I started hunting with eleven years. My father went on business trips, he worked as a mechanical engineer. Once he said that he was going into another business trip, so I’m at school barely spent two lessons.


Shotgun stood behind the stove, I for rifle and in the forest. Rose on mountain. Grouse left — I his shot and satisfied. Two hundred meters on aspen saw some black spot. I looked and looked — stir. I crept up. On Dereviny sat a huge grouse. My father always told me: «Capercaillie in can not shoot back, he throws the shot, it spreads its wings and may for Wing leave». The gun, single-barreled gun 16-caliber heavy it seemed. Hands shaking. I Thought: Holy smoke, but when he turns sideways? Waited. Vytselil, pulled the trigger. Capercaillie fell to the ground, I I ran up, grabbed the bird. His heart pounded with joy. Heavy!

A brain is not enough. Not I take into account that the house will still know: Bring game, therefore, in forest walk. Came home. The father sat at the table. Business trips canceled. Looked at me: «Well, then, on the gun place in the capercaillie lumber room. It is good that the mother does not He knows»? I thought I would criticize, but managed. FROM and since it started. Institute even dropped due to hunting. A why? First Hunt — and once produced grouse. Then he got the first deer, elk first. A as I was something! Fourteen. There were curiosities — without them?
I remember the neighbor Uncle Vanya says: «Go Tolya in forest, find out zatokovali capercaillie or not». I went and took a a dog. I thought: let walk. It came from our neighbors North and brought a huskies. I friends with their son, younger than me, at two, all I asked He: «Puppies will give me?» He comes as: «Let two of the ruble by ruble a puppy». I to parents. I begged two rubles, and appeared in I was real huskies — Faithful and Altai.

So, I’m going in the woods, I hear — Barks in Altai swamp. I went, not barking stops, and He is sitting on the birch speakers healthy as sable. I shook him tree, the dog let pressure. Wrest from them to then release, and he told me his finger bitten. I quit column on ground, and his dog crushed. Brought home, stripped. Nearby sits the grandfather Fedor. «ABOUT! — He speaks. — Forty rubles have already earned». Wow — forty rubles! AND autumn they went to beat a column. My Doggie worked perfectly. I used to a mountain run, they were in the column bird cherry chase. Altai rushes and overclocking how to give back to bird cherry. True flies — hryast! Column on two tear and run to me happy, the two halves spread in front of me, sickles waved in eyes devotedly watching. I ready to burst into tears. I Nabil them, a column, a suitcase, about forty. Well, I think ozolochus.

Took to pass. One speaker, who took the first, pulled nine rubles, the rest of the skins — on two and a half rubles. I got upset. How perenyuhal stink! .. The column is now almost It was, forced sable — on one area they do not live. Sable column will look to until no crush. Healthy column gives the date, but they almost never left.
Before what? Deer killed, tripe skin covered, arrived two days later. You see, the path trodden under the skin. Set traps. Come. How many of them, columns of something horrible! Again you put traps. On this time on the one or two lower. Now on no column hunts. Previously, at least some penny paid. Same story with a squirrel. She squeezes her sable. A high density sable wraps trouble. Epidemics.

I remember the night came out of the house pours small newly-fallen snow. I meet a neighbor Uncle Vanya. «Go to hill, there is a protein darkness». — He speaks. I I go to hill. A they Uncle Vanya Uncle Peter, there will knock out all sables, and I was sent to the place. Between a say in Altay, something I I catch: «There sable saw there» I shoot a few squirrels, bring home, they questioned how the hunt took place, praised me: «Well done, many stuffed! A I just did something, one squirrel and took one Sobolkov». Then sable pelt was worth a hundred and fifty rubles, and proteins — fifty-three. This uncles always said: «Have you ever for dogs sable not will work, they protein accustomed».

I sit at home and in mind one thing: «Well, it is not will chase sable? Not It can not be!» In the morning finally decides hunt only Sable, I will stand on track and sable I will go, until I catch up. Rose in Artybash old forest. Look — trace sable. Sprinkled with snow, hence, should be fresh. Shortly really come across freshest. Beckons Altai: «Search!» He is at me as a the fool looks and then he runs. Hear — barks. I went — protein tree sits. I Altai’s collar, slap, as follows: «Search!» Again he runs away, sits on ass, not can understand what is demanded of him, wagging his head. AND runs away. You hear barking. I went. — Again protein tree. Branch slap the dog, give the command. Goes on trail. Five minutes later, I hear: «Ltd!» — the voice is different. I went. On sable tree sitting. Oh my God! Bah! — kotyara falls, I in its backpack. I ran home. Joy, how many and I, and at home! Still would! First sable extracted. After Altai started to look for them. What at the hollow of the pen, the under the roots of trees.

Faithful soon disappeared, and Here lived a long and Altai zverovoy dog ​​happy life. The dog was exceptional. In the morning we go to forest, he was there. We find traces of deer. I say: «Maral!» — and he was all day looking for deer until find. If the first track and meet sable I need a sable, the team: «Altai, look!» AND he will look for sable. Near Maral will run — so he did not focus turn. My record — sobolyushek seven per day. A protein — forty-eight, though not I took one, and with brother. What a smart dog! Rarely barks. Aw! — and He is sitting silent. You go to him go. Just stop, stand up for five seconds, and he hears — hearing something good! — and once again: aw! Approach. Squirrel or sable low tree sit. When the dog barks Durnin, small animals run up to the very top of the tree. Altai will see that I I remarked on What beast tree sits, turns and leaves. I could sit for days at tree guard sable. How many cases have been!

Once Altai four marals held. Once in get up the mountain, I see — dog stood up, his head spinning and slowly sneak to the left, to the left, then lay down. I I do not understand I can. Then I see — Three maraluhi stand. A Laika slowly hiding behind Kolodin, he goes on. Steel with and the opposite side votes are cast: «Regex regex». Maral on I have run out, get up, heads turning, do not understand can. Altai head puts out from under Kolodin looks. In I had an old rifle shells tore. Sighting. Wham! Mara knees down, and not finish I can chuck jammed. Stick Dolby, Dolby finally released the trunk. Maral close. Altai worth looking at animal, waiting for me I’ll shoot. Only I shot, he immediately runs to Maral…

Currently there are no dogs. Transferred. Pref­zyat once two healthy dogs from the kennel, they say: «They have a first degree in Bear». AT lean years on Walnut spring comes to bear Zelenka. On boat on lake swim, a day can be up to thirty pieces count. So, even for Bear these graduates dogs. They ran. The smell of scented bears, hiking and circles ago. However, he is seen then as the two males in a wild boar tore stuff, like wolves, then ate and Now bear afraid.

In the last year of life of the Altai sable twenty kilometers escaped, but could not catch up, not force enough. After this I began to walk on hunting. It will call it on otbezhit hill, barks, driving sable tree. While a him go, he is silent. A I could turn around and home leave. Once he is gone, and not returned. How many years have passed, and All hunting Altai remember well, and proud of it sorry I have a dog I will not will be.

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