Provincial hunting weekday

«Nikolaitch! You have become an honorary hunter! «- Became the joke friends, after I was given a ticket with permission to hunt only on even days. Oh, those armchair hunters legislators! What has not napridumyvali they savoring game in any restaurant, and breaking with the head in «keeping watch» about ordinary hunters.

Provincial hunting weekday

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Today — even number. I called a friend, agreed to go on Vecherka on Gone where duller place, with his friends. In of a powerful SUV.

We met in the appointed hour, and Now we roll on highway Ivanovo. In Village Kryachkova turned on abandoned road. ATV rolls on potholes, yuzit — and that look, zabuksuet, «sits» on at the bottom deep, and broken-down trucks tractor ruts filled with water and now slimy mud weight.

Finally, the shaking is over, profit place. We arrived early, with wander through the calculation meadows in search bog meadow game. I’ve heard from other hunters spanielistov that the corncrake in This year, there is almost no Moscow region — hot summers and Dry. A here in front of us lies a wide green sea. Clicked the shutter, and — «Ares, go!».

Many years neobihazhivaemye meadows «wild» wild, overgrown with weeds, grass me zone, and and in nizinkah chest. Sad… How good is lost in vain. FROM on the other hand, the type of pristine wilderness breathes romance. You feel like a pioneer.

Ares — dog good blood, with excellent innate style search. It’s all «drowned» at herbage, but easy to follow him. His head is and then it comes up here is of green and there, waving ushami-«wings»It disappears again — classical work with «candles». I by the old memory in per catch on dnevke nepuganyh ducks, first turned to the oxbow lake near Gone check swamped thumbs. Alas, empty!

I had to bypassing the combustion chamber of the old drainage ditches to catch up with friends. Close to it does not fit It was not to interfere. Three hunter one dog — this is too much. So keeping a little distance, they say, if promazhut, help.

But with I enjoyed watching the work of the spaniel. That caught the moment on Ares free search would suddenly faltered, his movements become subordinated to some unknown force that makes it move throws in unexpected directions. It’s time to be closer to dog.

I look at owner — he seems more «not cut» at situation. Whistles spaniel, obviously prevents trying to return it to the previous search line. But Ares — with dog character, independent, continues to follow his will. Khromov him more «lepshy» one than the leader. I am afraid that the owner, as is often the case in the various tests, competitions, forgot that dog — Hunter better than he, and spaniel lag behind as far as to be useless to shoot.

But no, Volodya, probably realized in What’s the matter. He took his gun at the ready, and I marched behind. Who decided to escape from the overbearing canine pursuer in the corncrake finally took off and above the weeds pulled to near the bushes. Two shots merged into one. Nicholas also shot, he was closer to Soaring Crake.

Bird cloth poked weeds. Now look a little bird there — difficult. Again on height proved chutisty Russian Spaniel. On I played out before my eyes, and a small bit controversial hunting scenes: Ares raised for bird the notorious formula «calling at owner», but not just on it, and Nikolai. Volodya stayed behind and distance. That will now sort out who was. What Hunter admits that he missed ?! None have less initiative.

I turned to the plant for Gone, perhaps, where I have better luck? Vain hopes… Once again, I hear the shots from behind. He looked around: Ares rushes in search. The owner excites him even more shouting: «Here! Here !! Here !!!» Mazanula guys, not believe I want to. it happens…

I am going to next thumbs. Alas, too empty. Although «nodules» at Lemna is. I heard two shots and hunters commands — «Search! Search! Search!».

Ducks not, turn to Satellites. The sun was half hidden behind the horizon. Gradually darkens. It’s time to take care of where I stand on duck and waiting for the flight. Willy nilly with sadly he remembered his Aytos, champion. No dogs in general, it is not hunting. I decided to stand in Reach far away from the parking lot. Breda on Nekos, both Belt in water. Long stems from the winds and intertwined knit as fetters, legs, slow down. What and I stumbled, bumps, invisible in grass seems to throw themselves at his feet. Friends pootstal, carried away by the corncrake. Maybe stay there and for travel around checked me thumbs…

In anticipation of the arrival of ducks I comfortably on have fallen trunk Reach birch. Near the old fireplace, perhaps, fishermen visit this place They spend the night here. Reverent silence as in temple. Donoso shots. Then: «Place your own! Give!! Ares forbid !!!» Later: «Ah well done!» So still there. By Time for ducks early. Hence, the corncrake. Not friends tried in vain.

Autumn close. It gets dark earlier, but twilight long, come slowly. The sky is gray, the blue disappeared. Croaking frogs. At some distance behind the bushes plopped down on water duck. Already the water hissed. Slurred dusk. On uncertain background evening sky blush on that side ducts contrasting outlines of trees.

Suddenly, near the shore someone thumped on the flat paddle water — This beaver slapped its tail. Doublet in side, where were my companions, and command: «Ares! Place your own! Ah well done!»

So, we take a duck. Again silence overtake district. Just heard gurgling water breakthrough beaver dam. Three shots, reminding long forgotten shepherd whip flicks. AND again away: «Ares! Give !! Ah well done!»

Today someone successful hunt! In I also do not trip It was. No, and shots in District. So, guys are really lucky. Birds fell silent. From the meadows of tall muffled voices of friends, returning to prey.

Came happy, excited satellites. FROM field, guys! That is what it means to hunt Russian Spaniel!
In the dark the way back seemed shorter. Tomorrow is an odd number, I hunting does not food. And none I go. There was rain.

Leonid Karantaev14 September 2014 at 00:00

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