About trials

Going through old photos, I came across a photo of the first test Vyatka, in which participated as an intern in the summer of 1984. It is my good friend, a senior fellow VNIIOZ, PhD Boris Mikhailovsky (a regular contributor to «horn» in the early 2000s. — Ed.), He is pictured on the left, and assistant professor KSKHI expert category 1 Alexander Petrovich Nikultsev, or as it is called, students, game wardens’ father Nikultsev. »

About trials

Memorable these tests me that if we, along with and snipe Bekasi came across yet to grouse brood on which fulfilled one of the test dogs and is almost the city of Kirov.

Since 1984, this writer is involved in Annual testing Pointing Dogs. Typically, in the April legashatniki began to call up, exchanging information on The number of birds in the currents, the height of grass cover on them. Places trials were, so to speak, walking distance. The first and most importantly, at the airfield in DOSAAF n. Poroshin, then for the gas station on the Away from the city of Kirov, then in Comintern in Zarechny park, and finally on 21-kilometer road Kirov — Halturin.

The tests we conducted in May — June in Depending on the height of the grass cover, then July before the hunt, and finally, often combined on a collective travel legashatnikov opening a preferential hunting tests. AT two-thousand years on Our tests began arriving fans cops from Yoshkar-Ola, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm. Spring turned to the test holiday-minded, who We are looking forward to the whole year.

’31 Later I can say that there are in the current above the ground and to this day, despite the the fact that every year we coached there their dogs. Only now looms closer cottage village, the owners who care little some grouse. All that changed three years ago, when all the suburban meadows declared a protected area. A I have arrived here and ban nataska Pointing dogs spring and summer.

AT result 2013, for the first time in 30 years, we do not held no one test. Attempts to reach legashatnikov meadows with their pets were stopped uncles on ATV, waving under the nose of his ksivu and legashatnikov the promise of large fines. AND Only August 9, 2014, we had only one test, and then to labor, as the weather was fairly dry.

Half a day was spent on searches birds, result, several snipe was found about reclamation ditches and directly thereto, and half of the dogs had to experience on Crake. Result — 4 diploma of the third degree on 7 dogs. We were pleased with multiple-kurtshaar Rica Butyugova Alexei V., get even, and Diploma of the third degree, but at 81 points. Great joy from such tests are not the author of this article received, each dog had to grind degree view of the small amounts of game.

It is quite another spring tests when Each current eight to a dozen snipe and experience at least two dozen dogs per day — not problem. I understand the concerns of environmentalists around Moscow, where the press on land a huge, great snipe is very small, it fit in Enter the Red Book, but in the vast expanses of Russia to marsh game against others, scornful and indifferent as to «long-nosed CCIP»Which do not worth considering the serious hunter. 99% did not hunters are that the game is over — great snipe. To hear, of course, heard, and Now see and keep hands…

On my cherished in the current Last year tokoval one snipe, and all because the village three hundred meters, I From the very beginning of the current detection caught there with Local dog cats, but somehow not I give it special attention. Outcome — cat ate the current snipe. AT German cat departed on 200 m from the property, and is considered a predator to be destroyed. Sorry, there is no law at us.

The assignment of suburban meadows to the city of Kirov a specially protected area negatively impacted only Pointing Dogs owners. Is not It interferes with the rest of the population «fun» spend time there. All well maintained grazing goats, everything go well grandmother jellied meadows, picking wild onions on sell, all well owners to walk service dogs.

Annually planted Troopers environmental schoolchildren suburban meadows flowing through These streams from which to shovel tons of garbage and empty bottles; now even found in channel streams quite well preserved passenger car on nothing quick to tell local TV channels.

Lord officials at all levels, introducing various bans! Before they enter, beware. If an official and amateur nothing is understands dupelinyh currents, the VNIIOZ there who could conduct a study on about the impact of the test on the Pointing Dogs number dupelinyh currents. In times «stagnation» and it was, the decision was preceded by a public hearing, it is a pity that at the time «the triumph of democracy» everything is done with up vice versa.
When I have a bad mood, I I take in hands poem by Nikolai Gogol «Dead Souls» and often I find there is a lot of interesting things.

In the second volume of this immortal work, Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov travels to great original, Colonel Koshkareva. AT its just the regime of protected areas are not I introduced, but thought seems.

« — The terrible ignorance! — He said Conclusion Colonel Koshkarev. — The darkness of the Middle Ages, and No means to help… Believe me, no! A I I could help everyone; I I know one way, the surest means.
— What?
— Dress up All one in Russia, like go to Germany. Nothing more, as soon as, and I guarantee you that everything goes like oil: to elevate science, trade will rise, the golden age will come in Russia.

Chichikov looked at He intently thought «Well? FROM this seems to have nothing to be repaired».

A ban on nataska Pointing Dogs, officials also must think that this will lead to increase the number of snipe, corncrake and snipe. If only it were so easy!

The website published an appeal to the RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz Minister of Natural resources requesting clarification on the position of the Ministry and about nataski Test dogs Closed from hunting time. The letter is dated April 14, 2014. July 24 the same year, the head of the department Bersenev responded.

It turns out that we were engaged in a lifetime poaching, testing dogs in the spring, — so we decided to officials advanced their stroke of a pen, by stupidity or perhaps feeble mind, I know. Apparently, all this in order to stifle the hunting dog breeding in benefit is likely to show a dog.

How can you not Colonel Koshkareva remember again.

«— What I see from your words, — said the colonel, not a lot Smoot — it’s a request; not is not it?
— Yes sir.
— AT such a case to put it down in writing. She will go to Commission any petitions. Commission any petitions, litter, forward it to me. From me she goes Rural Affairs Committee, there are all sorts of help and do straightening of this case. Chief superintendent with Offices in samoskoreyshem time put its resolution, and It is done.
Chichikov was dumbfounded.
— Allow — he said, — that way the case is delayed.
— A! — said with a Colonel smile, — here’s the benefit of the papermaking! It is precisely a few drags on, but but nothing will escape: every little thing will be visible».

Not far off the opening of the season will not just on marsh, but and waterfowl. AT Last year, conducted at the Kirov GOOiR For two days, 16 and August 17 tests waterfowl. On trial comes more than three dozen hunters from their pets. What kind of stories I not just I heard about how great dog at work Duck!

However, when it came to Test grim picture loomed. Some spaniels not served with game Water is, indeed, huskies, some dogs do not We went to water and completely afraid of shots. AT eventually to testing, after testing for feeding the ducks with water was allowed 8 rooms.

Result: two diplomas of 1st degree at and drathaar Labrador, two diplomas of 2nd degree — at and drathaar Only two degrees 3rd degree at Kurzhaar and spaniel. Who is the most boasted at and that pet I did not work on diploma.

Whatever officials to come up with places and at the top, we will experience a dog, life goes on, but that’s the problems and unnecessary, self-imposed restrictions would like less.

Alexander Gurev26 June 2015 at 10:25

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