Scrape the claws on the canvas led to open their eyes. Again weasel picked up our tent for the morning games. Sleepy, I listened to a few minutes, as the ermine, is clearly experiencing the pleasure again and again climbed on the makeshift hill.


Photo Keven Law

He rolled and He climbed upward again; the rustle of a small animal body was noisy enough to chase a dream. It seemed that this is not fun he was never bored.

Freed from the sleeping bag and waiting for the next ascent ermine, pop inside for tissue. The frightened animal jumps to ground. My mates Edward and expedition Mikhail snorts fun. It turns out that they, too, woke up, but We prefer not leaning out of the sleeping bag to watch the antics of the little mischievous.
He appeared in the first minutes of our stay Cape Telansky. Another was heard the noise of the helicopter engines, returning to North Even we do not Wasting no time, things dragged on forwarding selected by the camp site, and Ermine has repeatedly ran across our path. It turned out that we had a field camp on his hunting area.

In the early days, being careful, trying to keep out animal us eyes as little as possible. ABOUT his presence could only be judged by dissatisfied rumblings that he published, as we passed his hiding place. AT As the latter, he chose overgrown thickets and stone deposits. Gradually he got used to our presence. Driven by curiosity, ermine intent on repeatedly ran across each of us the way and ran lying on bank of the creek a huge stone, climbed on it. Here on one of the parties, he took a fancy to a small hollow, and there is a balcony, watching our morning ablutions.

Finally convinced of the Security has become a weasel benefit from invading aliens, in navedyvayas their grocery store. After the first successful hunt we put the extracted meat bighorn sheep in a large plywood box out of cigarettes «Belomorkanal», Leaving a gap for ventilation. Ermine instantly got wind of Giant source of food. Unexpected happiness so struck his fancy, he imagined himself as a giant in world of their own kind. Otherwise how can we explain periodically renewed attempt to carry off the pieces of meat to perepryatat them? Instead of a quiet, inconspicuous small pieces theft thief wasting power on removal of obviously very heavy parts of the split ram. At the same roar that accompanied another attempt to steal, no confused ermine, and on the contrary, I gave him more power. He began to get angry and hum while, as if struggling with bighorn sheep live. Only once any of us ran in a box with something heavy, he gave up. On time. TO Fortunately, it is not a vice He prevailed over mortgaged to the nature of the draft this hunt. For him, as we expected, it was more a demonstration of the right to possess everything that was on the its territory.

Shaking the sleep resolutely get out of reindeer sleeping bag. Do this for morning real torture. Try as quickly as possible to throw on shoulders and warm jacket possible successfully to get kicked in standing beside bunks boots. This great invention of the Russian people, we have taken with a and not intentionally. FROM every day was getting colder, and boots might be needed in as a major shoe very soon.

Morning pleasing freshness. On needles cedar hanging drops of dew, turning in the sun in sparkling gems. Springy underfoot reindeer moss-lichen.
Pouring the remaining water in the sooty kettle, burned kerosene stove «Bumblebee»That his roar finally confirms that the work day began, and, taking the empty bucket, go to creek flowing in twenty meters from our tent. By road running gopher notice. Its almost squirrel tail lifted up, and even a second of his whirlwind attack Brown — ermine. Live tangle of lies and I have to satisfy curiosity, to find out what the attack is over ermine, hurry to the place of battle and near I step on winner. Ermine, dissatisfied urknuv, throws trail and strangled gopher hiding in scatterings of stones. Stepped over the victim’s body, I take a few steps and I froze. After a while, ermine muzzle sticks out from under the cover of gray-green lichen stone. His black nose moves, pulling the air, eyes shining, but I continue to be without motionless, and animal decides. He pops up on trail, lack gopher’s neck, dragging the prey, pushing all paws in safe place — at placers. Long-tailed ground squirrel has changed the luck, do not I care enough to last a couple of weeks. Then approaching the cold forced him to take refuge in hole and spend a long northern winter. But this is the inexorable law of nature: someone has to die in order to give to another to survive.
Long-tailed ground squirrels, which are locally called the squirrel, — typical inhabitants of the northern territories. One can only assume they were on North of Siberia. Or their ancestors, using warming, moved here from the southern steppe and mountain areas, or, conversely, have remained here after the ice age, being able to adapt to harsh conditions. During the short summer squirrels accumulate so much fat that, sheltered from the severe frosts in burrows, can be held in are more than seven months, while in and hibernation waiting for the sun melts the snow again mountain tundra comes to life, covering fresh herbs.

Here, in Cape Telansky, evrazhek little Compared with colonies great river valleys of the Magadan region. The first time I Long-tailed ground squirrel found in Chaybuha village where we are stuck, waiting for cargo forwarding. It created a whole colony of squirrel and we are making daily walks Local Airport I hope that the goods finally delivered the long-awaited, long time watching their behavior. Something like squirrels, ground squirrels emerge from their burrows to dawn. Beginning with late summer of life is subject to the same problem — to feed the entire day to accumulate as much fat. Escaping from their burrows, they run on knocked over the summer trail to the autumn grasses in search for green or ripe seed stalks. Forced to remain active During the daylight hours, try not gophers forget how dangerous the world. Live in colonies in a society of their own kind, allows everyone in the small animal greater to be sure of his life. If one feed, the the other, stretched column, surveys the terrain, with amusing twists his head in all directions. Nothing is not go unnoticed for his sharp vision. Making sure that there is no danger, squirrel falls on four legs, allowing to perform a security function for the neighbor colonies. There comes his turn to fill their cheek pouches. Gray-brown in speckled squirrel coloring helps to keep disguise among tundra plants.

At the Cape they live divided. Perhaps loneliness It led to gopher the death of his eternal enemy ermine.

In September «our» Ermine was still wearing a summer coat. His back and Brown was part of the side, abdomen, lower part of the neck, the inner parts of the paws were white, something where they smoothly into yellow, even a lemon color. Especially showy ermine in winter. In a snow-white fur, thick and Silky, but not fluffy like other weasel. The special charm ermine gives a dazzling mix of white fur and black tail. Not no the Queen of England in vain occasions wearing robes that sew fur Russian ermine.

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