Spring hunting is always beautiful

On the eve of the start of spring hunting, we decided to talk with the head of the state hunting supervision and hunting resources Ministry of Agriculture and the Moscow region DD Vachugovym, who agreed to answer some questions.

Spring hunting is always beautiful

Interview with the head of the state hunting supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of Moscow Region DD Vachugovym

— Dmitri is, in your opinion, are now working hunting grounds users in the Moscow region: the quality of biotechnical measures, accounting activities, annual reports on the new reporting scheme?

— There are no official criteria for activities hunting users, except the requirements of the legislation on hunting. But if you take to ease the school rating system of one to five, in the sum of all the users of hunting grounds area «four» will (in comparison with other subjects of the Russian Federation). The explanation for this is quite simple: hunting grounds users a little richer than in many regions, and the average standard of living is higher in Moscow and Moscow region. In this hunting grounds users can afford much in the organization ohothozyaystvennoy activities: aviaries, dichefermy… These are signs of the cultural sector, which in many other regions there is no or very little. «Four» on average, but the current control, there are those who can «deuce» supply, but there are those who — «five».
According to our data, most users cope with the tasks assigned to them, to meet their long-term license agreements or conditions of use ohothozyaystvennymi hunting resources.

— Is there anything in the Moscow region private hunting grounds, and if there are, they provide access to hunters in their hunting grounds for the massive game species?

— We were the last two years has received no complaints that someone can not get a permit or permission in any hunting area. From this I conclude that the hunters can get such a permit. I know that many hunters say the high prices on the hunt. In my opinion, the price of hunting in the number of farms is quite high, it does not correspond to the services provided. But it is the financial and economic activities of these organizations, it is beyond our control, now the market dictates. Although I will say as a hunter — I would not go take a trip to where the high prices just for the fact that I went to stand up, to see woodcock, which may not fly at all. The sky-high prices of a number of farms, including do it, and in order to limit the contingent. Here we have yet to understand, we — ranger, do not stand on the Protection of the Rights of the hunter or the hunting area. If you carefully read our powers, it becomes clear — we stand on the protection of hunting resources. All our activities revolves around the preservation of hunting resources. This helps them to have a normal population dynamics. Most hunters are asking why you do not protect our rights? Because it is not our mandate, we are not a human rights organization and the executive authority, fulfills the law. Although this is also done in the interest of citizens.

As for the essence of the issue: private hunting farm in the Moscow region there, but very few of them. There are different forms — Company, Inc. and others, but they do not greatly affect the overall picture, as 80% of the land is a regional non-governmental organization MOOiR. On private farms most reviews are good, because there is money, so it is possible the cultural hunting ground on the European model.

— Are you for the intensification of hunting or for the preservation of the natural amount of game corresponding container lands?

— Now there is such a thing as «sustainable use» or «The optimum size» hunting resources, although the concept of optimum — relative: what is optimal for me as a hunter, does not like the opponents of hunting. For example, I want to woodcocks were many, but the raven did not exist, but it is impossible. Or someone who loves wolves and would like to see them «regret». For dicherazvedeniya important to shooting of stray dogs and environmentalist defender dog he thinks otherwise, and he has it his arguments.

The Moscow region is heterogeneous. In some areas the preferred system, called in the game management «harvesting»When provided in bulk access lands minimized restrictions, etc. Of course, for a densely populated part of the intensification of the Moscow region is very important because it removes the hunting pressure, so it is necessary choosingtive approach to the territories.

— How do you assess the work of the largest hunting grounds users Moscow Oblast — MOOiR?

— Definitely evaluate the work of the users of hunting grounds it is impossible, as MOOiR — is several tens of hunting leases. There are facilities that can be taken as a model on how it is working, organizational, technical capabilities. Here we take the eastern «bush»: Close to Noginsk and Shchelkovo hunting farm. The first can be called prosperous — strong, actively growing, and the second in full decline. Check arrived, and there is nothing to see. Causes — different financial conditions, different personnel selection. Active Noginsk ohothozjajstva resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and Schelkovskogo not solve at all. Probably, and hunters also say there favorite farm where you can go to find and hunters, and the director, and benefits, and there are those where everything is done «under the lash».

— The Moscow region is now experiencing a huge press in connection with the development of logistics enterprises, and talk about hunting in the near suburbs are no longer necessary.

