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Hunting cabal

We gathered one evening experienced hunters at the big table and talking by grassy, ​​»prescription» of gulls. Interestingly, this conversation was that it was not an outstanding success and trophies, but the annoying errors and mistakes curiosities.

Hunting cabal

Getting laid «Happy Prapor», Telling about its recent history. AT early October, he bypassed his team assigned to hunting grounds, once again the first to determine the presence of a shelter animal in and reap cut down, think about where to put the numbers from which in which direction to send the beaters.

It was quiet, characteristic for him virtually noiseless tread, intuitive stepping branches, and pondering expanding the information «on the shelves». All of a sudden — crunch. Hunter stopped. There is no doubt — shovels raking branches in bayonet slowly walked a major trophy elk.

Prapor carefully removed shoulder and vertikalku prepared for meeting. As of aspen seemed powerful bull with shovel in seven shoots, he gently pulled the trigger of the upper trunk. There was a click. I go down the bottom. Again click. Los turned on site and He disappeared in a single bound thickets. What kind of attack? It turned out, the gun is not loaded. No wonder the People say: «AND on old woman is proruha».

Then Serge continued. They presented him with the Moscow summer residents cartridges old Soviet times, «with the quality mark». Pomknula greyhound hare. Long did they circle oblique, went to second. Serge rigged prepared to meeting, visualizing how to extinguish zaychatinku jelly. Close belyachok jumped on forest clearing, turned and I made a series of jumps side arrow. Clicking yet clicked. Not load a gift «heartily». No wonder the People say — «Take, Lord, that we worthless!».

I, too, have something to remember. He sent me as something else for Andrew’s grandfather in his youth as a beater, admonished, they say, in pen can shoot any game, the good, the paper is on all I and loaded «Pyaterochka» at hopes noise grouse. I fun paced, occasionally shouting and looking grass.

Suddenly out of the bushes on I have a cow falls on momentarily freezes, jumps in side and rushes from me on the right. Only I in this side of the latter, to me as a young beater, entrusted with the least important sector edge. I would reload and I surprise eyes to She stared and confused. Oh and I listened to from the brigade for their «Pyaterochka» at trunks, a grandfather paternal stood up for me: «Not so terrible mistake, as the inability to fix it. Come on, intercept Grasshopper on next paddock!»

Herbal and his grandfather acted relaxing and the most experienced of all the experienced shared history. It was a long time ago, a large team of sown oat field at edge of the forest made storage shed for sowing on Mount built tower. When ripe and oats Bruin began to feed, added to the a dozen bags of apples. Grandfather sat once at nightfall storage shed, the wind «correct by Zavarzin»Then there blew on arrow. AT light dusk heard like someone coming Namyatov brigade trail closer look — human.

Hunter, no slowing the pace of marching as if late somewhere, he turned to rig and He climbed inside. But the team settled on different fields, and the general meeting decided who to what. Specifically on This field had to sit it alone, choosing tower or storage shed in Depending on the wind direction. «Poacher! — Grandfather thought. — «What to do?» Mobile phones did not It was.

FROM on the one hand, let him be hunted with another one — away from sin — it is necessary to indicate its presence. Well «svetanul» searchlight. A man with a bullet flew towers and He stumbled on all fours, where he came from, can bruise yourself some limb. So, while still young, and his grandfather field «lit», and man slightly injured. «He came to an amicable way, they say, and so I want to hunt, allowances, guys! Would fit in paper not expensive have taken…

«In general, with poaching somehow fight the nadot!» — after hearing the report of the grandfather, the foreman concluded. «Membership — Sveta poaching — a little light and On knees!»

Here’s a hunter turned cabal — and liter kettle blew, and posekretnichat in a narrow range.

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