Without alternative

Article Rauf Tagirova in the 46th issue of «iris» «From the experience of bear hunter,» even though a small, but contains some contradictory and controversial moments. This immediately led to take up the pen. But first things first.

Without alternative

Photo by Sergey Fokin

Hunters wrote that he carefully studied the experience of hunters-bear hunter Gabriel G. Sosnovsky, worked as the head of several hunting leases in Siberia the middle of the last century. Sosnowski was looking for the best options in the hunt from an ambush Bear on oats or bait.

According Tahirov initially Sosnowski kept watch with animals Labasa. However, not It said at what height they were located, and it’s extremely important. Also nothing It said about The second necessary component in the direction of the wind time hunting. No words, even when game wardens ignore the direction and wind power at zasidochnyh hunts.

Apparently, the animals often we catch smell of watchmen, and Sosnowski went to hunting with approach. But and Here luck Georgievich accompanied by Gabriel, and He stopped at that was the guard bears earth, finding the most appropriate option. At the same time noting his observations by remarking that bears less prichuivayut watchmen on ground than sitting on storage shed.

In support of the conclusions cited Sosnowski Tahirov an example of one of his hunting Kolyma from ambush on bears. Bait he served as a grand amount of meat waste — three dump trucks. Shoot at two bears from a carbine, and both times successfully. Housed at the bait a distance of a hundred meters downwind.

I think that such a conclusion, as the expectation of animals on earth, cause confusion and opposition from the vast majority of Russian zasidchikov. After all, no matter how wrestle in a shelter on earth sit in watchman eventually smell the beast is easy to grab and just.

My hunting ambush began on the contrary, on ground, and then gradually, experience and on the basis of various experiments moved to predetermined height. What gives the height of an ambush watchmen? That smell and zasidchika chutisty located on the nose of the beast different heights in different horizontal planes. If the watchman sitting at the right wind, the trail odor from it exactly goes on crown of the tree, not reaching the ground. It `s that same when dispatchers are bred for airliners different heights, so as not to the crash occurred.

I am absolutely sure that in the disappointing Sosnowski to hunt from Labazov height due to the fact that he sat down to watch a wrong wind when it blew from forests, with back to zasidchika box or bait. Or Spīķeri built low. Hurry up with Gabriel G. end hunts height, it would be necessary to experiment with Labazov different arrangement, different wind direction, and surely it would be an understanding that the height and Labazov the correct direction of the wind actually do wonders not allowing the beast prichuyat watchman with whatever side it may approached.

With such optimal detection percentage zasidochnoy hunt hunter ambush animal negligible. Apparently, he chose Sosnowski just the lesser of two evils.

Together with the rights Sosnowski, noting that Labazov odor watchman spreads much wider than by sitting on ground. But this occurs again in the wrong direction of the wind. After all, while the wind blows Forest on field, and of the edge of the trees formed air flow turbulence, turbulence, carried by the watchman did not smell only field, but and the edge in all directions. A from sitting on ground in woodlands watchman smell leaves train without leaving in side, so less likely to be prichuyannym beast. But, I repeat, this is only if the watchman sat storage shed at the wrong wind.

As for tips for hunting with Sosnowski approach, really in This makes little sense. This hunt requires a certain terrain and vegetation, the presence of Chastain, roads or trails. And podhodchik must have a certain skill and exposure. After all, relatively populated regions in approaching the evening or in the morning poor visibility and possible errors accidents. After all, many of our modern hunters did not even We heard about ohotminimume. Hence, with podhodchikom to be a ranger, and this is the crowd, to walk on forest. Meager chances Success will generally seek to zero.

In his youth, in Buryatia, concealing the evening bear on unusually extensive and rich raspberry bushes, covered with moves animals, such as wood bark beetles, I almost Shot in emphasis in thick bushes of wild cherry teenagers from the local village. The place was very dull, the people there never was two guys got there by accident. Hunt begins with with a gun childhood, apparently helped rigid precepts of strict father strict understanding of the meaning of unknown purpose, but hitherto, although has been more than forty years, I remember this with shudder, because of unhappiness separated scanty movement of the index finger.

