Where local hunters to go?

Dear Editors, «the Russian newspaper for hunters!»

Where local hunters to go?

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To you hunters — villagers White Kolodez first Kolpnyansky District Orel.

Please help clarify the current situation we have. The fact is that in 2015 celebrates 20 years on the territory of our own, Belokolodezskogo and neighboring Znamenskoye, rural settlements closed hunting. In 1995, the species was organized by the Reserve hoofed animals, but hunting in its territory any closed completely. Naturally, we, the local hunters living in the reserve, it is delivered to the appropriate inconvenience.

As villagers whose hunting grounds are located, as they say, «for the garden»We had to hunt or in neighboring Kursk region, it is necessary to overcome the 17 km, or a public hunting grounds Kolpnyansky District, where to get the same amount, only in the opposite direction. Not all of the villagers can not afford it because of the current current economic situation.

Initially, game wardens, we promised that reserve will last for three years, after which it will be hunted. However, three years after it was announced that there will be a reserve for five years. Five years have passed, and the status of the reserve has been changed: the species of hoofed animals, he became complex and was established ten years. Hunting has not opened.

Currently, the sanctuary is a protected natural area. Thus, we see that hunting is closed for twenty years at the same site without interruption, which causes the just indignation of the hunters, not only from the local community. In addition, the reserve is located on agricultural land. When he organized on the territory of the farm «Spassky» it was 1500 hectares of apple orchards, which, apparently, were registered by the organizers reserve as forest plantations.

In these gardens truly lived wild boars and roe deer. Now, over the last two years, APK «Youth»Which is the successor to the farm «Spassky», Is enhanced stubbing of gardens; uprooted for about 40-50% of their total area and planned uprooted them completely, use the land under the field. Also, the economy hard use different pesticides — repeatedly observed the deaths of entire bee apiaries from the local population and, of course, rabbits.

Under current federal law number 33 — FZ dated 04.14.95 city «On Specially Protected Natural Areas», PA — land, water surface and the air space above them, where are the natural complexes and objects that have special environmental, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and sanitary importance, which were seized by a public authority wholly or partly from economic use and for which a special protection.

Well, it does not fit with the situation in our reserve. In 2012, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation introduced new «Game-laws», Which prohibited the implementation of amateur and sport hunting with dogs hunting breeds in protected natural areas. We have the same hunting is banned completely and that for repeat, twenty years on the same site!

And one more thing: the ban is likely to apply only to us, the local hunters, as during the period of this «mnogostatusnogo» Preserve it carried out massive hunt involving representatives of hunting supervision and the other, apparently, «right» persons. And the hunt conducted in the vicinity of settlements, in full view of local residents, hunters, causing justified dissatisfaction of the local population and leads to increased social tensions — the question of local residents — «Why hunt held in the reserve?» each time they made it clear: «Do not go where you do not need, and we both hunted here, and we will hunt».

In the eyes of the population of these discredited ideas of conservation. You do not have to explain this shooting boars to reduce the size of the threat of an epidemic of African swine fever — These hunting held annually, including when the threat of ASF was not.

Yes, perhaps these are carried out in the presence of hunting licenses, but for some reason one can and the other not? Is this not a way to get rid of extra eyes in the grounds? Why do we even can not hare and duck hunting?

Previously, we have repeatedly appealed to the collective letters to the district and regional administrations to allow us locals to hunt even in the fields and marshes without dogs on a rabbit and a duck, but our request was no answer. Get any intelligible explanation of a total ban on hunting the local representatives of hunting supervision was also not possible — or a simple unwillingness to answer, or because of a lack of competence.

Please help to get from Orlovsky ohotupravleniya answers to the following questions:

1. Is it legal to the location of the sanctuary on the same territory for twenty years and a necessity caused this? Why not move to another territory sanctuary area?
2. Does the reserve status of the protected areas at its location on agricultural land and said economic activity APK «Youth» and such the activity of LLC «Rhineland»?
3. When exactly locals Belokolodezskogo rural settlement will have the opportunity to hunt in their lands?

If necessary, the editorial board will be presented to the confirmation and signatures of all hunters living in the protected areas Kolpnyansky District. Please help us and post answers to our questions on the pages of your newspaper.

Dmitry Tuchkov16 March 2015 at 00:19

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