About what biodiversity is all about?

The actual loss of state control and impotent attempt to replace the Institute muffled production hunt inspectors. What is the point of creating this polubespravnoy in the absence of a police officer or state hunting inspector extras – It remains unclear. Though now formally instructed the President is satisfied – 3 inspectors needed in almost every village council. And pay them no need to pay – it is again the problem of hunting users.

TS Aramileva: «You ask what I mean by the word «OK». «Good» – this is when there will be a proper control, proper supervision and freedom from hunting users. And the people who carry out the control and supervision will be protected.

This is a very serious state problem. Sadly, the Ministry of Environment did not see it then, when we pay attention to it. When the transfer of powers from the federal level to the level of entities, officials exercising control and supervision in the sphere of preservation of hunting resources, fell from the 45th federal law that provides these guarantees.

They have no government, no social security, no guarantees of protection from poachers in principle. They have with them one on one in the forest. Typically, this – distant lands. This is not the towns and villages where the police work, which has all these rights and powers. And the attack on the inspectors are not investigated.

The collapse, failure, loss of … Instead of the term «recovery» every sensible person would dream of most word «resurrection», Well, at worst – «reincarnation». But it is not all that bad. The opinions of experts differ in detail, but the general concepts are the two moments.

First, not all is lost. TS Aramileva believes that, in principle, have developed a model of hunting, to which we aspire. But legally it is not decorated. «Until went to heaven last hunter sphere in one form or another will continue to exist». According to P. Pavlov «Russian hunting lies ahead a long road to recovery. But we must begin with a clean slate. Simple cosmetic repair here will not help».

Second, officials need to hear, finally, the recommendations of experts. P. Pavlov: «assemble a team of experts, hunters and competent lawyers. Experts have put the task, and lawyers – to seek ways of its legal solutions. Now, sometimes, it turns the other way around – experts develop normal documents, and lawyers, without delving into the specifics of the industry – alter, and get completely worthless document».

TS Aramileva: «I would like to see in the person of the Ministry is the body that deals with public policy, regulatory framework, rather than trying to control each rangers, each hunting. Not we, but you have transferred powers to subjects. You provide them with subventions. So ask from them. It does not matter when the body which at the federal level should be engaged in norm-setting, beginning to agree quotas for specific hunting farms, interferes with the powers of the subject by the procedures of the territorial unit of the hunting grounds.

Listen to the experts. Hear them. The experience of my previous work has shown that a mistake to rely on the opinion of only one of them. We all know the story, when he took the opinion of one expert, while others listened to but not heard. A letter was the answer: «We have considered this part».

IA Dome: «For decades, the resolution of scientific conferences, the recommendations of leading experts and decision production meetings were read and heard by those responsible for the development of hunting in the country. We understand that our business – the harvest of radishes, compared with oil, gas, but even forestry.

But if we want Russia to be truly rich, in a businesslike way comprehensive, it is necessary to seriously address issues of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of biological resources, it should always be a priority for the state. Steps should be taken on an urgent corrective action. Fortunately there are still people who are not indifferent to the fate of the great hunting country.

There are competent professionals ready to take part in solving the accumulated problems. Returning to the results of the conference, to deal with it: they are prepared and supported by an absolute majority of all members, including – Leading scientists, game wardens, practitioners, people who cheer for the soul hunting business and are willing to work for the benefit of its».

But if they hear us? I doubt it.

That view of a man versed in ohotdepartamentskoy «kitchen» – Deputy Director of the State Organization «Tsentrohotkontrol» AA Kulpina: «I do not see any prospects of any very sudden changes. All are likely to continue in the same direction in which it proceeded in recent years.

I can not say any more details because the situation is largely determined by the Law on Hunting and Wildlife Act. Abrupt changes probably can be expected only if they are canceled. Hunting – social sectors, and the problems are now accumulated a lot. We are with the leadership (former management – E. Ts) emphasized the social aspect and concluded that the availability of sufficient resources can solve many problems.

The presence of significant resources of game animals «pull» for themselves and the economy, and the development of services. Many of the poachers are simply because they can not buy a ticket and permission. If the animal is enough, it is largely relieve social tension among hunters».

And all will be well. He who has ears – let him hear. It turns out, does not need to create hunting grounds users the conditions under which he would be directly interested in dicherazvedenii not need science – only need to zverushki good results, they were considered hunting grounds users, and poachers – not mined. After all, everything is so simple!

By the way, the answer to the question of how the proposed survive hunting users, Alexey difficult to give.

«Where are you going?». – I wanted to ask the former management of the Department and Tsentrohotkontrolya.

«Where to go?» – I ask current.

We will not talk about the significance of hunting in remote areas of social tension, the animal world, the cultural heritage and so on. D. Just pay attention: official – It is a public servant. That is the one who serves the interests of the state. If we do not manage to establish order in the sphere of hunting, the latest state to be forced to spend a lot of money to restore wildlife in the devastated lands.

Priplyusuet to this need today a costly fight with the wolves, epizootic of rabies in foxes and raccoon dogs, beavers destructive activities, and so on. Decide what is more profitable. To the ground, then? To my mind – already passed.


Tatiana S. Aramileva – Game Biologists, President of the Association «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz»Previously (2009 and 2012) – Head of Department for the protection, control and supervision over the use of wildlife Primorye Territory

Pavel Pavlov – Game Biologists, honored worker of Russian Hunting – Head of the Department of monitoring and experimental work in hunting FGBU «Tsentrohotkontrol»

Igor Dome – Game Biologists, doctor of veterinary sciences, professor, director of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of hunting and farming them. prof. B.M.Zhitkova (VNIIOZ)

Alexey Kulpin – Game Biologists, PhD, Deputy Director of the State Organization «Tsentrohotkontrol»

Nikolai Kraev – Game Biologists, PhD, leading researcher of the Russian Research Institute of hunting and farming them. prof. B.M.Zhitkova (VNIIOZ)

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