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How to survive the winter in the woods

So, you went for the winter hunt. And suddenly lost, lost or broken vehicles. I will consider options in densely populated areas in developed hunting reserves.

How to survive the winter in the woods

It is understood that the suburban forest, and if you get lost or something happens, you will immediately help, you can call a friend, and without assistance Within two to three hours to reach a to some settlement.

Imagine that you went somewhere for North Vologda and Arkhangelsk region, where, if it is wrong to go, available at hundreds of kilometers to get away from the property. The main factors influencing the survival.

Preparation and equipment

We begin, as always, with training. From what you have taken from themselves percent eighty depend your health and life. AT mandatory with a few things should be, and No matter you have gone in forest or near Moscow Taimyr. Just put them in pocket. These things are called — knife, matches, compass.
Matches take a minimum of two boxes. And one of them — from hunting and It should be packed tightly. You can use any box embedded in plastic bag.

It will not hurt to take a three lighters. They are not get wet. The only thing may break. Lighter is better to take clear, so you can control the flow of gas, and turbocharged such lighters are not the wind will blow.

If you went to several days remote places, you need to take an ax. It is suitable for firewood, for the construction of a shelter, to make something, hammer and nails many others.

Without fail I I would recommend to take with you a scotch. It can be useful for something to bond, seal and etc. By it is light weight and not a lot of space It takes. Put it in backpack, quite often it can serve you well.

Not bad to take and a a coil of thin rope. It can also come in handy any time.

It is also necessary to have a a compass. In I had a case when my friend went to pick mushrooms in the afternoon forest near the town, and When darkness fell, not I was able to find my way back. He called me and I asked how to find the way. I answered: «Go strictly south. Hopefully, at the Compass You have?» «Of course not». — he replied. And the tone, if I I asked something stupid.

As a result, he came home in the morning, although this forest is very small. It seems to be okay, but when you consider that it was autumn, a time when the night is not hot, and he, on top of that it was not one then it is a journey to remember.

Compass must be taken even in forest near Moscow, and certainly in remote locations it is a must. If you get lost, it can at a few hours to cut your way. A so if you’re away, it can be a matter of life and of death.

It is worth to take a few plastic bags. AT They can be packed game, any thing…

Leaving on several days Forest, take a small pot. On I think the best option would be a regular army. AT It is possible to cook the food and it also can be stored and wear. AT You can cook the soup pot, and in the lid to make tea or something to fry. A very useful thing.

The multi-day expedition to take a piece of thick polyethylene film. It is useful for the construction of a canopy, you can lay on snow during the night. One day my friends and I went on a late autumn hunting Komi. Getting off helicopter found that by wintering in who is going to stop embers were left alone. The helicopter flew away, and we had to spend two weeks in the open air. TO this time began to snow, and the temperature dropped below zero. We stretched taken with a film at an angle ground and under it arranged overnight. Before the film dissolved and nodyu normally I lived all the time.

I Knives hunting take three. One — it is an ordinary pocket knife. AT It has a blade and Opener. Second — this is a big hunting knife. It is useful for coarser work: cut the large branches, something big pare, or carved. Third knife — This knife a set of tools. AT Expedition from You can break down the gun, accessories backpack or something else, and a set of tools is often a must.


If you went to hunt a few days, you need to take a spare clothes. Make sure the spare sweater pants. There is a danger of falling into winter water, and Spare clothing is a must.

Be sure to have a few pairs of socks. Even just in the way hunting your feet will sweat and socks become damp. Be sure to stocks should be dry.
All clothing must be every chance to dry. AND not so important, are you cabin or fire. You must not dried only socks, but and jackets even sleeping. However, no in no case leave to dry on a clothes campfire unattended. It is better if you dry, keeping it in hands. In my life I I saw dozens of burned socks, jackets and even boots that hung over the fire, and gone. If you are cut off from the house, burnt boots can cost you dearly.

Furthermore, it is desirable to take a needle strong thread spool. AND repair the clothes as soon as there was even a small hole. You do not You notice how it will spread, and you lose a piece of clothing. A winter is fraught with hypothermia and frostbite. Clothing, shoes are not must be close, impede the movement. AT tight clothes, you get tired quickly, knock out power, heavily strapped clothing can disrupt blood flow. In addition, close shoes quickly natret you corn, and It may be that you do not You will be able to go, or at at least greatly slowed in speed.

If you have a lot of transitions, must be removed from all warm sweaters. Otherwise, all they get wet with sweat. The best option would be underwear on which put on a light jacket. During stops immediately put on warm clothes, otherwise you run the risk of catching cold.

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