The death decoy

This incident took place back in 1950 April 8. Father gave me a single-barreled gun 16-caliber IL-5 system Kazantsev — Top gun fight I never had. And here we go with my father to the first in my life spring hunt.

The death decoy

Photo by Sergey Fokin

His decoy at Naturally, we do not It was, as we lived in densely populated communal. But at backpack at father had two wooden (in rubber While still in not for sale was) stuffed animals: one — Pintails, more — dive.

In the Kazan station we waited another two hunters, friends of his father. It was the second half of Saturday (in the time off was one — at Sunday). TO evening, but before dark we reached hunting place — meadows rivers Gzhelka before it flows into the Moscow River. Choosing a place to sleep on the edge of the pine forest, chop up twigs for a bed, spread the fire. Dinner and They slept under the open sky. Early in the morning went to shore spill, choosing the place of hunting. Erecting skradka.

We are father landed on I stuffed their water and father began to beckon wooden decoy voice kryakovoy. During the morning, we saw only a flock of ducks which flew high, no one else. My father explained to me that the gross flight has not yet and began All hunting is still ahead, a week and a half. Gathered and four slowly went to side of the railway.

We caught up with two local hunters, one of whom was carrying shoulder wicker basket. He was pretty drunk and desperate mothers. AT strike up a conversation, he told us about his misfortune. On he took to hunting a two decoy ducks wicker cage, which I initially it took for a basket.

Arriving at a place left in the tank skradke and to himself gun decided to wander through the banks of the spill, see the presence of game. Approximately 30–40 minutes, reaching his skradka hundred meters, he suddenly saw a sail along the coast kryakovyh. Quickly sdupletiv, I went to pick up unexpected prey. But I took in hands I found at each on foot he himself made nogavki.

From this «successful» they I drank everything that was in the flask. After hearing the testimony poor guy, the father said: «God punished for the fact that in the spring of ducks shot!» AND at answer was: «Yes, God sees everything». — from these words utyatnik continued on his way.

The second case occurred in the the beginning of this century. I sat skradke on peat lake shore, was a decoy meters eight from me, to the left of the peg to to which was attached a three-meter cord. There was a heavy fog, and bird can be distinguished only by silhouette and voice. Splash and simultaneous zhvyakane Drake told me about that sediment decoy worked. After a few seconds the right of the peg came silhouette swim drake. I clearly seen him and decoy, birds shared a peg, and the distance between them was not more than five meters.

I I brought a gun, but Pine shoot prevented paw, pulled off the skradka roof. It had to be urgently removed, but so as not to flush out the drake. I He looked away from him, had interrupted gently pushed pine branches, and then he brought the gun to bird sitting on the right side of the peg, and I clicked on trigger. Immediately to the left of the peg, at the same time shot flew drake on Water remained killed decoy.

Recovering myself, I I began to remember all the last seconds before the shot, and he could not understand how in such a short period of time when I looked away, the birds have made this tragic castling. FROM As long slits in I skradke I check, immediately coming to place.

April 28, 2014 was the last day of spring hunting Moscow region. Dawn. Decoy worked actively, as if making up for the sluggish work of the preceding days. Between skradka and chistinkoy lake willow bushes grew, partly decimated by me.

Repeatedly I shot at drakes right through them 4th and 5th numbers and fractions She poured on the game location. There were several occasions when I had to jump out and skradka to finish off a wounded animal. Willow branch, of course, badly battered by this haircut shot. AND at This time a handsome drake, flopped on water meters forty of skradka immediately swam quickly to decoy.

He was in front skradka meters twenty, decoy was sitting on the right. The angle between the vectors from me to both birds were not less than 30 degrees. Vytseliv drake I sent to a charge «Five» through the bush willow. Drake struggled to water. I I came out of a skradka wood «cat» on cord to catch prey. Passing stool, I found her motionless, with lowered in water head. Catch Drake, I went to duck, raised it. She was dead. The palm of his left hand had been ripped open.

Houses, pluck a duck, I I found at the left side of the wound from a pellet, which interrupted a large blood vessel near the heart directly. I went to inspect the bush willows, through which shot at Drake and convinced that some branches cleaned cut shot, but there those in which cut of the wood, and remained hanging on the branch crust. Only one conclusion: the charge of the shot, flying through the bush, ricochets from branches in Depending on the angle at which the shot encounters branch. AND ricochet struck like this decoy.

The first thought — return hunting place and ax cut down the bush. But then I thought to next spring will take a more humane solution. For example, you can tie a soft wire highest branches, and this beam is the same wire to bend roots may even come to a variant mind, but interference should be eliminated in advance.

I wish all the fans decoy to avoid such unfortunate lessons. It is better to learn mistakes of others than his. I wish that spring hunting decoy always remained in Russian firm traditions, despite the spiteful critics of all colors.

Igor Belyakov5 July 2014 at 00:00

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