In that play, «marmoset»?

Last spring, I was able to go hunting before otkrytiya.Vesna was late, the opening was moved, that’s possible. Plans to build the hunt is always in advance. A vacation and certainly not perenesesh.

In that play,


I hunt in the Tver region. I bought a house without design, given a little money and live more than ten years. With the game warden of the hunting farm in friendly relations, if not more. He taught me a lot, and now I sometimes help him in preparing for the coming hunting hunters.

So this time, he is asked to check the current capercaillie. I gladly accepted. Do not sit well at home and wait for the open hunting. A podsluh — it’s part of the hunt, but still some.
The current small. One of grouse I knew almost face. Every time passing along the track (wear salt on solonetz elk), I raised it with the pine trees in the same place for several years. He is there to feed, and the current was near. We had the evening to listen to his arrival. It is known that a tree planting capercaillie be heard from afar. Large bird, just to sit on a twig difficult without strong claps its wings.

He came to the edge of fresh cutting and sat down on a fallen tree, and prepared to listen.
Birds, enjoying the warmth and sun, singing «love songs». At the top of the pile softwood workers swarming ants forever. Woodpecker displays fraction with such pressure that «dyatlihe» do not resist such an appeal.

Cutting down large, seven hundred meters from end to end. Actually, why it was necessary to check the current. Cutting edge of the current backlog. Capercaillie because this may change the place of their merrymaking. And while the huntsman asked the loggers do not touch the current, but they do not always listen to it.

This evening was blowing rather strong breeze rustled spruce-pine forest. As I have listened, I heard nothing. But apparently, this day still was mine, which was confirmed further, and even more than once. I just saw flying on the current cutting through wood grouse. He sat on top of the Christmas tree at the edge of the plot. I have not only a good look through the binoculars, and photographed at maximum zoom.

Mission accomplished, you can go home, good, still light and easier to walk through the woods. I walk across the clearing, listening to the birds singing, admiring the beautiful sunset, the entire breast breathe the spring air, in short, happy life. And then I was lucky a second time. I found the perfect elk horn. The trophy was simply amazing! Not only that, nine processes, an unusual form — large shovel and one appendix is ​​not in the plane of the horn.

Coming through the gardens to the village, I heard the sound of wings. Turning, he saw two woodcocks, flying one after the other, flew in silence, though, perhaps, Zwickau, but I can not hear high-pitched sound, guided only by horkane. Having reached the house, he turned back sandpiper, and the first continued to fly straight through the village.

I must say that the village has one street. Houses on both sides of the road. As is customary, the gardens behind the houses — Village separates the two forest wide array strip. It was the impression that flying back woodcock expelled from their territory and the opponent come back to him. A second sandpiper, flights village, went into the forest to look for another array your itinerary to find females.

I thought, maybe nothing that we call them «marmosets»? Do not play it, and rivalry. The fight for territory and, accordingly, for the continuation of the species, as is customary in nature.
But as the fight to grouse this beautiful flight is not like, then call them differently for some reason you do not want.

Vasily Ognev18 April 2014 at 00:00

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