Because dogs

Because dogsPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova

For a long time I put this story. Not all so much fun was hunting in our youth. But I feel it’s time to tell the story, and at the same time and release it from itself. In addition, it is in some way my moral duty …

Hierarchy maintained train. By clearing paced Sobol – big, red, fabulously handsome male West Siberian blood; I keep up with him on three legs (one froze in a trap), a five-year Zorka; it was followed by one year old Taiga; procession up the rear seven-month spanielka Chun, who along with a host of guests at the hunting point Akita Sergei Luzan and his partner Sasha Slizhevicha.

Sobol show off, pretending that he does not care support: it stops abruptly, then abruptly turned to the side or quickened step. Follow him bitch, one after the other, perfectly repeated maneuvers lead. It was the name of the process – no other word! 

Chun, still unsteady assimilate local dog laws periodically tries to get ahead and lick a sign of deep respect Sable’s face, but not prone to sentimentality bitch intercepted it every time, nibbling delicately at the same time for the sides. In addition, they did not like that Chun had lived in the house where the entrance is strictly forbidden tundra dogs and fed separately! And if they found out that Chun sleeping with the owner on the couch, it just would have gobbled it.


 One night Chun jumped off the cot and zaskreblas the door. I released her, waited until the return, and again lay down on the bed. An hour later the same thing happened, and so a few times. Then I went out with her and saw that dog sick. He shines a flashlight – land clean, apparently poor dog had nothing to puke. In the morning, she did not eat anything, and that the worst did not drink. I spread powdered milk – she refused, and from him, and from the water.

Serge looked at all my efforts, and said:

– Yes, you fuck off from her, releasing better than the courtyard. Find some desired herbs and devour everything goes. Probably dead Bat bite.

For dogs in the tundra and taiga in the ratio is quite another – not something in apartments. No there «our little brothers» or «faithful friends of man». Dog – tools, and very non-deficient, should help in the hunt. 

Frozen eel at night, that’s all the attention. Ill – recover, has died – Down with the skin. Therefore my attitude to the dog, my romp with her diseased, nothing but smile, the owners did not cause.

On the fourth or fifth day, I realized that the dog Chun did not recover. No grass she was not looking, not eating, not drinking, and quietly lay on the couch, sometimes leaping from it, to get out of the house and try to vomit. On the same day I saw the blood on his face Chunya. Dog gave up the ghost!

I thought the fear that on his return to Norilsk tell his wife, and most importantly – nine-year old son. And then I was very sorry Chunyu. And I sat there and did nothing to help her!

I went to Serege.

– Let’s get to Snezhnogorsk. There’s a plane. Maybe it’ll take to Norilsk.

The men looked at each other, realized that I was serious, and half an hour later, in a hurry to leave the boat in the clothes we with Sergey pushed off from the shore and headed out of the bay. There was a strong southerly wind with gusts. Our «obushka» the first issue, «utyuzhok»Perfectly behaved one «Whirlwind» in calm water, but I feared waves, especially the side. 

It was about twelve o’clock, and although the aircraft we obviously did not have time, we decided to move toward the village, spend the night there and in the morning, if possible, to fly. So, between the islands, we have been a major part of the road and stopped at the last island to assess the situation. The place is called Partusova hut – on behalf of the hunter, hunted here.

We had to cross the main stretch of river, overflowing from north to south and seventy kilometers, its width at this point was about twenty kilometers – They are something, and we had to rush. In a normal, calm water on «obushkom» it would take about 30 minutes. 


 Serge remembered the warning we received from Hantayskogo lake a few days ago, when the jet of water that hit the drain sump engine flooded candle on the lower cylinder, and we must have practiced an hour on the top to go under the shore and dry the spark plug. At the reach of such a number would not pass – There was nowhere to go.

Sergei took a knife, cut out the rectangular churochku and scored Chopik into the drain hole. This solution saved three lives – Chuunin and we with Sergey. We pushed off and headed for Snezhnogorsk. 

After a couple of kilometers we finally caught up with long time born with an east wind. Gone, climbing and descending, the first three waves.

– Well, it begins! – Serge said. 