While waiting for the beast to ground at carcasses Sosnowski advises her to sit on a downwind Sector loop smell coming from the bait. As he said, the smell of the bait and watchmen are mixed and beast can prichuyat hunter. If you follow this logic, Why downwind? After all, if correct to sit with opposite, the windward side. It is the smell of the watchman comes to mascara, it will lose a bit of its consistency and then mixed with the smell of bait.

I suggest it is just an option, because to ambush height so many advantages that the expectation on the beast the land is considered only pinch. And the smell of the watchman, no matter how many carcasses lay not can drown in the smell of bait so that the animal does not can zachuyat hunter. Just think, even a police dog is able to grab the smell of shoe soles daily prescription, and instincts of wild beasts, for at least not worse.

For a long time even tried to watch foxes ground at Septic tank farm for cows. Peculiar smell rife, almost I lost consciousness. AND what it was all over? I am sitting a few nights. Two runaway foxes observed visually as they ran into my train of smell. Regular daytime surveyed forest with downwind and on notice snow jumping several runaway foxes, which are not He is seen at night. This experiment was stopped. Therefore, a theory of the mixing of odors not particularly I believe it is a utopia.

Very experienced and versatile hunter from the Great Onion Alex SHishov kept watch on foxes and ground wolves Lovat River, where she, making a loop, forming a peninsula. Sidushka was at of water, top of the peninsula, and It is lying at the foot of bait. Beast could come under the wind, the water is prevented. But zasidochny complex is only open until until no Lovat stood. By the same principle Alexey equipped and the second at the bait the farm where to sit to watch land only when the wind was blowing at farm, and animals do not They could bypass the watchman, fearing to approach buildings.

If theoretically assume that the smell of the hunter lost in the the smell of bait, then zasidchiku what to do if the wind changed during the hunt? Ran on a new place? But It is that the wind changed a few times, so I have not sit and run with space on place a ghostly train chasing the smell of bait.

In zasidchika sitting on adjustment, no such problems. AT before it straight angle, then there are one hundred and eighty degrees, within which the wind can walk as he pleases. He can blow in left cheek, and then I blow in Right. He can blow by towards edge on where we sit, even at an acute angle, it is still a beast us And not be able to do. Only when the wind blows along the edge or to unfold us from behind, then you need to move on ambush-doubler on the opposite edge of the bait or leave the place, so as not to scare away animals.

Like me wrote earlier, the cornerstone of any bait is the wind, its direction. Proper use of it, hunting for the right wind always lead to good luck, and if ambush has built on in place with the required minimum height. Let me remind you, is not below seven meters. If we take into Generally and Generally, the Never ambush on earth beats by efficacy and Performance with altitude ambush under the right wind.

Successful hunting Rauf Tagirova when it was produced for two nights, two bears, not the success rate of systemic theory hunting ground. Under what the wind came the first bear, not It said and But the second beast is clearly a sign to the wind bait and apparently zachuyal hunter. If it went a little deeper behind his back, then zasidchik could have it, and not to see.

Still confused me wish Sosnowski young hunters start with zasidochnyh and Labazov Hunting with approach. Why recommend to others that most do not managed and what disappointed? Some questions. After all the necessary diligence zasidchikam can be produced on other types of hunting in including writers, their mass.

It is believed that in man the process of evolution became what it is, only when descended from tree. So, friends zasidchiki that we Basically not yet Learning Sciences separate nation. After all, we have only one path-path up at trees, nestled on which freeze in waiting for the approach of the beast is obligatory under the right wind. Another alternative is almost there. I sincerely wish all zasidchikam luck!

Vladimir Zavarzin21 December 2014 at 00:00

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