In anticipation of the hunt

It seems so long ago it was spring, and it’s already the beginning of August

In anticipation of the huntPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin

In the old days with Petrova (July 12 began hunting for birds. Soon the time will come and we are going hunting. But something is not pleased with the recent posts on the introduction of rules and quotas birds, and fires again disturbing. However, the wait – see.


Forecasts of future hunting I received through personal observations, he took from conversations with local hunters and rangers, friends and comrades, going fishing and outdoor recreation. Observations and surveys covered some areas of Tambov, Ryazan, Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl and Vologda regions. Please, dear readers consider that the collection of information involved are not professionals, so details are subjective — judged by him about the actual number of birds can only be approximate.

The information collected is the promise that the hunting of birds in 2011 will be slightly better than last year. Such optimistic assumptions are based primarily on observations of weather at the end of April — beginning of May and in early June. Favorable weather conditions have contributed to the conservation of birds nests and chicks early appearance. I have in the country, for example, skvorchata left birdhouse June 7. Light Rain in May — June conserve water and moisture in the ditches, bogs, shallow waters and a good influence on the growth of grass. Observations showed that the quail and corncrake this year compared to the average annual number slightly less. Probably influenced by last year’s fires. Snipe and Great Snipe is, so that the owners of the cops will be allocated per capita.

Duck tribe this year expanse — water and food enough. Broods met even in roadside ditches. In ponds Lyubertsy district, Moscow region Ruza Reservoir and first broods were observed in late May. However, in the Domodedovo and Solnechnogorsk district in the usual places where previously bred mallard, broods for some reason could not be seen. If last year there were broods of mallards from 2 to 6 ducklings, but this year they reached the maximum number of 11 goals. The number of teal comparable with the figures of last year. As for grouse broods, in Tver, Yaroslavl and Vologda regions found broods of between 5 to 9 porshkov. My friends were a bit scared legashatniki media reports about the invasion of mites, and restrictions on visits to forests due to fire conditions did not have grocery grounds. But if we evaluate the existing weather conditions, it can be assumed that the hunt for grouse broods will be good.

So, on the basis of the information collected can be cautiously assumed that the game birds hatched within the average annual number. In some areas it is less than in some more than in previous years, but the overall picture will not be affected, and hunting, especially on opening day, is going to be good. Unless, of course, the government does not come up with what some restrictions.


To holiday hunting success, let’s talk about how to behave in the grounds. Unfortunately, the hunt, we almost do not think about the ethics of hunting. And the process of hunting requires a person of exceptional behavior. For many centuries, hunters developed legal and ethical standards. And not the least of which is as follows: The hunt itself and do not bother to hunt another. Most hunters of European Russia argue: «I go even to hunt or not, be sure to go to the opening and plenty to shoot». For them, the main — to enjoy a chat with friends on the nature. And if the trophies will be one or two penkastye duck, the better, as they believe, and desire nothing.

Do not assume that the opening of the hunting grounds you will be alone. Nearby can be very gambling guys. They will shoot at ducks in the conceivable distance, not caring that they spoil the hunt others. They only have «vdarit»And where the shot will fly and whether it is not dangerous to others — it is their hotheads none. Security issues in the handling of weapons in hunting are the most important requirements of hunting ethics. Failure to do so could lead to injury or loss of life. When choosing a place for a tent or boat, we first need to worry about personal safety. From the shelter must be clearly visible area, at least a hundred meters in the district to any pedestrian hunters, nor even sailing on a boat, especially on the motor-boat could not get close to us unnoticed. Otherwise, should stand up and show them yourself. Some, on the contrary, cork in the hope that other hunters duck expel them. May expel. But can and slapped shot the eyes. Ducks often flying low over the reeds or «exploding» from under his feet. Here’s the hunter, hurried with a shot, and lies in wait for trouble. It may be so: in front of you hiding hunter early in the morning quietly made his way through thickets and took place unbeknownst to you. Therefore, duck hunting and hunting for upland game hunter in the woods to shoot below human growth. Failure to do so more than once led to tragic consequences: broken eyes and other injuries, and death.

All the experienced hunters acting in the pages of game titles, warned against shooting is unclear apparent purpose, and especially — noise and rustling. How so shoot «boars». «moose» and «Bears»! Then this bustler rest of your life paying for its warmth. Once witnessed, the two old friends quarreled violently in the boat. And all because of the excitement. Finally, they agreed that one pushes the boat pole, and the other with «undermining» shoots. But at the next rise rowing duck he sees his friend, hesitated with the shot, propudelyal. He throws a pole, missing gun and shoots over the head of his partner-Mazilu. At that flies cap, his head ringing, as if struck butt. Well, that all ended so both «successfully» and had the opportunity to «talk». And sometimes, just cry.

Yet there is a «trifle»As the question of where to charge the gun to hunt and where to discharge after it. For example, I know that in the Tver region, police demanded that by going to the hunting area and back to her, Hunter was carrying a gun in the bag. Not to be trapped, ask what are the requirements on the subject in the region, where it is assumed your hunting. Personally, I made it a rule to charge the gun only after took his place and looked around. I discharged his gun as soon as the hunt. Returning home on the base or in the hunting camp with a loaded gun in the hope that «sudden raid»It is fraught with danger. Go with a gun discharged, and if they will fly frightened teal, Rejoice unexpected meeting with him as a good friend, and lamented that missed. Hectic and hurried shot, usually a sure miss. Much more dangerous is if bring a loaded gun in the house and forget about it. And it is someone from the companions interested, and he will take it in hand without asking. What begins inspection of a gun? Correctly! The first thing a person clicks on the trigger…

At the opening of hunting for ducks — namely the majority of them will leave City Hunter — recommended cartridges with shot number 6 or 7 are not larger. From what guns to shoot? Yes, of how you have. Here rifles and ammunition «Magnum» Not needed. Ducks young nepuganye. Allowed near the summer and at close quarters. Perov duds have thin, and therefore at a distance of 35–40 m they hit safely. Tests have shown that these distances fraction number 7 at a meeting with game has a flight speed of 200 m / s, and the number 6 — 204 m / s. It is precisely the required flight speed for a reliable shot defeat birds. So do not hesitate: the right shot trophy will be in your hands.

Concluding the discussion, I want to repeat once more: Hunting in Peru this year should be good. Mother Earth gave us a good «harvest» birds. Let’s wisely and happily use them, bearing in mind that future generations will come after us.

Victor Gurov2 August 2011 at 16:28

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