Hunting or murder?

The beast must be mined with the least causing injury and suffering

Hunting or murder?Photo: Fotolia

Most recently, one of the hunting forums user posted a video of their hunting. On this occasion in the forum turned heated discussion.

What happened on that video? Podranok-lisovin not been able to escape, lying turnout and young vyzhlovka his ruffled. It ruffled because I could not reach or afraid. Dragged by the tail, bite in the groin, but to get, taking the place clearly did not know how. Fox made a halfhearted attempt to defend himself, dragging his hind legs, and finally just lay down and just shuddered when her dog is missing. At the same time the owner of a beagle «trained» come to his young hunters (simultaneously removing the whole scene on video!), and instructive broadcast, you need to learn to shoot without letting them get the beast.

Never before hunting video did not cause such rejection.

It would be hypocritical to say that such incidents do not happen in the hunt. Wounded animal do everything. A dog can to drive or take a wounded animal beast alone, out of sight of her hunter. But! We are all the same people. People, though increasingly have to doubt, for example, looking like after the attack, some rascal takes off on mobile torment people. What here to speak about the hunt! But still…

The underlying theme should take place in laws, regulations obtaining, ohotminimumah and even codes, and most importantly – in the minds of the beast must be mined with the least causing injury and suffering. Holy and immutable truth for the hunter – arri wounded animal, if possible, even negligible, exists. Stop torture animals as soon as possible. I do not shoot, if you do not think you can get a game.

What also learn these guys are seasoned hunters come to training? The fact that the animal is not more than production? And as long as he did not reach, it can be side by side, admiring it «action»And drink stack of «successful hunt»? Write a noble words «in the blood,» my hand was raised.

I recall a long article «HORN», Which tells how a group of hunters in series shot on gonnomu from the dog the hare, several times each, and it is as if enchanted, continued to walk in wide circles in the island and finally Ponor. Got almost come down from his wounds hare seems using yagda. And back home, without sentiment, because it is not the murder went to the forest, and for hunting. Similar stories. But with a different ending.

Doubly pushes that this man calls himself gonchatnikom. But it teaches hunting and not nataske dogs. And do Greenpeace recommends to all who did not take this filth. Yes, dogs pritravlivayut on live animal. In the living. But not helpless. What kind of hunting he can teach young people?

The problem, of course, much broader. Behavior on hunting, fishing – it is not only related to the game. Recently watched the transfer of fishing in Finland. I feel uncomfortable to me somehow. Why do I think? And you know that you understand? Yes, in the district of the Finnish rivers, as we have in the Kremlin, clean. No package, no bottles, no fireplace. And I remembered how this summer took his son on a fishing trip. Befouled everything – nowhere to sit. Though back with their catch, the mood was spoiled.

I deliberately did not write about how to solve the problem of immoral behavior in the hunt. Firstly, it has been written many times, and secondly, it’s everyone decides for himself. Today ohotobschestva and not much of a raise, even though they have the opportunity, even before issuing ohotbileta. I just want to ask: who will do it when ohotobschestv would not? Ministry of Natural Resources?

Dmitry Pchelin11 december 2011 at 00:00

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