The exhibition «Arms and Hunting — 2015»

What is the purpose of such exhibitions in the world? Besides meeting dealers and manufacturers? .. In my opinion, the study of demand. And market research directly to consumers. When the producer and consumer meet face to face and can discuss specific issues. Speaking at the show with manufacturers, I caught myself thinking that the opinion of some of their customers are not particularly concerned about …

The exhibition

Tickets cost 350 rubles. It is not clear why it is so expensive? But it does not have to split hairs too much: demand creates supply! If you take 350, you see, and take more. We have some ideas in the country of the founders of Marxism, set them «Capital»It does not find confirmation, except for one: for the great capitalist profits will go to any crime. And there are all sorts of nonsense about the added cost, interest, etc. — Duc evto we are not popular! Bablos need to vomit as much as possible.

This exhibition presents a novelty weapon. Let’s start with a carbine «Siberian stag». Not that he was a new development, but previously it was issued only on request. Now want to establish its mass production. Naturally, there will be simplified. Price promise in the area of ​​80-90 thousand rubles. At the same time, HPE «HAMMER»Already five years to establish the release of highly original carabiner «Griffin»In the past year, she has already released 10 of these rifles. Next year promises yet to establish their production. Price promise within the same 80 thousand rubles. But! This carbine three interchangeable barrel, as I have repeatedly wrote: .223Rem; .308 And 20 caliber. Think about it: the price of a single!

The same VPO «HAMMER» I introduced a new development on the basis of the carbine SCS-45. This gun HVT-208. In short, structured cabling system with a paradox. The trunk is smooth, and at the end of 125-130 mm rifling. And special cartridge 9,5H39. Naturally, on the basis of the long-suffering 7,62H39 cartridge. The launch of these patrons attended «Tehkrim». They are called to be .366 TCM. Why we need such a hybrid? The need is only one: do not get a permit for rifles, smooth-bore weapons and be capable of closer to the accuracy and precision rifled.

One of the first attempts we have seen in the carabiner «Moufflon». Personally, I see that the idea had «Mouflon»When the threaded portion of the stem is smooth immediately chambered for the more fortunate than the classic paradox at the HPE-208. Muzzle velocity .366TKM should be between 620-700 m / s and accuracy of 100 meters — 10 cm. While imported bullets used in the cartridges, it was. But when «Tehkrim» He began to put its scatter increased. True, they say, to show the problem was solved.

Do you have a niche similar conversion guns? Sure, there is. Get permission to buy rifles outside the Moscow Ring Road is problematic: at the Provincial Department, located at times of over a hundred kilometers away, not hitting, and get permission to smooth trunk and can be in the area. Again, ammo and HPE-208 «Moufflon» — cartridges for shotguns, and they are subject to independent equipment. But the question is the price. If the same «Moufflon» AKBS dealers can buy for 18-20 thousand rubles, the estimated price HVT-208 was announced in the area of ​​30 000 rubles. Expensive.
«Hammer Arms» He presented the union on the basis of IL-18, called MA-18MN-4 already with four variants of tables. However, trunks DEPOSIT. Interesting data barrels caliber: .22LR; 7,62H25TT; 9H18PM and 9×19. Approximate price of a miracle about 60 000 rubles. Naturally, the question arises: why so expensive ?! But there is an answer: not for hunting the weapon developed. It is necessary to freely acquire pistol cartridges.

Yet again «Hammer Arms» new pleased hunters hunting rifles. Clearly, not for hunting made a similar pattern. Let’s start with the fact that the cartridge itself is not particularly hunting. Yes, at one time we conducted experiments with a cartridge 7,62H25 TT. But hunted with these cartridges on the grouse, capercaillie, foxes and wolves. What else can you want from a cartridge with a muzzle energy of 470-560 J? But in circulation hunters weapons under this cartridge has not appeared.

