Duck kingdom

In anticipation of autumn frosts and heavy rains last September day dry sunny weather has pushed me to go hunting, to stand in the morning dawn in the hope to get a drake Gadwall.

Duck kingdom

Five in the morning, while early, visibility is zero. Under the headlights uncovered a gun strapped to bandolier belt, put on his bog, closed car and thought «And if I should go to so early on swamp, and even through the woods, on the narrow glades? Around the dark, eyes vykolesh». I stood a couple of minutes and thought I remembered the familiar words of the song: «Hunt, brother, hunting, brother, hunting-AA, hunting, brother, hunt on hunt-at» and I went on road, lighting his way with light headlamp.

Approaching swamp, and looked I stood beside bush willow, using its branches in as camouflage. Around the silence, nor soul, Only bats furrowed starry sky, chasing each other.

«Maybe I came late, the duck has managed to return to feeding and hide in reeds?» — I asked his own question. «No, not could she a return to darkness». — increasingly shifting from on foot leg, I mused.

Before sunrise, remained a matter of minutes, but no lifting ducks water or landing I water not seen. Going round the marsh already trodden paths of hunters, I I scared a nursing heron.

Approaching River I I looked around and I made a small break. AT this time with I hand Creek I heard a gentle quacking ducks and Teal over time — mallard. He began gently to enter the reeds, which went directly to the oxbow lake. With barely moved through the swamp. Behind my back I was to the same single boat, which weighed almost 13 kilograms.

Go to the direction from which came the quacking in Full length was dangerous, because the rush was short and the ducks may have noticed me before approach him distance shot. Polusognuvshis slowly and without the hassle I I took a boat and went to direction ducks. After ten meters — and here they are! Through the reeds I see: some of them sitting on the opposite bank, cleaned feathers, often feed on water. But there were a few «guard» drakes, is closely watching the situation. I I knew that quietly approach would be virtually impossible.

The situation in the gym shaped «g» I He stood for enough time, and spin finally tired legs. Left noticed a flock of Teal, who amicably one line sailed by green duckweed. Ducks saw me as gradually began to sail in the depth of the swamp. Reaching nearby trees, standing in front of me, I  straightened full height. I saw about twelve mallards.

Everywhere on surface of the water and swam feathers fluff. The impression of long stay in waterfowl this quiet place. One duck, passing the sitting on shore duck flocks, on prigrevshihsya sun on quacks are showing all their superiority. A zhvyakane muffled one of the largest of drakes as it confirms what was said. Quiet, but clear voice of one of the drakes at the slightest danger turned all the fuss in the kingdom duck quiet lifeless swamp.

I vytselil very near Drake, who was sitting in the small cane strictly in the middle. But It was a great temptation to get several ducks. This happened when near drake floated several birds. «Better a bird in hand than a crane in the heaven». — I thought and I made the shot. The smoke of burnt gunpowder eclipsed me visibility few seconds.

At the same time with rose shot up four dozen different species of ducks. It was Garganey, and whistle gray duck. This rise I not expected. Seeing the duck sourced purely made on the second shot ducks flying past me. This shot is not successful brought. AND again with swamp rose only has experienced and seasoned duck. However, they flew opposite side. I quickly dropped his left hand pocket hoping to get ammo and recharge, but they were not it turned out. Changed hands in another pocket too personal…

Quickly opened the gun, pulled the sleeve and I heard another rise ducks that after a couple of seconds decent speed swept to blast furnace. Nor one shot, I no longer do smog. AT such a situation I was in the first time, even time to really figure out, in what a duck shoot. A at fast recharge gun I need to train and train. Choose a trophy first time not able, since the middle of the swamp was glubokovato.

Step by step old trail I I returned to the boat. Around the water, support to pump foot pump boat, no. I had to pump her arms hard, but output does not It was. He sat down in boat and sailed for Drake, neatly avoiding sharply cut beaver branches sticking out at an angle from the water.

Lifting trophies, I began to return to the shore. Not reaching shore a few meters, I heard behind me sat a duck. It is loud, often he grunts, as if looking for someone. I I turned and swam closer. Duck does not fly I am going, but keep your distance, using trees as shelters.

Quacking all continued and I understood that the duck, which I got was her partner. I fired up — Duck has risen from water and flew away.

Weather in the second half of the day changed, and north wind caught autumn rain clouds. Reaching machine, put all the equipment and the result pleased duck hunting, went home.
And in the evening at the table, prepared trapeznichaya drake I He told in details about those points that struck me.

Alex Dzyubchuk22 October 2014 at 00:00

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