— Of course, the hunting resources of the Moscow region are suffering not so much from the hunter, but also on the development, of the city «spreading»And what is called urbanization area. I do not exclude, if things go as they are now, «freestyle» Hunting within a radius of 70 kilometers from Moscow will not.
This process is terrible poaching and can not stop. Today people give priority to new housing, and not nature, ecology.

— How many hunters in Moscow and the region received OBEFO?

— We now come to number 170,000, while in Moscow, I think, about 300,000, if not more.

— How have the figures on poaching after the introduction OBEFO?

— No significant changes were observed. Poachers have been, are and will be, because the passion for hunting begins in childhood. Poaching is everywhere, and the Finns and Americans. Violators are not transferred, there is a desire — saw and shot. Some people can not control them, not even the worst people in the home and at work. But it is punishable, and it must be our efforts to become inevitable.

— Are you able to, in your opinion, to solve the problem of availability of hunting with hounds hare and fox for gonchatnikov? Is there a conflict between the conduct battue hunting for prey and hunt with the hounds?

— Such a problem is. This is again a conflict of interest. In a number of areas and hunting leases, which are focused on the hunt for prey, hunting with hounds is depressed. Do not go there — Huntsman said, do not go here and there in my moose, and there — deer. Who’s right, it is difficult to say. The area is focused on captive dicherazvedenie and bind to the game feeding. In connection with this release the hounds, no matter how desirable, is difficult. Gonchatnik swears — And what I keep dogs? Many of our gonchatniki go away — Kaluga, Kostroma region, and there are riding. The number of hare in the Moscow region is not very high, it seems the growth of white hair walked the last two years. Fox Rabies is found, and many of them prefer not to get involved. Their number is regulated by shooting staff members year-round, and only hunters during the hunting season. If there is rabies in foxes, then boars — ASF. We handle the number of boars downwards, reducing it to a minimum. Everyone is afraid that due to the fact that the boar brings ASF may «explode» large pig farms, and this damage worth millions. It is clear that it is unpleasant to hunters because hunting object disappears. So now we think seriously over the reshaping of hunting and hunting leases on the introduction of new species. But it is so complex issue and requires a scientific basis and financial capabilities. We are limited to the financing of those subventions that we get from the federal budget for all activities. There were ideas to carry out the introduction of a deer, but it is a matter of serious science, because it is very difficult to calculate the consequences. Here is an example from the raccoon dog: what happened, when it was brought from the Far East? At the time, everyone thought it was a brilliant solution, the same with the American mink, muskrat with. Swim and not wanted. Beavers and they become displeasing to many. That is a very complex issues that require a fundamental consideration.

— Terms of spring hunting will be installed on the weather, or they are already pre-determined? Will the division of the area for a period of the southern and northern regions?

— All spring hunting is regulated by the hunting regulations established by order of the Ministry of Natural Resources. It says that it can not be for more than ten days, and indicate in which areas a separation of the south and north. The only thing that the federal government has left us for a regulation in subjects of Federation — itself to determine the start time of the past ten days. We have introduced in the so-called «Options hunting in the Moscow region». This document, signed by the governor, and it stipulates that spring hunting is opened for a period of ten days from the third Saturday of April every year. The fear is that spring will come early and low water, and not all will be able to hunt well, but please everyone on terms impossible. There have been attempts to open the hunt early and swore Gusyatnikov, have not been put on the young goose coming late. Open later not been satisfied with the stool pigeon hunters, who missed the first flight of the first drakes and woodcocks. Capercaillie and black grouse With the same story: that he was ottokoval, it is impossible to break into the current due to snow and water. Disgruntled among those who are not very successfully hunted, there are always.

— Last question. You are a fan of hunting decoy. Where you are going to hunt this year?

— We’re going to our friendly team to go hunting in the Pskov region. Well, in Moscow hunt, no doubt. Hunting should coincide with the time span. We know that the most interesting — get into the phase of flight bachelor, very thick and tasty, but this year it may not be possible. In general, people in the know will understand me when I say that out of more than two dozen of spring hunting in my life was not bad, spring hunting is always beautiful, and I hope that, together, keep it for us hunters.

Nikolai Sorokin7 April 2014 at 00:00

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