Autumn tackle

Autumn tackle

There was a welcome for anglers autumn time, when after the sweltering heat of summer in the waters became calmer without a rest, and the fish start to behave more predictably, moving away from the cooling water at the depth or in places with weak currents, where more food and less negative impact of excess bright light coming through the chilled water and lighten.

And indeed the water at considerable depths somewhat warmer than in shallow waters, allowing different fish conserve vital energy, to absorb quickly absorbed by the food, which means that more and longer periods of time during the day to eat.

However, not every angler, frozen with float tackle on the bank of the promised whirlpool, where the cold dark water seems bottomless, smile a great success. Autumn often well-fed fish, walk up over the summer is enough fat, capricious, not every meal Pozar not meet any bait and snap a rough year for the bait will bypass – clean water all the flaws in its structure can be seen very well, which causes the natural fears of a big fish is always cautious, which alone is worthy to catch and not «to indulge» nedomerki.

However, experienced, seasoned anglers for a long time to find the keys to this kind of behavior the fish in cold water successfully catch as extremely thievish to bite autumn sometimes silvery beauty roach and leisurely bumpkin carp becoming now very leisurely and emerging to feed almost later all other underwater creatures that requires the angler still considerable patience and faith in success when Karaseva before the first bite sometimes takes half a day or even more.

Good and dobychlivo sit in the autumn with a float on the bream, choosing for fishing on the pond, rich in this fish, the deepest place and focusing on the very long-range casting float snap because bream with cooling water is collected in a very dense flocks, where he is sure to grab refreshments at hook.

The main thing is not to scare the fish cautious, otherwise leschovy school permanently dissolved in the vastness of a large reservoir or large rivers, which, incidentally, is often the case in donochnikami when they, for some incomprehensible greed used to tackle a dozen, why too often «bombing» heavy feeders detected parking shoal of bream, as a result of the fish is so annoying that she at some point just goes away and does it immediately, submitting a pack instinct.

The success of the autumn float fishing any fish comes not only from the correct choice of the place and time for fishing – It is of great importance at this time as easy to use these terms and very thin snap mounted on the highest quality and durable, and therefore expensive cost scaffold. Of course, there will need to narrow body and therefore very sensitive float, capable «pick up» less than a gram weights that should be ogruzhen at the very base of a thin antenna to mark the most accurate touch the fish to the nozzle.

It is important to choose the right paint the antenna to make it without eyestrain perfectly visible as in sparkling ripples on the water and in the uncomfortable position of light or in the shade of a tree or a high bank. There are two ways: either in advance to prepare similar equipment with different color floats, or to keep in the arsenal of thin colored vinyl chloride tube-end sleeves to put on a little tightness of the float to the antenna without affecting the balance of the equipment as a whole.

And in time to see a bite and make the correct slicing down – this is half the battle, since the fall of the fish contact with the nozzle is not only accurate, but short, why should not lag behind the angler with the reaction to it.

Of course, in fine autumn fishing is not only important to choose the right nozzle for a particular fish, but luck is largely dependent on the quality of the bait, and its size. Now, when the fish as if only «finish feeding» before hibernation is not always tempted volume nozzle on the hook better to put small nimble worm, sharper maggots, one or two quality joker lump monkey the size of a match head or a piece of grain barley, sometimes during the fish perfectly takes a small ball of foam.

Saying «large pieces and mouth rejoices» autumn quite unfair – it is good in the murky water of the spring, but we should not forget that the autumn rains sometimes field at different reservoirs can also happen brief cloudy «flooding»Then a large smelly worm on a hook is likely to give the desired effect.

But on the nozzle and a hook to pick up necessary. For a compact bait it should be fine, sharp, straight and bend long forearm – such zatsepisty most, and the size of it – fit the nozzle. Big prejudice is the claim that a small hook solid production necessarily fail. On the contrary, a large and usually much thicker hook breaks and the fish lip flaws in vyvazhivanii falls out of it, the fine is firmly and tightly seated in the pulp lips – it is necessary not only to raise fish in the air and slowly bring to a pre-dipped in the water landing net.

In addition, sensitive snap allows slicing down time when the fish are more likely to fall over the lip, where the hook is always kept more reliably than in the mouth. Naturally, the statement about small hook has its reasonable limits, and that is good for roaches, will not do, for example, for a large IDE or solid bream.