Now directly on PPP. At all times it was known that machine pistols with a free gate, firing from open bolt, not too accurate when firing single shots. The massive gate, moving forward by a spring, hits the official section of the trunk and arms «bite» barrel down. Namely, in this moment there is a shot. Clearly, if you’re firing from the parapet of the trench or leaning on the window opening, then this point is leveled. But if you’re firing while standing with his hands, it is quite another matter. And the price is not very hunter. Roughly hunting PPP will cost around 80 000. When I asked why so expensive, a reply was received that the PPP-43 — something very rare, and it is rare for an extra charge. Indeed, during the war, released just 500 000 PPS-43. That’s not a lot. The same PCA-41 produced more than 5 000 000 pieces. Still, it seems to me that much.

Who is going to buy a hunting version of PPS-43? Most likely, not hunters, and lovers of weapons. It is sad. In the same in Finland, the former autonomy of the Russian Empire, you can collect any firearm, shot with weapons. Even guns. It is in Finland you can find automatic Fedorov and DC-39 in the form of work. Of course, modern Western society is trying ispohabit remnants of the Empire tolerance to sexual perversion, juvenile justice and other muck. But collecting weapons — These questions are not yet concerned.

Also «Hammer Arms» for fans and collectors reconstruction produces alterations of military weapons into weapons capable of firing only blanks (SHP). Any samples based PCA-41; PPS-43; SVT-40; SCS-45; RAP; TT; Revolver; PM; «Viking». What are the prices — I do not know.

Finally IZHMEH certified MR-221 «Artemis» chambered 9,3H53R. However, the release of such caliber that are not going to choke. As I said on the stand, they say, cartridges produces only one plant we (refinery) and in Finland. Frankly, at the refinery this cartridge is not released for several years. They released a large batch and slowly sell at a crazy price. But nothing prevents an agreement with the plant to resume output and lower prices. But more on that below.

Now the rumors from the market cartridges. Interestingly, we have only one manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition: Plant in Klimovsk. And that, according to the same rumors, collected from Chinese components. Earlier, the Novosibirsk plant produced small-caliber ammunition. And there was competition. Therefore, the prices were low. Now KSPZ proved a monopoly in this niche. That is why, perhaps, the cheapest cartridge .22LR worth 5.5 rubles. Refinery would go back to this niche. But the equipment for the production of small-caliber ammunition is dismantled, and its recovery will rise in most expensive. Such is the price of short-sightedness of the refinery management.
Now back to studying demand. It is no secret that there is a demand for models of cartridges and bullets teaching and manipulation. When they appear in stores, they dismantled quickly. This applies to any cartridges ranging from 6.35 to infinity. The only thing that keeps any ammo on the shelves — price. At the same show «Hunting and fishing in Russia» layout 7,62x54R cartridge was sold for 80 rubles trick. Expensive! This layout. A training cartridges have not even seen. He addressed an issue about the layout and educational cartridges representatives refinery. They are surprised that there is a general interest in such things. They said that such models are inexpensive, but dealers do not ask, as they can.

Also she threw them the idea of ​​a souvenir panels with product samples. For the present, if not very expensive, it is a good idea.

At the stand of SMI they said they categorically forbidden to sell those models that they brought to the exhibition. A training cartridges were the plant of the old stock, but it’s over.
Barnaultsy not interested in this idea: it’s a special person should be put to the mock drill hole rounds — expensive! So much for market research.
One more example. A few years ago there were more than a dozen calls to the plant stand «HAMMER» the resumption of production HPE-103 carbine chambered 9,3H53R. And what is the result? It is of interest to no one. So much for market research. So we do not have the most powerful weapons at domestic socket.

Personally, I see that this exhibition — a meeting place for producers and consumers, bypassing the seller. And here it is possible and necessary to study the demand. Perhaps studying the demand necessary to apply to hunting publications, where you can conduct a survey of hunters. But whether it is to our maker?

Igor Suslov4 November 2015 at 00:00

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