Minnow winter

Part I. Freshwater Fishing

Minnow winterPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov

In all seasons minnow was considered and is considered the best bait for catching predatory fish with different zhivtsovymi gear. It seems that this is especially true in the middle of winter, when it’s time to put on postavushki burbot and walleye at the time gluhozimya generally unlikely to entice a bite on something else – here minnow as bait out of the competition. In addition, many people believe gourmet food minnows in breadcrumbs roasted to a crisp in vegetable oil; excellent cold snacks are sprats, home-cooked of minnows, but that fish need to catch at least two to three kilograms of what to do very, very difficult, and it is not always possible, though it is winter minnow most tasty, as, indeed, ruff, roach and many other fish.

So where and how to catch the minnows right size and in sufficient quantity at the time of freeze-up? First, of course, a small river with a noticeable trend, rifts and hard sandy or rocky bottom, although in large rivers of the fish a lot, but there are clusters of minnows are harder to find, and here’s the paradox – in large reservoirs minnows on the whole much smaller than in some kind of narrow creeks width of only a two to three meters. The only thing to keep in mind when going fast on the river in winter – these are the dangers that lie in wait for her ice, because the thickness and quality of the ice is heavily dependent on the depth of the fishery and the flow rate, as well as the nature of the current winter season.

As a rule, winter flocks minnows kept at a moderate flow than in the summer when they often occupy themselves in the shallows of rapids. Since ice is better to catch them in the relatively short stretches between rapids, where the water is flat and is about 1-1.5 m, and the bottom is sandy, slightly «littered» organic and islands of aquatic vegetation. Here, by the way, and the ice more reliably, without any surprises. In a selected area of ​​fishing holes do better closer to the middle reach, where the current stronger, and close to the upper rolling. Wells can not darken – gudgeon light a little worried, it allows you to watch sometimes as suitable fish, and depending on it to choose the tactics of fishing activity, focusing on the gear of a particular type.

Catch the jig is often impossible, because a noticeable during requires heavy lures – with her minnow with rare agility will shoot moth, completely ignoring the hook, no matter how tiny it was. Therefore, the best effect is achieved by the use of snap-ins with the corresponding strength of the current terminal sinker in the form of drops or a ball and placed it above the leash with a hook or a very light jig, sometimes with a body made of colored plastic. Sinker is desirable to select such a weight that is lowered to the bottom of its drifted from the vertical at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. So will tackle the most sensitive, since the biting will have a major impact on the line above ogruzki. Catchability tackle a whole is defined by its harmonious construction: to be found the optimal ratio between the length of the leash, which depends on its ogruzhennosti (hook or jig) and thickness of line, and the distance at which the lead set by the sinker. For catching minnows on a leash good segment of line diameter 0.08 – 0.10 mm length of 25 cm (with MORMYSHKA weight to 0.3 g) or 40 cm (with hook №20-16, International numbering) mounted at a distance of 8-12 cm from the sinker. Attach the leash to the main line with a diameter of about 0.12 mm is possible without additional elements – method of «loop in the loop».

As a reliable alarm bites commonly used sensitive cock made of narrow steel or mylar plate, the length of which should not exceed 80 mm, otherwise it will be a lot of delays to trip after a quick bites minnow. Elasticity lodge must comply with a strength of the current, but not the weight of the equipment in general, – installed above the hole, it is because of the water pressure on the line somewhere bend at an angle of 40-60 degrees to the surface, thus answering the condition of maximum sensitivity.

When lowered, the bottom of the sinker tackle vnatyag not set, and the main line is given slack of 10-20 cm, select Current. So the leash gets some additional free wheeling when biting, and that will be reflected in the lodge. If the tension of the fishing line does not eliminate, the gudgeon, feeling the resistance would throw bait or bait to break off with impunity. This is due to the nature of minnow fish living in flowing water: in short throws, grabbing food with strong lips, he takes it in the fall is already on the move.

As winter bait for catching minnows usually use a large moth, polukolechkom worn on a thin long forend hook or two or three feed bloodworm, planted in the usual way. If the flow near the bottom allows you to catch on small jig playing, it is possible to plant other than bloodworms and burdock moth larva or maggots fine.

The bait for catching minnows on the course is important because it allows you to pull the fish from a considerable distance, significantly increasing its concentration at the hole in the end and enhance fish activity. For obvious reasons, bait, dropped to the bottom, should give abundant dregs of very fine particles of food, far entrained flow. On the river is better not to empty the trough at the bottom and set it on the ground through the benthic additional well drilled about half a meter above the working. As leaching contents through the perforations in the walls of a conventional-cone bird feeders, it from time to time should be re-charged portion of the pre-moistened feed. To initiate a biting inactive fish can sometimes produce «salvo» emission feed – slightly raise the feeder and shake it a few times in the water. Such a process saves and filleth bait minnows. Of course, the best bait is the aft crank, but if it is used for the usual scheme, the smart and gluttonous minnow is very quickly saturated with the subsequent deterioration of his biting the bait. In addition, when it is «a threat»That this section of the river on bloodworms can collect a lot of bass, perch, roach and dace, the live food is better not to use it.

Minnow winter

Photo: Anatoly Mailkov

Applying for bait bloodworms, you can do the following: pre-deep freeze it before «glass» state, and then placed in the feeder and just crush it with your finger into the powder. Manger also placed on the bottom, where the contents slowly thawed, washed, creating a far from attractive beating jet. You can do otherwise: crush small portion of bloodworms or more large larvae on a cotton swab or a piece of foam, which is then placed in a small metal capsule with holes, tied to a fishing line fishing rod instead of the end sinkers. This method is very effective and significantly reduces the consumption of live feed.

If no bait not, to attract the minnows to the place of fishing, you can use the old «old-fashioned» in a manner that is generally used on a summer fishing vzabrodku, that is, from time to time to stir up bottom ground, creating a muddy stream. This is done with a stick through the hole drilled in the meter and a half upstream of the location of the gear.

Because a gudgeon – especially bottom fish, and the fishing technique it is not very diverse. When using gear with a lead should be periodically slowly lift from the bottom and slowly lower the back. This uncomplicated game, creating the effect of an elusive or swimming near the bottom of the feed, often causes immediate confident grip fish. Play jig on the course, you can also, size shaking it at the same level around the bottom, but not picking up, while a game is alternated with tapping the bait on the bottom.

Character fish minnow on the course depends on the activity and density of fish under the hole and very varied. Bite reliable when cock steadily pressed down – in this case the blank cuttings almost never happens. When bad biting when overfed minnow or snap too hard, it can be observed in the lodge or «Yershov» shaking, or neat «plotvinye» clamps. If you do not take measures to enhance fish, such fishing will become a torment low end result. The best thing here – up to a limit to reduce the weight of the equipment, the thickness of the line and the size of the bait, as well as change the passive waiting for a bite to work gear, because the winter catch any small fish has its own specifics, often its success depends on the nuances are not as significant in the hunt for a reputable inhabitants of reservoirs .

Caught minnows if they go to the table, it is better to remove the ice in the bag and stored in a fishing box, so that they too froze in the cold weather – this significantly affects the quality of cooking any fish. Minnows intended to bait, of course, carefully removing the hook, eland lowered into the water, which is insulated to the extent possible, for example, is deeply buried in the soft snow, the fish did not experience abrupt changes in temperature and maintained high vitality.

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