«Ohotminimum» driven hunt

We often hear that the driven hunt, let alone shooting from the tower, largely to do with this hunt are not. I note that a well-maintained watch beast ambush is one thing, and the «chicken roost» — is quite another. Also shotgun — not carbine competitor with night vision sights second or third generation.

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova

So indiscriminately criticize or belittle the significance of certain zverovyh hunting is not worth it, especially the hunters, who never with bated breath is not expected to yield a moose on the number and froze the clock on the tower in the hope of not blundered, directing numb hands the barrel of his rifle in bad discernible side cleaver.

But back to battue hunting. You can find a lot of inconsistencies in the rules of the so-called production-pricing of the beast, invented by unscrupulous receiving party. The explanation is one and clear all long since accepted in Russia do business, including and hunting.

This financial issues to discuss are done, turn directly to hunting.

Of course, the general rules of behavior in the room has not been canceled. There probably is not much point in repeating them again, especially in «HORN»Before the start of the season driving hunt hoofed, usually passes through a series of articles devoted to this theme.

It can not be said: I do not have to be carried out on the initiative of some «lovers Activism»Offering to allow room to go, slicing the course of the beast. Some «clever» They believe that it is appropriate to move even into the corral, if that there are prerequisites. Maybe this is rarely able to bring good luck, but the rules are driven hunt, even if it sounds overly didactic, written in blood, and not feral. So that discipline is far from an empty claim, but a vital necessity.

And it concerns not only the shooters in the rooms, but the beaters, especially when hunting is carried out by hunters themselves, without maintenance staff workers hunting. How to drive, where to drive, how to use the navigation device in order not to stray from the direction of the rut, all this was said more than once. Repeat — only waste time to lose. Problems with beaters sometimes arise when the agreement is permitted to shoot the beast in salary.

The primary duty of screaming drive, not mine beast. Newest (extract) often suffer from dog owners, by definition, fall into «notebooks» beaters. In the room with a husky, yagdtererom Gonchakov or, of course, do not get up and shoot for elk or wild boar wants. That’s stipulate for «dog lovers» the right to a shot in the paddock. All anything, but often, instead of chasing and shouting such grief-beaters, primolknuv begin to conceal the dog stopped at the beast. And cases of damaged pens, and sometimes the entire hunting by such «Relaxation» uncommon.

Sometimes the animal is often already at line numbers stopped for dogs, beaters left to push a little more, increase the intensity of the rut, and sound after doublet welcome «ready!». But, apparently, greed and disregard getter hunting ethics, rather than a sudden cold «intercepts» throat beater, secretly trying skrast beast. Not only that, it will damage the hunt, even worse, that this can «demure persona» himself a bullet from a number of careless hand, of which there was plenty lately.

Rarely gamekeeper or the team captain, gives instructions to the driven hunt, raises the question — who owns the trophy as determined «hero» hunting that is sometimes unsightly «showdown».

When individual hunt question does not arise, who won the trophy. Other business driven hunt when the animal falls under multiple shots of hunters, and each of them claims to elk antlers or tusks cleaver. Differences arise, as a rule, among hunters, unfamiliar with the hunting ethics.

Typical situation: the number of the hunter went moose, d — two haircuts beast falls and stops in front of the shooter, who reloads his gun to get a wounded animal. From the next room sounded shot — elk falls on its side. Here the word of the manager of hunting, which is clear, the first stop of the beast hunter exact doublet and shot the neighbor only prevented the first to finish the hunt.

The beast came to the number shot — elk falls, then rises — the second shot, and elk in the snow again. With some difficulty climbing, stumbling, he is probably crawling along the room. The adjacent room fires, and the bull is on the site of twenty paces from the gunman. The trophy rightfully belongs to the first shot only the second hunter stopped torment beast.

Moose went on a shooting line, shot — a haircut. Frightened animals went along the room. Shoot the next room, and it is clear that hooked leg of elk, but elk progress not to slow down, and the third number moose shot puts in place. The trophy goes to the hunter, before the number of the beast which lay down.

As if «overall» rule — trophy «listed» for the shooter, who caused a fatal wound.

We should also discuss the topic of wounded game. First, it is, except for the loss of animals, and even the financial costs that can sometimes worsen dishonesty host. To avoid misunderstandings and recriminations, the results of the shot should check with the ranger, without relying on experience (integrity) of the latter.

A sure sign of falling, but blood, scraps of wool — hairstyle: long hair — entering the upper part of the carcass, light and short — legs. When injected into the foot is usually a lot of red blood. If shot in the chest does not bleed and hurt internal organs, animal lifts the front part of the body and is difficult; with little or no blood, and it is dark in color. When injury to the intestine animal humpback, slight vaginal bleeding, almost black, often with the presence of processed food. If the blood on both sides of the track — penetrating wound.

If the blood trail scattered across the dark pieces, it is a sign of severe wounds began bleeding throat, ie damaged organs of the chest. A wounded animal often goes to podnabratsya power and cool the wound. By prone easy to determine the place of injured. Special attention should be paid on the trail of a wounded animal, like a beast puts his feet, throws if the hoof is not dragging them on the ground as even-tempered speed and whether it is the situation.

Shooting an animal may leave other signs of injury, only need to slowly understand the trails and reasonably arrange the end of the hunt.

George Glinskiy19 December 2014 at 00:00

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