Dog woes

April 1 hunter-breeders have received from the Ministry of Natural Resources of an unprecedented gift of a change n. 46 «right to hunt.» Now it exists as follows: «Education (nataska and nagonka) dogs hunting breeds is carried out without the use of hunting weapons in hunting seasons provided in these Regulations, in special areas allocated on the territory of the hunting grounds in accordance with the scheme of use and protection of hunting grounds.»

Dog woes

Photo by Dmitry Kashirina

Prior to this amendment, the situation already was comical. It previously was allowed to train dogs without weapons, throughout the year, on the specially designated areas, but with a resolution, which could get only in terms of hunting. Since the entry into force of amendments to find any dog ​​breed hunting grounds became possible only in the hunting season. In practice, this means that all the trials and competitions of hounds, pointers, spaniels and others for decades held in April, May, June, July, without exception, game animals from their habitats, are now outlawed. Against the background of the lack of any state support for the industry as a hunting dog, this step can be regarded only as a stake next to the coffin of the direction of hunting. Or, as another «Machekhin kiss», A way to make it clear to the hunters «paternal» the attitude of the authorities towards them.

To paraphrase ornate legal formulas, we clarifies that every hunter who wants to train his hunting dog, must be, waiting for the hunting season, put aside his gun, found at around fixed hunting grounds (because for the sake of public «use and protection schemes» does not happen), identify them and plot nataski nagonki take to permit (if they give!) and thus naganivat your dog to a level where it can become a full-fledged assistant to him in the hunt. Most likely, it will happen by the end of the season, because nagonka and nataska — not an easy process, especially for pervopolnoy dog, which among other things also need to gain a physical form. Yes, in one season, there is clearly not meet, have to wait for the next one, and then start all over again. You’ll see — by the end of the life of the dog and will fully work. Yes, that’s the life of a dog is short, and the age of a working dog even shorter.
And how to be conducting the examination at the trial? They nataski addition, nagonki, nahazhivaniya own dogs still need to work on activities. It turns out that they are not able to hunt? Or they will cease to be an expert?

Let’s estimate, which groups rock hounds sign the death sentence this amendment. This is mainly hounds, huskies, cops, Spaniels. Our domestic pride Laika provided during the war (and after) to exchange due to production of fur, and the population — meat. In recent decades, the hands of merchants from the dog Laika became transformed into «captive travilschikov». Fortunately, a few years ago, the authoritative opinion of hunters using husky for real hunting, was heard, and the vector began to shift in the direction natural for the breed. It would seem that there is much to rejoice in time to see to understand, persuade and make the first steps to save as a hunting breed huskies with a typical search, instinct, intellect. But now, after April 1, Laika again should return to test only in the aviary. And the test of protein, mainly for her kind of game, many decades is approximately a month before the opening of the hunting will not be available. After all, when you open the hunt for furs, each hunter is counting the days «dog» season — dobychlivogo of the most joyous and for those who understand it. Later, snow will fall, dog «float», Hunt with a husky will be impossible, and our northern Ostroushko settles back home. And, of course, no one will spend those precious days on the tests, and go to the beginning of the season the hunter with a dog is already trained is vital.

When tested for protein huskies or upland game in the shooting of the animal there is no need to get myself a dog squirrel can not, any damage caused to the population does not. Yet now because of bureaucratic incompetence huskies deprived of the possibility of breeding activities to a free species.

All this means that the discussed amendment makes it impossible not only nahazhivat huskies for furs and upland game in anticipation of the season, but also to carry out tests and competitions for these types. And tribal events, which have only just begun to return its value, disappear again.

So, huskies Department dealt hunting. Now let us turn to the groups spaniels and setters. In respect of training and testing of these two groups are so similar that I allow myself to speak only about the cops, implying and our pride — Russian Spaniel, which is the most numerous species in their group.