As we remove the island from the east wind gained full force, and we are caught in a storm, what neither I nor, as it turned out, Sergei close and did not see. The side waves vzdyblivaemym east wind beat swell raised to full height along the entire length of the reach morning south wind. And had to contend with the one and the other wave.

There were at idle, slowly crawling in muddy green wall, the height of which was impossible to measure, and they find themselves between the waves, we saw nothing around except water. Each time the boat slowly breaks nose in a wave of thinking, well, here it is, the last … But, having got it, we are slowly going down. At this time, the side struck southern wave, raising the stern. That’s when saved Seryozhin Chopik!

Sometimes the southern wave was so strong that the bolt flew out of the water, the motor vzvyval and had to throttle back to a dangerous – could stall. But then included in the next wave of eastern and start all over again.

How many times is repeated, I do not remember. Maybe a thousand times, maybe ten thousand. In one of those moments, and Serge said: «Because of the dog!»

Chun was sitting on the bottom of the boat between my legs and shook. Blood strip crossed dog muzzle. Perhaps the animal has nothing to perceive. Oddly enough, the water accumulated in the boat a little bit, I tried to scoop her shovel, but Serge waved: sit, say, quietly.

For some time it became clear that we are unlikely to get. Strange how people. When I felt in front of me like something quick and very detailed passed my whole life. I remembered all, bid farewell to the living, has remembered the departed … There was no panic, fear, surprisingly, – also. There was a full and complete understanding of the hopelessness: Well, that’s the end.

The thought came to wear life vests, which lay in front of the boat. But put them useless – in this water, they only prolong the suffering. Now I think that was wrong. We have sought, in the vests would find faster and torments his relatives would be less.

But somehow our Lord Beach. Fortunately remained zero temperature and water on the boat is not freezes; cable remote control, somehow twisted out of separate pieces of wire and adapted for movement on the calm water, withstood; the motor does not gloh, gasoline is not ended, and the skill Seregi allowed to move forward. The slightest pause in traffic would put the point on our journey.

How long it lasted, I do not know. Probably five hours. Beach, however, was approaching. We walked to the beach to the north of the village.

– Let ejected, – I said Serege.

Serge nodded. Boat with the dying, but we could be saved.


 Swam closer, realized that can not be thrown. Huge boulders dotted the shore, some – the size of a village hut. When they struck a wave, foam flew up to a dozen meters. Then we noticed a group of people running on the beach. In the hands of one of them was a long pole attached to it with a white cloth. A man periodically lifted it and then dropping, pointing in the direction of the village. Earrings I touched his shoulder, saw that he, too, sees it, and we walked along the beach, some fifty meters away from him.

Because dogs

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

Guys see that we have responded to the alarm, and ran faster. Then they stopped, and the one with the sixth, was the one place he raised and lowered as the rod. We understood where they call us. At one point on the bank of a thick boards it was constructed pier gradually descends into the water. There chalilis local boats, which in the case of strong storms have been tightened up. And where we waited for the boat and were spread between the formed space.

We picked up, Serge caught a wave, gunned, and we flew with a wave of the pier, where ten hands wet to the waist men picked up the boat, and together with us, and the rest of the dog dragged her on the boards upstairs to the shore. I got out of the boat, walked up to one of the men wanted to say thank you and shake hands, but was open hand push in the chest.

– What are you putting on a circus here? We are in such weather do not go on their own, and you are on this … We pelvis that drown you wish, you save ?! Around us were «advances». «Kazanka-5» and other major appliances. I turned away, bent down and started to get out of the boat Chunyu. Fed up, he wiped his blood turned to Serege. He, too, is something uttered by holding the breast.

My savior looked at me, and shouted to his Chunyu:

– Guys, listen, guys! This is because they are dogs!

Turning, they went to the village to dry. We went up the wharf to the shore, I carefully put Chunyu, and we hugged each other in silence with Sergey. Constant. Then we went to the Seregina friend Sergei, too. Blissful, with nothing comparable, never before me, and after not experience the sensation of solid ground under their feet!

And once again broke the silence Serge:

– I was most afraid of, you polezesh in the bow of the boat, in the pressurized compartment for a life jacket.

