Spring hunting: view from the outside

Each spring Ukrainian hunters look with envy toward Russia, Belarus, which opens on spring hunting with duck decoy duck, geese, woodcock. However, in recent times on the pages of Russian hunting publications, Internet sites increasingly appear alarming headlines: «will open if the spring hunt?», «Spring hunting endangered!» … Are the concerns of ornithologists, ecologists, different prirodolyubov about a sharp reduction in the number of nesting birds is under a seat and how serious?

Spring hunting: view from the outside

Photo by Dmitry Shanitsyna

His views on this issue with me shared Honored forester of Ukraine, now retired, NA Mironenko, who gave many years of the establishment of the hunting industry in the country.

— The first legal restriction of spring hunting in the territory of modern Ukraine belongs to 1875, when the Galician Sejm (Lvov) in Galicia banned spring hunt woodcock. After the October Revolution, the Ukrainian government adopted the relevant decrees, regulations that spring hunting was banned.

After the formation of the USSR was not a single body of uniform rules governing hunting. Each republic has taken its own laws. During these past years, the spring hunting in Ukraine opened twice. In 1931 — Then, according to the memoirs of experts, divorced sufficiently large number of game may therefore temporarily allowed to hunt; Well, the second time — at the beginning of this century, in 2002.

The last hunt, unfortunately, we were not able to organize at the appropriate level, under the proper control of the appropriate authorities. In the spring hunting there was one tragic case. People’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada returned from hunting to the Kherson region, which was invited by the governor of the region. «Volga» crashed into a tree, the deputy was killed, from the trunk of the car «flown» Not only drakes, and all that came to the shot. And this spring hunting. Similar cases were nonidentity.

— In that memorable hunt and I was able to attend, and I can say that the organization of this event was top urovne.Pri this shoot was only a few dozen geese. About emotions experienced while trembling remember to this day.

— Theoretically, all right, I agree with you. But to debate or discussion about the feasibility of the opening of the spring hunting in future there is no point. In Ukraine, it is impossible. Ten years ago, we joined the International Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds, which prohibits hunting during the return of birds to the nesting sites.

A law on the inadmissibility of cruelty to animals; there in black and white that prohibited hunting during the spring migration of birds, not to mention the adopted in 2004 amendments to the Law «On Hunting Economy and Shooting»Where those provisions are also spelled out. The ban, in my view, the essential role played by ethical motives, in addition to biological and prirodoohrannnyh arguments. Spring came, everything is blooming, a period of love, breeding, all enjoying life, and here — ba-ba-ah! — charge of shot in the bird. From the point of view of human morality is this normal?

— But still… In Belarus, Russia let the spring hunting for a few days, but permitted.

As for Belarus, there is much more order. Discipline among hunters is higher than ours, more productive working environmental, hunting inspection and do not allow for what is not necessary. I think they have a moral right to open spring hunting for a few days, including the taking of foreign hunters.

Now Russia. Yes, there is Russia’s northern areas with low population density. Look at the problem we are discussing the eyes of people who live there. Short summer, autumn hunting is not seen. Geese, ducks rose and waved wings — South. Yes, the birds nest there, but it’s resource supply.

«Do not shoot, it is immoral!» — such a slogan is unlikely to find understanding and explanation in the hearts of people living in the northern territories. But in the central regions, I think that’s immoral to claim under any circumstances, I repeat, under all conditions, the opening of the spring hunting. Why? You will live without it and without spring duck goose? Will live. I agree with one — leave established for many years of tradition, interrupted for some time communing with nature in the spring hunting, celebrated in the works of Russian classics.

But, in all honesty, whether each of the modern hunter, brought in a new environment, is sympathetic to such a notion as the correct hunting, it adheres to its demands, struggling not to leave this life the cultural hunting layer, as so many they say? I am on this subject, I have an opinion.

Many hunters, in my opinion, is not the tradition in the foreground, and the notorious adrenaline. This is understandable. We live better. Purchased a powerful SUVs, now there is no problem to get hold of any weapon, and every excuse, climb to places of adrenaline that he not live without it can, in such a jungle that to the poor animals and birds have nowhere to perch oneself. All the rest in nature, tent, barbecue, barbecue… What a way doadrenalinimsya? We can well turn into enjoying a bundle of nerves.

— In contrast to these arguments — means thousands of disciplined hunters have to suffer because of the negligent…

— Again, this is a private matter of the Russians. Regarding the spring hunting in the Ukraine, in this respect I have no doubt. Our hunters complain of limited hunting season. In fact, all hunting is prohibited only two months a year in March and April.

On the first of May begins the hunt for roe deer, from August to wildfowl and male ungulates from September to female ungulates and their young, from November to hare and other fur-bearing animals and ends in February, the hunting of fox, raccoon dog and a wolf. Hunting for geese begins in August and ends in January. And the decision on the beginning and end of the hunting of a particular type of game takes the user of hunting grounds in the framework of the law.

— By early spring the birds have formed pairs, there is a point of view that the closure of the spring hunting is a biological ignorance. Motivation: in his unbridled passion drakes are driven from the nest of ducks, which adversely affects the growth of livestock.

— As for the geese, indeed, formed a pair, but the mallard — bird polygamy. It would seem that it is necessary to shoot the drakes, as indeed happens, do not give a duck sit on the nest. And I do not agree with this can not be, but I do not think that the nature of the biologically aims to reduce the percentage of the output of livestock. This does not happen in nature.

Reflecting theory is not so much a negative impact Drake drove the ducks nest. If duck nests in different propagation conditions, fire drake spring or not to fire on the growth of population is not affected. As I see it, the argument here is more an acquittal, rather than biological.

Take, for example, the Kiev reservoir. When completed, I was at university, writing term papers and dissertations of artificial nests for waterfowl. The islands in the Kiev Sea meadow were isolated from the mainland. Hunters-timers remember how many there were game. Can not imagine. Klondike! Edge not frightened birds! All swarmed.

Today the island or blurred, or forest thickets, meadows left. Hunters complain — no game. And there will be no conditions for reproduction. By the way, and artificial nests nobody does, how did it while at the same Kiev Sea chasseur service under scientific support from the University Department of Zoology. It was carried out serious work, basic research.

But now everything seems aloof. One reason — no money. I would add — and wishes… And if hunting users do not have the money and the desire to increase the productivity of hunting grounds, does can be a question of maximizing the use of hunting resources?

Victor Lyutyy30 March 2015 at 05:58

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