Human capital Hunting

Human capital — an important and growing factor in the development of States. World trend. This is us recently in his speech Valdai reiterated our president. Speech, of which some in the West spoke with contemptuous irony: that the electorate of Putin’s «blooms» when «angry and accusatory» speech aimed at a domestic audience.

Human capital Hunting

Photo by Oleg Panteleyev

I would like to remind our Western colleagues that this «electorate», though fell to him is not easy, but having a good hunting skills, and drove strangled the fascist beast in his lair. This species-specific «electorate» blossomed during sermons Sergius of Radonezh, «angry and accusatory» Minin and speeches Pozharsky. And blooms It is encouraging to learn of the appointment of the commander of Russian troops of Prince Michael Kutuzov; listening to Sovinformburo Great Patriotic War and TASS about Gagarin’s flight into space; a recently — the return of the Crimea.

Putin electorate and The beast — his… FROM This does not done. So it was so it will be. AND to Beast again I come to our house — a He crawled out of the darkness again, gaining strength and already «stands at gates». — We need speech and you need to do.

Unfinished commission president

One of these urgent matters in hunting, of course, is the implementation of paragraph 3 of the order of the President of the Russian Federation from 18.09.12 № Pr-2506 of ensure the activity is not at least three hunting inspectors each municipality on the territory of which are hunting. If we translate this to the bureaucratic language hunting, the visible to the naked eye that this request is directed to revival of hunting supervision. Without the protection of wildlife hunting, and no good hunting skills «electorate», But there are legal and illegal poaching and a huge wedge hammered between Putin and and weighty the healthiest part of the «electorate». Why, after two years, the commission president and It remained unfulfilled? Why did not the Ministry of Finance can be found at subventions to the regions is very modest Russian budget 1.3 billion rubles standards? The two-year correspondence with the Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Regional Development over the untimely death of the latter and ongoing «development of territories free from hunting supervision» — poaching field of miracles. On meeting of the working group of the Government Commission on «Budget Projections» on 2015 and the planning period, held in Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the issue «additional funding delegated powers in hunting area…» It was filmed on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance… But, example, it can find the money for replacement and sewer covers other communication hatches First Throne with Soviet symbols and more which can stand for another hundred years on New in one embodiment — from George. A not It offends you? Not Do poke spear somewhere? The revival of hunting supervision was glad to. There, on the heaven. Or, for example, to transport gravel and Sand will continue purchasing multi-ton (literally and figuratively) Mercedes, although you can get cheaper or hyundai of KAMAZ.

Taiga needs a master

Many readers «Rogan» I will remember the last publication B. Dezhkina, one of the fathers of the law on Wildlife and it truly cry from the heart: «…dissolution of the district hunting experts — Accomplished state crime …». Nearly three thousand regional hunters in mostly people higher education — even so, the Soviet, was not a of business. It was the «the officer corps»That solve the most complex issues in the hunting. The overriding of them — between science and practice and organization of protection and resource monitoring of game animals. This question and now the number one, and execution of orders of the president — a crucial step in the the revival of this fundamental institution. AT Valdai his speech, President, designating the host of our hunting grounds, I noticed that The owner of their land nobody let. But Boss Bear needs support, and it may I should become the new «the officer corps», The beginning of the creation of which It should be the unconditional fulfillment of the order of the president. Our Russian Hunter: Russian, Tatar, Yakut, Nenets and Evenk — major figure in our hunting grounds. That’s who was there It will be the main actors involved in the maintaining the diversity of our game animals. Not just We have to fool his head imported ersatz monitoring, tales of and white-tailed deer rave about that our moose are «strategically» multiply, like lemmings.

The owner need Glavohota

The current status of hunting, professional and human qualities of his leadership is not and allowed do not allow to successfully fight opponents for the execution of orders of the president. You do not believe me? A how to deal with selfless struggle for the interests of our department «customers» our «Game Resources»Located at the other side «Migration pipe» and his frank zamordovovanie «taiga» consumer «nanotechnology» at regulation of hunting? We roots — and Turnstone Terek Sandpiper with Water Vole, «humane» and traps ban spring hunt in the absence of real monitoring, and Partners tops — or than actually regulated hunting woodcock, geese and ducks? And nurtured «electorate» Beast. «Taiga» consumer, Putin’s electorate needed nationally oriented Glavohota and hunting is not a new edition of the Opium Wars, when course there are humane traps, «vernalization» hunting science grinpisovsky way and grinpisovskie same «honors Hunting», Piaryuschie double standard using resources Eurasian Migratory game birds. AT best Western tradition division of roles between Jupiter and bull.
However, finding the Beast from the gate, the Russian society and focuses again rallying in the best traditions inherent in Russian political instincts. To live in foreseeable future «lying on side»Hoping for The Golden Cockerel, noticed to our great poet, is unlikely to succeed. It should be mobilized. A then It happens confusion that had already happened on Kalka River with one of the ancestors of Alexander Sergeyevich Russian lines after the crushing defeat of the Tatars. Where is it on feast of winners «…and it was crushed like a mosquito bottoms serious Tatars…». Implementation of the President’s instructions, or failure to comply with — wonderful test to belong to one or the other «electorate», And of the taiga — «Bear» or «the entire world humanity» under the direction of Jupiter.

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