In the wild boar with huskies

Sad forest in November days. He stands, empty and faded. Trees have long dropped leaves, frozen skeletons clinging to bare branches of a low gray sky.

In the wild boar with huskies

In a damp ravine smell rotting leaves, rustling softly under his boots.

Thickets of nettles and faded fireweed perished rusty, nailed to the autumn rains and the ground frosts.

Thinned and Palisade melyatnika became lighter. Only the thick spruce still in summer green.

The forest is unusual silence. Not voices of birds, not rustling the trees overhead. Even funny titmouse, restless, always scurrying for the lower floors of the forest kingdom disappeared somewhere. It seems that all life has left this place. Only crows — hour pre-winter, from time to time guttural scream overfly their holdings, with whistle cutting the air with black wings.

Suddenly in the distance rang staccato barking of dogs. Laiki-assistant found the beast, startled, alarmed pale gray day. Forest and changed if He came to life, filling up Gambling edges of their voices. Will today hunting!

From all I have legs I rushed to the dogs. I ran, stumbling, then and then getting on face biting branches. I jump through the moss-covered remains of fallen trees, bristling with stumps to climb over fallen branches of the old pines. Dive in a small log. Here the forest is not so cluttered and Can not run a bit in full force.
Roll out the bog, I turn on the winding the bottom of the ravine and creek popping up top of the slope. Lai is much closer, loudly echoed by forest. Whom working dog? Moose or perhaps a wild boar? Another breakthrough.

Covert left behind, I I run out on cut down a thickly overgrown with trifles. Young shoots of aspen, elk all cropped, stretched gray wall, wherever look. AND somewhere in the middle of this chapygi, huskies running beast.

It would be desirable, not delay, immediately come napryamki. But the wind blowing me back, suggests not hurry. By the edge of the forest, where the cleaner, I silently bypass cutting to enter the polvetra. It should be in a good hook to do half a mile on the and the edge conceal the wind. But who knows how many dogs will stay under the moose? A Now I Sure, it’s elk. It is the most that there is a dining room on the elk, the most of their kingdom.

Slowly I wade through tenacious aspen tries to put grab clothes and gnarled boughs treacherously snap over the trees, but it is worth trying to get rid of its branches. Try to choose a place porazryazhennee but where there — all overgrown with continuous palisade. Heed the voices of huskies, I go in the spring under the capercaillie song. Only zablazhut I quietly step or two forward. Silenced, and I stand still. AND so meter by meter…

Before the dogs not far. Those given a measured voice, without malice. Accurately — Elk! Taking off with a gun shoulder, I start to look out for among the interlacing branches silhouette elk. Suddenly, in front of the bushes crackled, and Bone dry sound slashed ear. Boar! Immediately in karandashnike flashed white spots — Huskies rebounded quickly from the throw on They beast. Kaban, hidden from me behind the wall melyatnika, bassist and hooted crunching right. The dogs trotted after him.

I froze, frantically trying to figure out what to do next. Is boar retreated in forest? Where and Now he stop?

I was standing, sensitive listening, hoping to hear the barking of dogs or the crunch of hooves Sushina beast. But Only the heavy beat of my heart to give the bell head …
Minute-by-minute stretches. Forest and falls asleep think again empty and lifeless. I I starting to lose hope, but … that’s not far vzlayali, wail dog. AND I He slid to him through aspen as before.

There are very few. I see already huskies white balls, darting in details. Under their voices steal up closer, verifying each step, holding his hands to interfere with threads. Jitters that gripped me earlier, was gone, I I sneak with great care, knowing that the only admitted in error This may be the last hunt. Cabana until it is seen. But huskies, emboldened describe circles around the place where, apparently, lies a beast. No matter how much I look into chapyzhnik nothing disassemble. Shotgun keep ready. Another ten to fifteen meters, and everything will be resolved…

Suddenly from yellowed weeds grew tall with bedside table, brown-red spot. Breaking the bush, it caught on One of the dogs. Wow, the young hog, and a desperate! Not caught up with the offender, turned and fingerlings rushed headlong back, apparently having decided to take up the defense again. I caught fly flitting among the sparse shrubs silhouette of a pig and shot. Kabanchik spun on fallen leaves, desperate wailing. I stepped forward immediately noticed the right of another boar, took to their heels. Yes, a whole herd of them here! It was, vskinuvshis I down trunks. I lost sight of both huskies and afraid that one of them may be in a alignment shot. A Meanwhile the dog piled on top a wounded boar. Glaring teeth into their prey, they are snarling, furiously shaking his head, as if about to break in the accident part. Breaking at aspen course, I hurried to Laika fighting the beast, feeling on belt knife …

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