Shooting from the tower — not a hike in the butcher shop

Reading Online «horn» feedback on the article «To be or not to be?» The author Alexei Fedorov published in number 8, 2015, it seems that most of the hunters is the Humane Society. In his essay, the author tried to describe the real-time at the moment the modern hunt from ambush, with a sense of proportion and common sense, and in return received a lot of negative comments.

Shooting from the tower - not a hike in the butcher shop

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

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Misconception develops our readers questions correctly this kind of hunting. Most readers «HORN» They believe that the easiest way to hunt and calls it in his concept «killing animals». One can not understand the essence of the hunt and think of the hunter is only required to make the right shot at the goal, as in the dash, and the result is guaranteed.

Others think that paid for the game, brought to the tower. Shooter comfortably located, both in the dash, turned «night light» and without fuss chosen «right» target. I got a buzz from the shot and left. It is this set of these factors for a particular category of people is not hunting, and is defined by them as:

a) Preparation of meat;
b) legal shooting live targets;
c) check of the nature with elements of adrenaline.

But not so simple in the hunt for a wild boar from the tower is thought to our readers, criticizing individual essays writers.

Firstly, in the Rules of hunting there is a list of ways of getting of objects of the animal world of game, allowed to application, which was approved by the RF Government Decree of January 10, 2009 № 18. Methods for obtaining a boar for all gender and age groups are defined as follows.

On the approach to the entrance of horse-drawn transport, from an ambush, a shelter with dogs hunting breeds. The concept of ambush — it is the taking of a warehouse or a tower.

Secondly, access to the feeding grounds, which are practically dozens of kilometers from the hunting bases in the winter skiing and back, is problematic, and not every hunter on his state of health will be able to do it.

A travel to the cartage in the presence of a snowmobile I feel stupid and impractical, since we live in the XXI century, but not in the stone. Sitting in sub-zero temperatures on the tower still, a few hours do not move, do not make any sudden movements, in almost complete silence, it is enormous patience and willpower.

Third, organize the forage area or bait to approach the animal is not prohibited. A starving and endangered wild boars, I heard very rarely, and then often in the northern parts of the country, where the temperature is below forty degrees, and the snow is up to the beginning of summer. Not so long ago in some areas and regions knocked boar population ASF, but the food was enough. In places where the hunt for the author’s description of the beast in the feeding and did not need to come to the feeder every day.

About phrases such as: «He sat in the wagon master, drove up to the tower, pulled the trigger, he took the trophy was taken» — it is not hunting. Here, dear visitors forums wrong. Both in public and in private grounds of a method of producing a wild boar from the tower legislation provides. And the ability of the hunter in this case need not smaller than with other methods.

That is one of the critics wrote: «Hunting solonetzes and transitions — This hunt, as the output of the beast is not guaranteed. It’s so obvious, it is strange that you do not understand such obvious things. In a wild beast in the forest (taiga) of roads and hundreds of thousands of solonetz. On some of them it will be released this night, known only to the Lord God. The well visited solonets not approach the machine. There should be a very long time to get, and then another and bear meat. And the shot is not easy, but very difficult».

Here’s it. Yes, the device platforms may not be the author «To be or not to be?» examined territory, studied the habits of the local beast, I read the following boar took into account the direction of the prevailing winds in this area, but you do not deny that «shot is not easy, but very difficult». What is the difference between this very solonetzes shot on the shot from the tower?

Precision guarantees that today is the wild boar come to this place, there is never a feeding. And to get the trophy from the tower, the hunter must possess certain qualities, such as self-discipline, endurance, keen eyesight and hearing, high accuracy.

In the case of hunting from a tower is also not ruled out the rivalry between man and beast. You need to get to the most vulnerable, unprotected places on the body of the wild boar, such as the head, neck and chest. An experienced hunter shot manufactures to the blade where the probability of hitting the heart is very high.

And even if the hunter shot at first successful, then extra care should be exercised.

It is impossible to approach a wild boar shot until exactly sure what he was really dead. It is necessary to pay attention to the whole body of the enemy — If the hair on the mane bristling, ears and cautiously pressed — he is still alive and preparing to attack. If a wounded boar escaped, then try to catch up with him anyway suicide.

Therefore, skill and mastery hunter needed for any form of hunting and hunting for wild boar from the tower also requires the hunter and endurance, and high standards for clothing, smell, behavior both before and after the shot, the same hunting ethics. Without compliance with many regulations hunting, in the best case, it will end in vain.

I believe that the big game hunting, by any legal means, only by experienced craftsmen.

Alex Dzyubchuk25 June 2015 at 12:16

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