Great hunting fraternity

Strong hunting fraternity! It knows no boundaries. If there are magic words in the world who, like the fabulous «Sesame» locked open, it seemed, castles, one of them — «the hunt».

Great hunting fraternity

Photo Stig Nygaard / FLICKR.COM

It is not Get out in front of me once taboo barriers another world, where tourists and idle generally uncomplicated entrance tightly closed. It prevents all: the language barrier, and the national customs traditions and laws. But It had only to say: «I am a hunter!», and everything changed right on eyes.

It happened This time, when the wind business has brought me North Africa. It makes no sense to talk about vicissitudes of business visit. All cause-noble: meetings, Oriental carpets, air conditioning, trip to objects. Compliance with the protocol and strict dress mandatory tie-weighted, adjusted word.


And suddenly negotiations slips the word, and I like a pain in the side: «I, too, hunter», and stable protocol «a boat» It gives a little roll. Then the conversation begins to shift to the Related hunting rifles and dogs trophies. Translator turned avid hunter. AND Now, to the the end of the official part, getting an invitation to battue hunting. ABOUT gear can not worry — that we should all be.

It has long been known — after traveling these parts of the famous hunter Tartarin of Tarascon with glorified his exploits Alphonse Daudet larger predators in the jackal these parts are not left. They tangled predatory pack things in God’s punishment North Africa. Unpretentious animals, they are suitable alpine meadows of the Atlas Mountains, and semi-deserts, and even the desert. Jackals and bold headstrong.

Local consider them the most vicious and cunning predators on ground. AT they steal the villages and chickens other household beast. Cut goats, sheep and even donkeys. Catch wild animals. Not refuse mice and rats and eat carrion. Autumn devastated the vineyards, preferring reason only expensive dessert varieties. Love figs, melons, persimmons and when hungry, eat in ears of cereal fields. AND Arabs, Berbers much angry at jackals of their endless mischief and striving of lime, to destroy, but without much success.

Here’s the other day, so to speak, was attacked by jackals on flock and not Ignoring shouts and stick shepherds have pootgryzali many cows tails. Patience villagers snapped, and Local hunters have organized battue hunting. Head — local authorities and an avid hunter, turned on case and our interpreter, — Jafar al Mansour. It’s the He invited me to take part in this exotic «safari».

SAFARI Jackals

On the Sabbath day early, well before sunrise, took me out of the hotel. An hour away by bumpy roads of the night, and we were on gathering place in some dark tract. Overhead, a black sky twinkling stars. Around the wall of the gloomy rocks. Dancing in predawn darkness light bonfires lit poorly assembled beautifully dressed hunters. On momentarily inspired images of tales of Ali Baba Forty Thieves.

We scored about thirty people. Assorted local dogs, unknown to me, turned and rocks even more. Expansive Arabs embraced loudly greeted each other and exchanged compliments bright. It was incredible noise, noise, barking and vanity. Well, «Arabian one night» reality.

Finally, everyone calmed down, and Ja’far divided the participants into groups and I explained who should do what in the paddock. Group shooters among them guest, the I have, is located at the chain relatively low base, with rather gentle slopes, rocky hill. With the same beaters dogs, propped up the hill, on the hunt for dragons us three sides. On slopes as fangs protrude rock surrounded by dense evergreen thorny bushes. Among them, the here, there there towering cacti Hoosier. Selected — before five meters in height. AT on semidarkness against the dying star and growing brighter sky it something resemble shepherds guarding their flocks.

Easy Task shooters — good disguise and in silence, still, waiting. So that was quiet, both exploration. Jackals are cunning and cautious. If that notice will go away. Easy to say, not stir. A not out of my head El Mansoura out warning: be very careful and fear of poisonous snakes include: snakes, especially scorpions.

Try not then look to every rustle at every vague stirring of sand amid the wreckage turning pink in sunrise rocks.

Looking forward… Suppressing an involuntary emotion, and forward I…

An hour or so. Finally, came the sound of shooting. Vicious dog barking hung over the hill. Beaters know their stuff. Between rocks and thorny bushes below the top of the hill became apparent motion as if alive stir gray mass, which turned a bunch of jackals disturbed. She poured on uneven ground, filling the space, slowly moving in our direction. They approached slowly, cautiously looked around, but no signs of fear found.

Because the ridge appeared and beaters dogs lowered, which up This kept on chains. Dogs with haunt of jackals barking started, but while clearly trying to hold off. One, probably the most daring or inexperienced, escaped, was ahead and immediately severely damaged: bitten, almost It fell prey to predators. Other angrily barked, prudently while continuing to hold off.

Finally, it turned out to be a pack of wild beasts of the ambush Distance sure shot. It began firing deafening. I hesitated a little, with such boundlessly loyal friend as Aytos, it sickens me to shoot dogs. But on howl­not, as in war. Sobakoobraznye predators dense mass rushed forward us could break, and then what good bite. I had to shoot and to me. Finally, jackals scattered in all directions, but many killed or wounded, remained at location. The beaters also began firing. On slope, higher in thorns, shots crackled — Descend down the raid and finished off runaway wounded game.

Finally, firing over. The silence rang in ears. Start collecting and count trophies. Release of fallen enemies on their skins produce almost ritually. AT this time taken twenty-one jackal. «All, — I thought it was, — Hunt finished». But It has appeared. Jaafar said that had shot a little jackals, and have time for even a couple of pens.

The hunt continues

Move to the another place — Plateau, where among the rocks covered with cracks here and there stuck high prickly prickly pear. Generous African sun beat down so that I, poured streams of salty sweat and wanted to Sea to Blue waves, instead of staying among these wavering haze of glowing gray stones. On worst, I agree and local lake swim, as long as no crocodiles. However, no Say You Did not a pound, so if picked up the plow. Not I could drop the reputation of the Russian hunter the eyes of the locals.

The hunt continues… We arrows ambushed at Migration paths of jackals, and with beaters dogs surrounded the large space. In the second pen raised two packs. Hunting has become a beating. The cannonade was like to the front line. I was lucky — at excitement and atmosphere of general I took a couple of animals. Later, in retrospect experiencing the vicissitudes of the safari, I thought that females with Cubs basically disappeared unnoticed. Males, covering them, were first and We took on buckshot themselves hunters.

Total for the day took forty-three jackal. Jafar casually remarked that although it many, but, happened, and More were shot.
Oshkurivali production immediately on location.

After hunting caravan of cars zooming vengeance able to different ways, got under way in way. Hunters went round the surrounding villages — boast of his success. Making his way through the gorge, and maze of streets, stopped at squares, the center of each village and hung skins of defeated enemies. Immediately the crowd of villagers flocked to immediately enjoy success hunters, congratulate them and from his bounty to bring gifts: eggs, chicken, fruit, money. Who can.

I traveled a lot of villages we finally went home. There, hunters fraternally divided equally among all members of the safari. Colleagues, tired of waiting for me fields were glad gratis bag of tangerines, watermelons and huge sweet grapes. His extracted my skin, I naturally gave new friend Jafar al Mansour who organized me colorful hunting and a lot of impressions on all life. By about massive offerings in villages, he told me: «Do not be surprised. This is an old custom. People from the heart make gifts for hunters, saves them from dangerous predators».

In the following days, the talks were held in a friendly atmosphere, and signed contract to satisfy all.

We flew home to Russia, but I know that now Sahara Sabrak place, at I had a good friend, and not alone. We are all members of the Great hunting fraternity.

Leonid Kandratev21 December 2014 at 00:00

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