For the five-year anniversary of the Hunting Act

Congratulations to the hunting community with the 5th anniversary of the Law «On the hunt …». Let us sum up, let’s see how the law make life easier for the hunter and hunting users. Whether there was something like that, that the government is proud to be recorded in their asset?

For the five-year anniversary of the Hunting Act

It is necessary, when we write a law for the whole country, keep in mind the reasonable and strong, not weak and drunken… strong majority of people in Russia.
PA Stolypin

Photo by Vyacheslav Zaugina

Happened. Introduced OBEFO rates of payment for 1 ha of land in their transmission rental owners long-term licenses without auctions. But rates are so ruinous that were not afford even middling farms. This is evident from the letter of hunters Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev: «We are about Thomas and they tell us about Eremu» («HORN», Number 10, 2014). Letter like We usual, was launched in Ministry of Natural Resources and the authors obtained an explanation A. Berseneva. Hunters rightly criticized for its that it «ducked questions raised». Everybody remembers the order number 211 from 27.07.2005 Ministry of Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev «On approval of the use of forest areas for hunting». According to the order of the sections of the state forest are available for a fee. AND yet «harmless» innovation. A. Bersenev in interview («HORN» Number 28, 2010) it sounded: «For resolution public land hunter pays the state fee 400 rubles». Some officials have understood this phrase in its own way. AND Here we read the article Smirnova «Tula lawlessness» («HORN» Number 37, 2010). Head of the Committee on hunting and Fisheries Korolev demanded: «All Hunting property (hunting grounds users) have to pay in legal costs in budget the amount of 400 rubles. for each authorization form». These levies were in other regions. This was followed by an explanation of the deputy director of the Department of Tax and customs and tariff policy C. Razgulina: «…for issuing such permits the state fee is not paid must». A this is similar to a situation where the right hand does not He knows what makes the left leg. Money is something to people have. Ministry of Natural Resources and it is high time hunting department to clean up the Pricing for the use of hunting resources.

I can not ignore Article VI Bodunkova «It’s time to beat tocsin» («HORN» Number 39, 40, 2010), which the author tries to raise hunters fight for their rights. «Every nation, — He writes: — worthy of his ruler… what the people and is power!» I agree with the author of the majority of citizens dissatisfied with the current government policy. But We chose it themselves, so before showering power (the state) with mud, we must ask ourselves: What have I done that has (or does not was), this political power? B. Bodunkov asks: «What claims to be new management and hunting Hunting Act if they express the will of the current political power?» A at article «Oil Painting» («HORN» № 4, 2010) he tells in colors (black oil) for We condemn that officials from all levels of hunting. They are only interested in money, B. Bodunkov wonders what «amount of money over the years flowed in private pockets». A Now the government to Unfortunately, this issue is not interested. A it would be time. The money was enough to improvement of hunting in Russia. AND at primarily on the protection of wildlife and creation of a federal body responsible for hunting and hunting. Question about It was put on the highest level, but MNR officials it «zamylili».

Many authors «HORN» doubt the skill of the Department of hunting and its director A. Berseneva. Game Biologists in T. Aramileva article «Read the law, and attentively!» («HORN» Number 40, 2010) writes: «How easy did call into question the competence of someone else, especially if the person eyes I saw nothing neither know his personal qualities or the level of education and training! Sam then you’re on his place of bad laws, certainly not It is composed». I agree with T. Aramileva but the very title of the article sounds more edifying. I personally the competence of the officials of the hunt is not I doubt it. In They tend to be higher special education. But we forget the simple truth: come to with chief their opinions, and leaves the him. By this issue is well expressed B. Bodunkov: «A. Bersenev — former game manager Yaroslavl society of hunters and Fishermen and Of all people, and He knows all the nuances of how to limit the stay of hunters in Wetlands in please the authorities. Otherwise, it is unlikely to be appointed director of the department».

B. Bodunkov categorically Society accepts hunters present form: «Today it is a private commercial enterprise, not named JSC or LLC, and public organizations, where full-time employees engaged in personal business».