We got to the house, they found the key for the lintel. I put Chunyu on the couch and went to the control room LEP-220 call in Norilsk. And Serge went to the nearest store to break miraculously survived twenty. When you call to Norilsk, he told about Chunyu wife, asked her to contact with Boris Paley him to meet me Valcke and Olga Solomakho from the Institute of the Far North (it’s from her dog got me Chun) so we took the institute veterinarians, t. to. It occurred Sunday.

After a telephone conversation with Norilsk I thanked the manager and was about to go, but the manager stopped me and said that all could hear; Now she approaches her friend, a paramedic, and maybe something will tell. Girlfriend, which turned paramedic «Ambulance», A car with a red cross to go along with me to look for a veterinarian. In response to my concern – and suddenly something happens, and you will need «Ambulance»? – Paramedic assured: they did not happen, everyone is healthy as a bull. Besides her own dog, and she understands me.

We got some aunt, who explained that for a long time not working and the veterinarian can not help. My companion was upset, saying that the morning before the plane, we will find a specialist, and now she will give potassium permanganate – it is necessary to make a weak solution and inject his dog, repeating it twice.

We are prepared with Sergey liter kettle, Chunyu brought into the bath and immediately poured into it the entire solution. A minute later poured in all came back with blood clots. It was terrible to look at. I took quite exhausted Chunyu on the couch next to him, just in case put a bowl of milk.

They sat down at the table with Sergei. Twenty enough 0.75 Hungarian brandy «Matra» and a bottle of Hungarian same «Tokai». Sitting in the kitchen, poured a glass. Suddenly the room came a strange sound – as if something had fallen. I leaned out of the kitchen and saw that Chun jumped off the couch, – of happiness! – lapping milk.

Sadness, accompanied drinking «Matra»Suddenly disappeared, my heart became easy. No, not for nothing that we have been through it all. I lay on the couch, next to the nozzle Chun on TV was some technical and confusing, beautiful film, it seems, «King Stag»And life was good.

In the morning I came to the «Emergency» My evening escort and drove straight to the farm where the local cow herd contained. 


 Found a veterinarian! Well, I tell you … my height, heels, lashes by two centimeters, killer manicure years, probably 20–22. She had just returned from vacation and maintained, they say, holiday outfit. Here, I think, was how well this will cure my Chunyu FIFA!

Fifa listen to me, I excused myself briefly and returned with a full syringe and an old bottle – so moldy and floated as if it was sitting Hottabych. Deftly and quickly – so that Chun did not have time to understand – she made a shot, then after the command «open her mouth and keep» dog began to pour some stuff to smell, worse than I had ever met. 

Paramedic came and said: Today the plane is not flying.

Fifa washed her hands and again commanded:

– Then come to dinner, I’ll bring home a good medicine.

We arrived in the afternoon. Fifa got some bottle, and warned that the drug smells bad, and the smell will be held at the hands of a few days.

The next morning we left for the airport, where passengers are accumulated from three flights. Cashier came, leaned out the window and asked:

– Where is the citizen with a dog? Fly first.

And he explained queue:

– This is the one of Partusovoy hut.

The people remained silent. No one objected. Our history knew the whole village.

After arriving in Norilsk we went to the vet Agricultural Research Institute. Olga, clasping her hands, cried out:

– What did you do with the dog? This is a bag of bones! 

«Bag»Cheerfully barked stuffed musk ox in the lobby, made a puddle around him and turned to me as if to say: Well, everything, like, when I go home?

Fifa has cured the dog. When I showed Olga Fifoy list of the used drugs, she was very surprised, saying that where it all get? One name I remember even now: the fraction B.

…Everything was going to send in Snezhnogorsk French perfume for FIFY. Did not send. It’s a shame so far.

Chun has lived a long and happy life hunting. He climbed all the Taimyr Peninsula, north of Yakutia. At the age of black grouse and capercaillie drove in Meshchera.

One day, five years later, we went through a chaise from Tiksi Igarka Norilsk, and sat down in Snezhnogorsk. I was approached by some woman and asked:

– It is not you from Partusovoy hut?

Ten years later, I was asked to look into a case in Snezhnogorsk. We flew there by helicopter MI-2. Departing ago, I asked the commander to slightly change the route. And we went on to Snezhnogorsk Partusovoy hut and only then turned away to the north. The flight time to the hut was twelve minutes.

Here. One way – twelve minutes and in the opposite – entire life.

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