We should not forget when «fine» catching another: light, delicate accessories angler bring only disappointment, if it is installed on a rough, tough, poorly balanced along the length of the rod. Then the light gear without a mighty swing not throw that usually leads to «to shooting» the hook bait, and nearly every sweeps can end breakage and loss of the hook injured fish.

Therefore, in a fishing kit should have one or more rods of different lengths with soft enough hlystovatoy upper part (approximately one third of the length) – such «sticks» usually thinner and lighter that does not require their power «Acceleration» during casting, and allows you to snap a soft promise, when she at the end of the flight, completely turned around, falls in line for water, which in turn eliminates the Lap joints and education sites on a thin fishing line.

Next I would like to pay special attention to the fact that even with proper construction of the whole of the autumn float snap wrongly chosen one of its elements is able to ruin the catch. As a rule, most punctures from anglers, even experienced happens when they do not pay enough attention to the length and quality of the leash, which is called the length of the fishing line from the bottom of the sinker (underherdsman) to the hook.

Thus the lead can be attached like that is made of a different, usually a thin line and connected in a known manner «loop in the loop» with the main line and formed on the lower part of the main line. The last option is the most convenient because it allows you to change the length of the leash over a wide range by moving the weights on the fishing line up or down, thereby adjusting the snap under the activity of fish, which is particularly changeable autumn at times, as the weather at this time.

For this reason, in any case not be used for ogruzki rifle shot, which is very hard because of the addition of antimony and irreparably injures and weakens the line, it is better to buy in the shops kits fishing weights made of soft lead. It should be noted that without a removable leash desirable fish only in those places where there is no «dead» hooks, or are no longer expected trophies that can break the line – in this case it will be lost, not only fish, but also the entire inventory.

There are times when the fall comes a short zhor have a very large, trophy fish – here, of course, tackles the fine can not speak, but the importance of a lead is further increased. The fact that in this case a thick and strong fishing line, which is similar to the wire stiffness. Careful fish, taking into the mouth of the nozzle, feel «inflexibility» leash and immediately released from the hook. Then it comes to the rescue fisherman leash made of soft braided fishing line itself. Total braid put it is impossible because, unlike caproic monofilament, it is almost not extensible, and powerful fish at the first throw will either break the hook, either ripping his lip…

When fine autumn fishing float rod for an easy standard-sized fish are usually successful in business when the hook is adjacent very thin fishing line. Practical way found that decreasing the diameter of a leash only 0.02 mm thickness from that when it begins to affect, may increase by a third number of bites, and they will become more accurate.

The length of the leash is even more important, and its in the process of catching need to be carefully selected, especially when living in all the layers of water roach, bleak, rudd and other fish badly taken from the bottom of How long is planned for the stretched rod fishing line in the water on a long leash appetizing nozzle catches their attention much quicker because behaves as a natural food.

It is very effective in catching harness with a long leash on the autumn rivers, where as the basic techniques performed constant priderzhka Tackle – often only when such embodiment, the type of equipment and wiring can not call on the bite roach, bream and white bream. In this case, the length of the leash is sometimes necessary to increase up to a meter or more.

Of course, much of the above applies to the so-called fishing «deaf» tackle when fishing rod without rings and snap-length coil is placed with him, but better – about half a meter shorter, which facilitates the management and execution of various techniques, including easy and accurate casting.

This gear is still the most widespread use among anglers. However, most of the problems discussed fine autumn fishing is much easier to solve using the plug rod and snap-ultimately shortened by installing a rubber shock absorber to the power that will be in harmony with the strength of the fishing line to snap. Moreover, since there is no need to perform a throw, weight equipment with ogruzkoy may simply be negligible – sometimes a sinker on the line do not, and the float ogruzhaet under the antenna or even drowning, for example, grains of corn or a worm on a hook.

But here, their problems are possible: in particular, in a clear fall of water and the lack of depth of the constant flashing of the rod or the shadow of him over an area of ​​bait fish and can alert a negative effect on the results of fishing.

Therefore, in the complex seasonal periods of fishing should not dwell on any one, even an effective tackle, and be flexible about the process of fishing, not excluding from the arsenal of means of recovering the fish from the water and a long flywheel gear, picker and sensitive and powerful long-range feeder – around has its place and time.

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