An example of this is the letter of hunters Gribanovsky district of Voronezh region, and President Vladimir Putin to the Editor «Hunting» (№ 6, 2014). Peering into day today, I want to cry out: «Valentine, you were right!» Some of the heads of regional companies see them as a source of its prosperity. I repeatedly offered to convene a congress of the All-Russian hunters. But if it is convened on basis of the existing charter of the company, then, according to V. Bodunkov, it should be called «Congress staff members… because by Hunters are not congresses are irrelevant».

We can not and to remind the reader Article S. Gulyaev «Bede Hunting» («HORN» Number 30, 2010). That’s what he brought to the press conference of industry, held 14.07.2010: «Minister banned bear hunting is not he likes spring hunting — all subordinate starting with deputies and ending with the smallest ranks in one voice gives a scientific substantiation of prohibitions. If all acts will be adopted the form in some officials want to, I can only sympathize with the millions of compatriots lovers of hunting». TO Unfortunately, the authorities do not hear scientists, specialists of hunting, hunters and simple persistently tries «improve» situation through amendments to law «On the hunt…» and other regulations. Hunting with the community I sigh of relief after learning that the State Duma adopted a law on 14.06.2011 «On Amending Forest Code of the Russian Federation and Art. 71 of the Federal Law «On the hunt». A changes affected only a renewal of the public and membership to ohotbiletov 01.07.2012. Then October 2012 was deployed active work on debate the bill 494994-5. Its essence Next: Deputies attended to the fact that Article 20 (Hunter), 21 (hunting license), 29 (Permit production of hunting resources) and 37 (ohothozyaystvenny State Register) Act «On the hunt…» complement and overload each other. This, their opinion, «It could pave the way for abuse… a It is in establishing requirements provision of law “extra” documents not associated with permission to production of hunting resources». Further deputies confer «authorized federal executive body (MNR), the power to approval of the various forms of permits extraction of resources and hunting the authority conducting the hunting registry forms of state that will ensure proper control over the volumes of extraction of resources and hunting effective management of the registry by the executive authorities of the Russian Federation». What’s on it can be said? Mountain gave birth to a mouse. AT subsequent years, we have witnessed the adoption of various legal acts, born in the corridors of the Department of hunting MNR, but is not conducive to a radical improvement and hunting Hunting country. In I got a subjective opinion: federal authorities and only those busy to stick hedgehog under the skull and hunters and users of hunting grounds thus divert their attention from pressing problems.

Referring to «Regulation of hunting». What passions raged, to waive the requirement to the ban on spring hunting geese within 1 km from the shores of rivers and other bodies of water with Given the average 10-year-old of the spring flood! A «Strategy»? How many copies have been broken during its discussion! AND Where’s she? ABOUT It just forgot. Not Equally interesting was a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources on 12.31.1013 bill «ABOUT Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Questions and hunting preservation of hunting resources». Commentary to it is given in Article POPC President T. Aramileva «As ruled by the laws» («HORN» № 7, 2014). AND MNR does put on ears of scientists, experts and the owners of hunting dogs by order number 581 from 01.04.2014 on the Amending n. 46 «Hunting regulations» «Education (and nataska nagonka) hunting breeds of dogs is carried out without the use of hunting weapons hunting seasons…». What turned the controversy! That’s what a time to throw «Topic»! Wrinkling his brows bend the minds of statesmen, sit on community boards, and working groups, the issue is discussed at roughly hunting pages Media — at Generally, all of the work provided.

I kept waiting for the Minister of Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology C. Don answer questions posed by life. Is it nothing to say hunters? Looking at imitation of active work MNR officials, you begin to doubt their competence. This pretty fed up with their activities hunting community, it is convinced that all the negative in hunting and hunting economy emerges from them is not very informed decisions, born on based antiohotnichego law «On the hunt…». This conclusion arises from the estimate given by this law respected professionals edges and N. Matveichuk: «The total social cost of administration action obviously incapacitated and, moreover, the destructive law «On the hunt…» greatly exceeds the possible positive effects of the few contained in its design standards». What we are today and reaping.

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