Do not offend legashatnikov

Get the next issue of «horn», I usually read it from beginning to end

But the July issue open every year from the 3rd page publish reports on the opening of hunting in the regions of Russia. As a kind of passion jealous brothers who live in areas where hunting is allowed with the cops and Spaniels in late July or early August. Alas, our Voronezh region in the lists for three years there. Why?

Chairman of our district OOiR throws up his hands: the Council did not approve of the regional organization. In the call to answer a little more: a proposal handler OOOOiR Nechayev, IM the opening of a hunting gun dog for 10 days before the general majority of the members of the Regional Council rejected.

What kind of a Board who it is? It turns out, including the chairmen of all regional OOOiR areas duties which, incidentally, is to promote the development of blood hunting dogs. But many of them talk like this: there is nothing to roam the fields, go for quail and hares will beat (of disbelief that such an insult?); Duck hunting is necessary to open in October, and then in August and September, it is still lean. Declare this way: «Just think, dogs are bred! Hunt Give them! There is nothing! Together with all! «

Strange sounds ridiculous words from the lips of even ordinary hunters and managers of hunting associations. I would like to respond to these gentlemen officials. Language does not turn to name their hunters.

I’ll start with questions. There Are they in favor of the off-season? See whether it is in July and August, during the harvest of grain burning in the vast fields no one wants straw and the fire is a continuous strip of stubble, destroying or, at best, banishing all living things? Do they see as the burning former hayfields and pastures, overgrown with weeds two-meter? A field with the sowing of winter in October, auto and motor-fans izezzhennoy hare seen?

During the long years of hunting, I saw that dog owners in particular legashatniki — the most disciplined hunters. For us, the result of hunting, of course, important. But the shot is secondary. In the first place it is always the work of a dog. Legashatnik noise will not shoot, do not spent the bird dog and the hare in a prohibited time.

Compared to careless land users and fans of hunting poachers writers gun dog with very few units. Therefore, neither frighten game or destroy or disperse the birds, we can not, and do not want. We want to hunt with our four-legged assistants in the most favorable terms, as is the case in many other areas.

I propose to legislate the opening of the summer-autumn hunting gun dog no older than 3 years, which have a certificate of origin, and older than 3 years — Diploma and field for this type, no later than August 1.

It is known that snipe otkochevyvaet south in mid-August, and quail — in early September. By the way, in recent years, probably because of the above-mentioned «agricultural» activities, local quail out earlier, and span is not delayed. In 2007, the summer in the fields and the meadows were a lot of quail and corncrake, but the opening of the hunting (18 August), land is almost empty. 

I am over 30 years I am a member OOOiR and has always been a supporter of fixing hunting grounds it is for society of hunters. But lately, it seems to me, our organization has ceased to respect its members. One gets the impression that its activities are directed against themselves hunters and is only worn out «to prohibit and do not let go», while deflating of the hunters as much money for «air».

Get at least the same quail, which breeds have massively destroyed and wintering areas and migration routes clusters. More recently, the permit it issued for a nominal fee and the entire region. Now, in each district for a bribe, and in terms of when the bird has flown.

Why take the money, gentlemen? No quail or duck or other game you do not belong. For the right to hunt in lands assigned to OOOiR? But I am a full member of this organization, regularly paying dues, and therefore it is my land.

Something is wrong here. Something needs to be changed.

In a long-awaited law on hunting just that … I can not believe. And we would like. I wish that such a wonderful form of recreation like hunting gun dog, was available for all those who love and respect nature, it brings joy, not disappointment.

Igor Starovoytov, Borisoglebsk, Voronezh obl8 July 2008 at 15:20

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