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First, dear Valery reminded us, we hunted in the days of our youth, which, alas, can not go back. Second, give them wishful thinking
actual perceived with irony.
And thirdly, the bidder owns the topic. And here’s why.


«To date, the Association» RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz «has about half a million hunters» — persuades us
Mr. Kuzenkov and Mr. Bender in an interview with «Basic Instinct»
(N 5, 2011) said that «today the Association» RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz «united only by legal entities. The Association is not citizens hunters. » And three times he’s right!
According to the Charter of the Association, adopted
IX All-Russian Congress of the Union of Hunters and Fishermen July 28, 1991, «members of the Association only recognized associations. Individuals can only be taken as an exception. Rights member of the Association can not be transferred to third parties. »
Nobody pays attention to the fact that members of the Association, coming from lands of the public association to please others with membership card RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz pay for a ticket on the double tariff. How so? After all, they are members of the Association!
Why list the regional associations in the Association 5% of the contributions hunters if hunters are not members RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz that even within itself does not solve their problems? What course Association was, is and will continue, no hunters did not ask, and will not ask. Unfortunately, the applicant does not know the content of the Constitution — the main normative document of the Association. He does not know what each member is issued a certificate of the established sample, but the issue of membership of hunting permit in 1991 the Charter is not provided.
«In my opinion, the elections should be an alternative,» — says VP Kuzenkov. And according to EV Bender, to realize our plans — no. Who is right? I do not need to express an opinion, and give proof of their position.
«Program applicants must be covered in the press, to the hunters in the face of its delegates were able to make the right choice», — says the challenger. Well, firstly, it is not known which candidates will be proposed at the congress of the governing bodies. Desire does not always coincide with reality. Suppose hunters instruct its delegates to vote for the program Valery Petrovich, and his candidacy for whatever reasons, will not be. For whom the delegate vote? Secondly, why EV Bendery publish his program if he knows that hunters are not members of the Association and no it does not choose? To the public, «pinched» for unfulfilled promises? «Program» should negotiate with those who will participate in the election of the governing bodies. It is a few dozen people, and they have a list of supposedly known. In 95% of these will be the same people who voted in the previous election for anybody then unknown EV Bendery. I am sure Edward V. has already done the necessary work, and today can be called the expected results of the vote.
Today, people go «in the power» does not care about people and money to fill their own pockets at the expense of the people. Those who hide in Soviet times this «evil passions» in a market economy gained full force. Naturally, in the contest «Big Five,» «The Magnificent Seven» — it does not care about ordinary hunters and match money purses.
RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz state was a monster, uniting millions of amateur hunters in it consisted of more than five thousand hunting farms. In the current market economy, the state’s participation in economic activities is significantly reduced. It follows that the main task of the new leader was POPC reorientation of private hunting grounds. To do this, to help him and was admitted to the Federal Law «On the hunt …». It is not necessary to find out who wrote the text of the law, the main thing — who accepted it and approved. The next will be a change of the Charter of the Association at its head.
Speaking of the Charter, whose fate is unknown to the general public. On the XII Congress adopted changes to the Articles of Association in force, but due to the committed violations of its new edition is not registered. So which version of the Charter of the Association is acting? How response VP Kuzenkova on the nomination of delegates to the Congress and the procedure of the election of members of the Board, the Board and President of the relevant provisions of the Charter?
I do not agree with the proposals VP Kuzenkova about how to fight the «specific kzyazkami.» The system is so rotten that there is no need to revive it. To win, the system must confront a powerful new system. Nobody will give hunters organize new elections, and to be honest, in the general mass they are not capable. Need a great (!) Organizational work. It is much easier to stop paying dues. In this — the main meaning. Even then, many people need to be convinced.
Created by arbitrary decision of political power public association eventually collapse anyway. By forcing people to «voluntarily» are not combined.
Strongly agree that RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz must lead the Game Biologists. In modern conditions it has to be a manager (manager), but already in his team should include like-minded professionals, defining the present and the future of the Association, which by definition must be «club of interests». For business associations may be created economic organizations. That’s their full-time employees and have to earn their keep.
In the Ivanovo region IOOOiR full-time employees since the beginning of the 90s of the last century are judged with their hunters. Unable to manage in the new environment, not accustomed to earning, and «for nothing» to collect money from the people «on your shirt», now they had the audacity and appealed to Putin allegedly on behalf of all the hunters … No comment.
I think VP Kuzenkov agree with me to pick up a gun does not mean to become a hunter — we need the appropriate knowledge. Same thing in hunting: changes occurred in the country demanded a new approach to the organization of hunting. Education received hunters in Soviet times, it does not allow them to take a fresh look at how to arrange a hunt in Russia. Nothing else but to lead it by public associations of hunters, game wardens do not offer. Yes, in terms of public property with subsidies from the state budget ohotobschestva looked effective but it does not mean that they will remain such and market relations. Today, the owner of the hunting of animals living in a state of natural liberty is the state. But with these positions should be equipped hunting. Only the owner can manage! Tenants (hunting grounds users) perform the functions of the employee. At all times the interests of the history of the host never coincided with the interests of the employee. What happens in cases where the owner of his property trusts hired? That’s right: the theft! The vast majority of poaching «Exposed» regular workers hunting users. For that today everything is done to destroy the state nature protection agencies, and success in this is obvious. Furthermore, the Constitution prohibits the establishment and activities of public associations whose aims and actions are aimed at the creation of illegal armed groups, and we have all over the country in the societies of hunters established chasseur service — illegal armed groups …
Control and supervision over the implementation of the law on hunting zero, territorial and intra ohotustroystvo not carried out, the boundaries of hunting grounds are not defined, ohothozyaystvennye agreement not signed, but with the acquiescence of government agencies across the country hundreds of so-called «hunting leases» engaged in illegal business. Moreover, those hunters who are trying to protect game animals from the «nouveau riche», the power to prosecute for «abuse of authority». Hunting supervision in Russia is no more! We are looking for hunters to buy tickets at the business according to the «capacity of land» …
Based on the concepts of «owner — the owner of the property» and «property — property that is at the disposal of the owner» should be created a special service for the protection of state property — the hunting of animals and their habitats, similar to the North American Fish and Wildlife Service. Unfortunately, the state lacks the political will to create the structure. Either someone is someone is misleading! The practice of life shows that security — is the most effective way to game management. The feeding and helping the animals need only in extreme cases. And for those who want to engage boar pig Law «On the hunt …» provided «semi-free content.» Money for hunting should come into the pocket of the state, then the services of hired tenants become real. And for them is not a sin and pay.
Moreover, I absolutely can not understand why VP Kuzenkov and his fellow game wardens as the sole source of funding of hunting only see the hunters. In the civilized world, manufacturers of weapons, ammunition, equipment and supplies «unfasten» State of a fixed percentage of their income funds for the protection of wildlife. Game animals, although they are self-reproducing natural resource, can not resist technical progress. «For the balance of nature on every action force must be a force equal and opposite reaction» — the law is open Isaac Newton, has not been canceled.
What I agree with VP Kuzenkova, it’s that «hunters in Russia about three million and that potential voters.» No, not the governing bodies of POPC — they simply do not choose the hunters — and political power and the president. According to the Prime Minister VV Putin «for the average citizen is always a choice.» If we, the hunters really want the best, you have to go to the polls. The fishermen rebelled against the toll of fishing — the power to reassure them: it will be possible to catch a fish for free, you just … buy fish card. I consider it not necessary to change the laws and the authority which takes them. There are no other options!

Valentin Bodunkov22 November 2011 at 16:07

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