Variety kurtshaar

Variety kurtshaarPhoto by Mikhail Semin

When taking the puppy in the club, his nickname was to begin with the letter «YU».

I immediately flashed in my head: Yule.

So in the future, and it works out.

After the letter «YU» wanted to put «FROM» – in memory of her aunt Sandra.

Further, according to the old traditions of the dog should participate letters of nicknames father and mother. That came Yustida.

I have always been an opponent to take the puppy at an early age. This was exactly a month. The puppy should fed on breast milk.

Well take a puppy 2 – 2.5 months.

I wanted to reach an agreement with the breeder, the puppy would come at least 2 weeks. But his wife said that if we do not take it, then I am for it will not go. I Took. The only plus early zabiraniya puppy from the mother that he was after 2 days stopped whining and slowly he mastered the 3-bedroom apartment.

He took the first Kurzhaar first only because of what has bothered to climb the fall in cold water for the downed ducks. At the time, I went hunting with a company in Volokolamsk district in the fish farm. There are eleven ponds. There are such that the opposite bank barely noticeable. Not always had a boat. Of all companies, few people agreed to go into the water. Les, I got bored. I realized that we needed a dog. Picked up, then a «Moscow newspaper hunting». Breeder purely by chance found himself OL Mahlow. Later my say it was fate.

Very quickly understand that this dog – not to feed the ducks or geese knocked drunken company. I discard the noisy crowd and I will hunt alone with maturing kurtshaar. Naturally the first steps were on the duck.

80% of the work was given a gun. Search, recovery, shot again search feed. In Ramenskoye test we had the first number. Under the TV camera Ramenskoye Sandra 15 minutes 7 raised ducks.

Farther – swampy meadow, the trail of blood, raccoon, badger and many more. We are out of each other to make real hunters. Nobody taught no filing, no search for wounded game or working on a blood trail, no bark is a beast.

Grateful Oleg Malov Lvovich for this line kurtshaar! It is a pity that it ended. Those great-grandchildren and other relatives who have gone off the main line – that’s not it.

The first dog I got the impression kurtshaar as flexible, calm, obedient, understanding and good-natured cops.

I waited litter on this thread (which is deeply mistaken, as mentioned above).

He wanted only coffee bitch. Waited … Today Yustidy first birthday. I do not want to blame either himself or the dog. This is the complete opposite of his aunt. She would shepherd born. Well, nothing, I think everything is still ahead. No, the shuttle and she went to 3.5 months – 7m left 7 – right (it is in fact a little). And his nose in the ground, there is something to understand. And the team has mastered the core. But the character of …  There was excessive goryachest. Obstinacy and stubbornness just angered me. But flair – just from God or from his grandfather, a German.

Maybe it’s all the Germans such a character? They say it is transmitted through the generations.

September 1 children go to school and Yustida – He earned. Potyazhka, stand, climb, chase … began to work on a rope.

The case has gone. We rise, stand, sit down. I try without slings. Almost all spoiled. The shuttle was gone, chase, barking. And as luck would have left the bird. The season ended. Partridge ventured on, because you want to have a faster assistant in hunting and come out on top in the field test. On the partridge it was even worse.

High-speed land frisk me quite happy. In young dogs, probably thinking that the faster it obbezhit field, the sooner find all the birds. I absolutely agree with the opinion of V. Zhibarovskogo: «Speed – antagonism faithfulness flair …» 

You will notice on the dog when you can proceed to the main case. Factors that influence this very much. All not listed. This is the age and temperament of the dog, and the mood and the weather conditions and time of last visit lands and lands themselves, and much more.

Learn to understand your four-footed friend. The soul of the dog, though not much, but every day is different!

Maxim Lukashik3 April 2012 at 00:00

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