The ability to win

Early July morning we were met by thick fog and heavy dew. We went to one of the types of hunting, which is considered a purely steppe. Visibility was almost zero. Cool freshness dew was felt by us in a couple of tens of meters traveled through thick grassy meadow.

The ability to win

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To this dew and fog, we were not ready, but in terms of equipment a little hasty. Coming out of a steep ravine to the waist wet saw spilled nice thick wheat field, resembling a living sea. Our trousers were like wrinkled water pipes after a strong hurricane. Particles of seeds, leaves, stems, various herbs, especially thorn stuck, forced us to make a small halt, and put himself in order. Passing along a field a few hundred meters, we gradually began to climb the hill. Annoying cobwebs clung to us from top to bottom.

Get to your destination, we were on the hill. Before we opened an extraordinary view of the slope with dimples — Surcin. We started to prepare the place of hunting. Uncover the gun at the same time to open the lid of sights and trying to find the correct object in the lens hunting — marmot marmots, which are appreciated their fur and fat and meat delicacy. With the advent of sunlight gradually dissipated the fog, and visibility becomes clearer.

Partner in this match I was Olga, a professional hunter with years of experience, a specialist in varmint hunting and just a wonderful person. Reconnaissance in advance, we did not make as going to the old, tried and tested over the years places. At the equipment of its shooting positions, despite the warm summer weather, we used insulation mats for more comfortable and convenient shooting. After determining the approximate distance to the nearest Surcin (butanes) — mounds, each of us alone has introduced the necessary amendments at gunpoint. Charges…

After finishing the preparatory part of our activities started to the main part. From the field in our direction were heard whistling marmots, but animals do not appear outside. And suddenly I saw in one of the holes some movement, bustle, but groundhogs go outside yet not in a hurry. All peresvisty lasted about five minutes, and then suddenly it appeared on the surface — groundhog marmot in all its glory. Observing the behavior of marmots in the lens of his sight, I sank into a virtual world of wildlife. Marmots crawled to the surface very carefully, observing discipline and habits transmitted for centuries from one another brood. Classical Front marmot on his hind legs and unforgettable whistle tells us about the care of the animal to the world around him. Marmots have started breakfast. Racing across the grain to the field and back, they always got up on its hind legs, front and kept each other, breaking up into pairs. Meals young alternated games and is strictly controlled by large specimens who sat column, examine and continuously conducted mustache paws. From all I spent hunting for marmot I have learned a few rules.

The first rule. If the groundhog sitting snout to the entrance of the burrow or at the edge of the hole, shoot him senseless. After the shot the groundhog will dive into the hole already affected or wounded animal comes in a hole from which it will be difficult to remove.

The second rule. Aim should be to the head. If you hit, you probably have a trophy; but missed, too good not to be a wounded animal. After all, the groundhog is very tenacious, and the wounded man, he quickly disappears, and besides, his whistle alerts the District of danger.

The third rule. You can not unmask himself after the first hit in the Groundhog. Marmots are not afraid of noise and loud sounds, so run for the trophy just not worth it. After the shot, a few minutes later, Zverkov again begin to surface and whistle.

And further. While hunting for marmot and considered not very complicated, professionalism no one has yet been canceled. The shutter speed and the ability to use arms — recipe for success. Only trained hunter and select the correct disguise, and place himself will choose the right and make an accurate shot. So to any type of hunting should be approached with intelligence, wit and love to those around us the space and resources.

And so I took aim at the marmot, in what was a little bit more. Distance to him was about a hundred or a hundred and ten to fifteen meters. The distance appeared a small, readily available to the faithful of the shot. The selected animal is constantly moving and gave aim quickly. Animal caught in the crosshairs, I immediately wanted to make a shot, but keep the aiming reticle in position but could not. Adrenaline and excitement came to me excited body. Grid jumped up and down swinging in opposite directions horizontally. Suddenly sounded close shot startled me a little distracted from their goal. Olga raised arm marked penetration and extraction of the long-awaited trophy. Marmot without hesitation fell to the ground. In an instant, all the marmots hid in their homes.

— One down! — Olga said, reloading his gun. The pleasant sound of clanking gate who learned the sleeve, made me gather my thoughts, and the smell of burnt gunpowder, managed to fly a thin thread, brought into a state of cheerfulness.

Being in the inner tension and a little disappointed swift and successful shot his partner and his nesobrannosti, I felt the sweat roll down his temples. The first time I envied the good fortune of the partner. I thought I was the envy of white, not evil, but a sense of pride was piqued luck fairer sex.
To achieve further results it was necessary to gather his thoughts, to subdue the storm within ourselves and focus only on the shooting.

Marmots re-emerged in the field of our sight. Without giving the next marmot straightened to his full height, I made the shot. Giving a gun after the shot took a moment my eyes from the sight. «It seems hit». — I thought, and somewhere deep in my heart began to celebrate. Everything was on the contrary, I did not hit the groundhog just a little, made a mistake. The bullet went above and right of the target. And, as always happens, then something went wrong. Within minutes a clear sunny weather gave way to strong gusty winds. He began to rain. Marmots hid in a hole because they do not like cloudy, rainy and windy weather. Care object of hunting and the approaching rain forced us to stop the charge has recently begun activity, collect their weapons, equipment and quick step back to the car.

On the way, Olga told me: «Alex, stop torturing yourself. I know how to win, and most importantly, learn to play. Extract from the failure of a lesson!» And he smiled a pleasant smile female…

Alex Dzyubchuk31 July 2015 at 00:00

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