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Putin says that he is not a hunter

Western media saw in an interview with V. Putin’s attempt to improve its inadequate before the election a positive image in the West

Putin says that he is not a hunter

It so happened that an American has revealed something new about Russian Prime Minister preferences.

The chronology of events is as follows.

The school English teacher from Texas Gein Young (Gayne Young), who writes for the popular American magazine Outdoor Life («Country Living»), 26 August last year expressed in his blog delight our Prime Minister and 9 I wrote a letter in September Russian Foreign Ministry. 29 September, he published in blog an open letter V. Putin, in which, among other things, asked him to go hunting together Russia.

One lives in Russian US expressed readiness to accompany Yang his future journey, saying that he — Certified Russian-English translator, PhD in optics and here, from America votes for VV Putin. But few people took this initiative seriously. Editors and blog readers made fun of a teacher. A typical response to the idea of ​​the teacher: «Chances Gein — like Snow in Hell». Soon, however, with G. Young contacted the press attache of the Russian embassy and firm representing Russia in Liaison with the public, and asked to prepare questions for Putin at he then answered a lengthy interview.

Full Russian version of an interview with the Prime Minister published 19 May 2011 on and his website at journal «Russian Pioneer» (№ 21), where VV Putin is a column.

Outdoor Life published an interview in reduction. The reaction of readers was different from «more to leaders like Putin and our world It would be better» before «guys, it’s a shame you not We should support it; he — KGB general and little you You will be able to add to the three letters». Those who knew something about the Russia, discussed the growth of corruption under Putin. American living in Russia, wrote that «Poaching is still a major problem; Duma passes laws, and Inspectors use them to collect bribes». Another American who lived in Eastern Europe, said that Putin did not hero, and the great magician, able to become what it wants to see. «Whose testimony on queue? — asks he. — Mugabe and Amin?»

The Western press has seen in interview VV Putin’s attempt to improve before the elections, a positive image is not enough to West, where he It loses much DA Medvedev. «Putin is trying to appear in softer and more friendly form» (New York Times). «The friendly nature lover Putin — it is a more attractive figure than the ruthless endlessly ambitious politician who is on For many years, runs the campaign of attacks on human rights and the persecution of the press and also directs the state often blatantly, ignoring the existing laws» (New Yorker).

But Texas teacher himself does not posing as a expert policy. When a journalist is the New York Times talk about his correspondence with Putin, Medvedev mentioned, G. Young, after a pause, he asked to remind him who he is, and on question about Telegraph repressive policies and brutal reputation Putin said: «I I know about this, but interested in its environmental views. For me it’s different things». His election by correspondence other Young still August 2010, was innocently explained that Putin «He likes to drink beer, watch the fights and on hunting rare animals only Binding weapons» (the first two arguments Further comments of the press does not find managed). Now Gagne turned his attention to Kate Middleton, published in April married Britain’s Prince William.

«I surprised and disappointed that Putin did not hunter». — said one of the American readers an interview with our Prime Minister.

Indeed, we can draw such a conclusion. Noting that hunting and fishing — «it’s still a natural human thing, an integral part of the lives of our ancestors», on question about the most interesting hunting and fishing routes of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin answers: «I must say that I he did not hunter, so I can advise, based on view their friends and colleagues who know in This sense» (hereinafter enumerated hunting wapiti in Irkutsk Region and Republic of Buryatia, on bighorn sheep, «giant elk» and reindeer in Yakutia, wolf Taimyr Peninsula, Kamchatka and Chukotka). «I not hypocrite, — Putin said, responding to G. proposal Young’s Joint hunting Kamchatka bear, — and I think that hunting as a leisure activity is entitled to existence, but only in some instances, if handled properly, and ensuring the reproduction of animals. Of course, we could to commit to the one of you travel together, hunt together, but Only when hunting is caused by extreme necessity, associated with exceeding the critical number, such as a wolf in a Russian regions. As for the brown bear, which is indeed one of most popular hunting objects Kamchatka, the I unlikely ever I go on He hunted. Yes and in other animals that for me personally, may, as they say, sleep well: I like to watch animals in natural habitats, and take part in the scientific work. I assure you, this is not less interesting than hunting, I offer personal check this».

However, many readers «Russian Hunting Newspaper» I remember an article C. Fokina «President of Russia — hunter»Published in a rooms «HORN» at 2002 , at a which set forth conversation with Deputy Director Science Zavidovsky hunting reserves (FSO Russia) VI Fertikovym, former deputy head of the RSFSR Glavohoty. IN AND. Fertikov said that VV Putin arrives in farm with Italian and semiautomatic hunts and woodcock duck (with donated by SK Shoigu Labrador). The author probably right when he says that «on the theme of our first hunting parties imposed unspoken taboo», but all as there were, I think, other short messages VV hunts Putin.

It is assumed that either in recent years its relation to hunting occurred uncommon for people his age, fracture, which he not He wants to publicly discuss or «neohotniche» positioning due to political expediency.

At the same time V. Putin, of course, not It takes position antiohotnichyu — Reuters news agency even titled his message interview with the Prime Minister as follows: «Putin touts hunting Russia for the American magazine».

AT Finally, I note that the interview is made correctly, the errors are rare and are characterized by inaccuracies or exaggerations, for example, Russia unprecedented Biological Diversity (we at Due to its geographic position in the species known to be a inferior tropical countries) or firmness of the British traditions of hunting (with a recent ban on hunting with foxes dogs).

Sergei Matveichuk, Game Biologists, Kirov9 of August 2011 at 16:26

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