The main time nataski cops — Spring and specific deadlines vary depending on the latitude and local conditions, the availability of the birds. Nataska made without shooting, the dog only fulfills the elements that make up the essence of a gun: the search for, improvement of poultry. Tests are carried out as the culmination of training, they are also the main element of breeding with rocks. Spring for a hunter with a gun — «time to scatter stones»Defining something with which he comes closest to the opening of the hunting season. Start setter dog with the opening of the season takes a lot of time and opportunity like a young dog, and multiple-y.

Dog woes

Photo by Leonid Sonin

Since the beginning of the orientation of Russia to the European values ​​of great weight for the view of the disastrous impact of spring hunting, and now that’s setters and spaniels nataski. It is assumed that a hunter with a dog — disturbance to birds, adversely affecting its population. This postulate, completely naked, and allowed the Ministry of Natural Resources staff to accept the amendment. I would like to ask why, for the MNR, overgrown fields and meadows, the cessation of grazing, insecticides, generously scattered over the fields, reducing the overall level of biotechnological and other environmental factors do not affect the status of populations of quail, grouse and corncrake as passed by the field hunter with setter or spaniel? From the department of the Ministry responsible for development and not for the destruction of hunting, such information? Who and when to conduct a detailed study of the influence of the spring nataski cops on the status of the population? For example, nataschiki regularly working on the same card, surprised such a motivation every year for decades they go to many generations of dogs on the same card, and do not disappear dupelinye broods. Perhaps the department has figures, serious conclusions justifying such changes in the legislative framework which not only left the majority of hunters with a gun without a working dog, but also undermine the foundations of centuries-old traditions? But then now is the time to publish them, to convince hunters in the fact that such amendments are adopted in their best interest, not just the desire to «anyone anywhere not let go». No one had ever seen such figures are not. But I am absolutely sure that by the autumn there will be a sharp reduction in the scandalous facts of Chartered cops.

And what will think about joining the Russian Crimeans who contests pointers on partridge spring traditionally starts with the most prestigious among breeders and owners of European competitions and completed a series of major traditional events, which attracts participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Abkhazia and other countries?

What now cops and spaniels after the Huskies move to decoy birds in city parks? Despite all the efforts of those who do not see or do not want to see the fundamental difference between decoy birds and wildlife, hunters still defended the need to test their dogs for wild birds. But no! Now legashatnikov spanielistov and one output — Farms decoy bird. It’s good business, supported by finally and destructive governmental decisions.

And where, pray tell, filed the largest group of breeders — hunters with hounds? Or do the authors discuss the amendments and have a rabbit breeding farm?
But not for nothing that hunting with hounds, one of the oldest Russian hunts, experienced so many different opal and prohibitions. It remains not just a pastime of many people, and a treasure trove of ancient Russian traditions and purely human, involving Russian spirituality canons.

Hound an even greater extent than a gun, it is vital to the maximum possible naganivanie. And for most gonchatnikov middle band it starts in April — May was suspended for the summer and resumed in early autumn, when approaching the opening date of hunting, enabling the owner to use all the advantages of nagonennoy their dogs. And let those who do not naganival hounds curled his lips and says: «I, too, the case!» Yes, the thing is a lot of work, both the hunter and all previous generations who did not regret it neither the strength nor the means nor the time.

The population of hare has always been prone to abrupt changes and never, including during the heyday of game management as a science, the decline in its numbers are not linked to coursing. On the contrary, in the postwar years this hunt strongly support the society of hunters and the state as a native Russian, has no analogues abroad, and while livestock hounds were much more beagle was opened access to land, hence the pressure on the population of the hare was much higher .

It is well known that the young hare has a biological feature of the harbor, exude less odor, often sink and hide so that no hound, no matter how skilled worker it may not be able to drive it on the trail. Thus, the spring training activities and tests hounds are only for the adults, and therefore do not affect the population as a whole.

Perhaps, and this is at the Department of hunting have other information? I would like to read them to understand the logic of legislators believe that these amendments are introduced for the hunter, not to justify the bailouts of European organizations «green» bias.

Ivan Zhukov18 May 2014 at 00:00

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