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For complementary feeding bleak suitable mixture with a pungent, sweet smell

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Bleak different from other fish fast and careful bite, so catching it usually use the most sensitive equipment primaries. However, you can successfully catch and other gear, including a fishing rod Match. Only need to properly balance the tackle and collecting fish for bait, fodder create competition.

Sometimes bleak kept away from the angler. He sees a flock, but it is very difficult to get feed back far enough to catch the bait with a dull snap. Very often such a situation arises when the angler is at long shallows with clear water. In this case, rescues Match rod length 3.7–4.5 m, designed for throwing light rigs to a distance of at least 20 m.

Coil — inertialess, light should have a gear ratio of at least 6, as ukleechnaya fishing fast and is usually due to frequent bites perezabrasyvat often becomes necessary.

The main fishing line diameter of at least 0.12 mm. Be sure to use the leash out of line 0.08–0.1 mm. The length of the leash 15–30 cm. The longer leash bleak does not fit, then he makes a tackle less sensitive to cautious bite. Hook the easiest — odnogiby, № 18–22. The sting of the hook should be very sharp, so the catch depends on the correct sweeps.

Bleak loves to attack the nozzle, if that is slowly sinking below the water surface, so the main focus should be ogruzku at the base of the float, and on the line near the leash put only minimal weight shepherd boy, say, 0.02 g if the fishing occurs on tihovode. If you make a casting for a then ogruzka on the line can be more severe, distributed or concentrated in one place near the leash. Match is also possible to catch the water surface on floating nozzle type fly, gadfly, without using ogruzku on the line, but using samoogruzhenny float, including horizontal design.

For ukleechnoy catching on inactive water often use classic straight vagler, whose body is made of long plastic tube, sealed at both ends and having a built-in basis ogruzku. The body of the float transparent and marked by a red paint apex. Floats carrying capacity using 2–3.5 g

It should be noted that for long casting can be applied to ordinary floats shaped like vagler with balsa body, but do not have ogruzku on the keel. In this case, most of the load, which may consist of lead “olives” weight 2–2.5 g or more elements of different shape, shift to a float, and a leash near the left only one element of the easiest ogruzki.

Bleak sometimes kept at such a great distance from the fisherman that even a properly fitted, Match snap catch it becomes rational.

The easiest way to shift closer to the bleak angler — is throwing the balls of bait so that each subsequent ball turned out to be a little closer to the angler. To this mixture should be drafted so as to make the balls of groundbait destroyed as soon as they touch the surface of the water. This is the case if the catch is in the upper water layers.

Another way to force the flock to shift closer to the angler more convenient for catching away, apply a replaceable snap. Float and leash with a hook in this case was withdrawn by the end of the fishing line is attached special leash while wearing us a piece of stick. The bread rests on a leash in the cork from a wine bottle. Baton strung on a leash with a stiff wire with a hook at the end.

Baton thrown to the place of fishing, waiting until near the bleak meet him, and then moves very careful not to scare the fish dragged him to her. If bleak hungry and keen plucking crumb, then you can move it far enough, sometimes even allowing to go to catch a fishing rod with a dull snap.

Under certain conditions, bleak better drop the bait to the bottom.

Arriving at the place, prepared bait, kneading the mixture in a special bucket. Then, using a slingshot, if bleak is within 15 meters from the shore, throw feed balls. If the fish is closer than 15 meters, the balls do bigger and throw their hands. In order not to frighten the flock, casting should be done on its location, and then pull snap in place of catching. Bleak loves movable nozzle, so get her attention, you can force perturbation equipment, working with the rod tip. Also, you can not smuggle in dramatically short potyazhkami nozzle. Thus it is necessary to make sure that the float is in the working position, as the bite can be followed at any moment.

In the course of fishing is often necessary to change the slope or length of the leash snap.

Universal nozzles for bleak — maggots or bloodworm. Sometimes you need to catch a moth on a sandwich with maggots: large bleak bait like this. In summer, attractive attachment may be an ordinary fly. You can also fish with small larvae: walnut, apple and flour.

From vegetable baits suitable pellets, rye or wheat bread, pellets, semolina, barley. But at any time of the year is still more efficient at catching nozzle of animal origin, especially since they are best kept on the hook.

For complementary feeding bleak suitable mixture with a sharp, sweet odor, in which, if necessary, add or bloodworms and maggots Coast sifted soil. It has been observed that a large bleak better suited to the dark groundbait.

There are also a number of self-catering baits enjoyed at catching bleak in different layers of water, including from the bottom. Here’s the recipe.

Bait with seeds. To 500 g of breadcrumbs, 250 g of ground in a food processor sunflower seeds and hemp seeds, 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 100 grams of oat flour, 100 grams of milk powder, 250 grams of clay and river sand. The mixture is moistened with water to form a dough that can be made into balls of different sizes.

Millet porridge with steamed oil cake. Millet porridge mixed with oil cake steamed in a ratio of 2: 1, roll up balls and deliver in the area of ​​fishing.

The bait of wheat. 300 g of wheat grains are ground in a food processor and boiled. The resulting mass was mixed with 150 g of ground corn. Was added 150 g of steamed cake, 100 g of flour and powdered milk, and river sand or clay coast. Roll up throw the balls in place of catching.

Bait potatoes. Boiled potatoes mixed with bread crumbs in proportions of 1: 1 and then with an equal amount of sieved clay. Is formed from a mixture of balls.

Bait of “Hercules”. Cereals “Hercules” scalded with boiling water, and then gently podvyalivayut in the newspaper. Then mixed with breadcrumbs, oatmeal children in certain relationships, add vanilla, coriander, anise.

Bait on a millet-based with the addition of maggots. Boil 300 grams of washed millet and put it into heat. When cereal cooled, added with 100 g of milled sunflower seeds, 70 g of oat flour, 100 g of milk powder 100–150g breadcrumbs. All this is thoroughly mixed in a bucket on the beach with the addition of maggots (60–100 g) and water from the reservoir. Besides bleak, to such bait respond well bream and roach. To attract bleak important to create a long settling cloud of dregs. Before the next throwing bait into the water mixture should be thoroughly mixed to raise the deceased to the bottom of the bucket maggots. Immediately after baiting sites usually caught at the water surface or in its thickness as well as sedimentation and heavy maggots ground plant particles good biting can be near the bottom.

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