Do not forget how to shoot

Recently I read a small booklet V.Sugrobova «How to shoot straight with a hunting rifle shot» (Moscow, «aquarium», 2004). The publication — a typical reference, and in general it certainly lives up to its purpose, but it’s still far from being all expressed their recommendations, estimates and judgments can be unconditionally accept that prompted me to take up the pen.

Do not forget how to shoot

CARTRIDGES and gunpowder

That’s how, for example, offers a selection variant rifles author begins hunter. «If a hunter himself fills cartridges, it should be the most interested in the gun chamber with 76 mm. Due to the greater length of the pattern can be increased or the number of projectile shot wads that have a positive impact on the quality of the shot» (p. 9).

The author thus did not mention that the gun with such chamber (chambered «Magnum») – heavy intended, as a rule, for special, more often than not running hunts, which account for a marginal distance shoot at game with increased strength of the wound. Ammunition «Magnum» require extraordinary powders, the production of which our industry really has not yet mastered. That is why experts do not advise hunters to equip «Magnums» himself, at home.

Now let’s see what the composition of the cartridge the author considers most appropriate: a plastic or brass sleeve 12 gauge; powder «Sunar» 1.17–1.9 g .; two gaskets 12 gauge included in the sleeve «with difficulty, without bending»; Two wood-fiber or felt wad 10-gauge («You can neosalennye – Shot sharper»); fraction – ’34, Or twist of the sleeve sealant its «plastic lid» (p. 27–28).

Here several questions. I’ll start with the most simple: what is the «plastic cap» (elsewhere the author calls it «gag»)? Obviously, it is implied by the socket wad by a fraction, specifically for metal casings. But imagine the reaction of the seller in a hunting store buyers and when one of them asked: «Do you have for sale plugs cartridges?»

I wonder how may include «creaked» Strip 12 gauge in plastic, in particular of metal, the sleeve of the same caliber, the inner diameter of which is greater than Papkova sleeves? And where you can buy wads 10-gauge (the last time I saw them in the sale of fifteen years ago, if not more so)? And that means «sharp shot» when neosalennom pyzhe? When it comes to improving returns, such «harshness» arrow to anything, but if we have in mind sharpening the battle, then the specified condition (no osalki) should be changed to the opposite. After osalka wad is necessary not only to lubricate the barrel, but also to improve the obturation (for «Compression», As one hunter).

The author recommends to use gunpowder «Sunar»Who, speaking by and large, has not yet passed the test of time, and is silent on the more familiar for hunters good old gunpowder «Falcon». Ignored and the basic standard for projectile shot 12 gauge – ’32 But the selection of the optimal projectile it is necessary to build on this standard, and not just to go «up» (’34, ’36 Or more), and «down» (’31, ’30 Even) if the shell is selected for easy and worn gun.


The brochure contains a lot of well-known, become familiar in the literature recommendations and advice. Let me, however, a critical attitude to some of them. Who does not know the simplest way to determine the appropriate length of the box: a box set butt pad in the crook of your elbow and see how goes the index finger on the trigger. Not everyone knows that in this case we can unconsciously (psychological incident) or unnecessarily strain the arm or unnecessarily weaken it – depending on longish or conversely korotkovata bed.

But there’s not a rough, but quite accurate and not complicated way to solve this problem: measured with a ruler arm’s length from the bend of the elbow to the tip of the index finger, the data obtained to subtract 15 mm, this will be the length of the box (from the front of the shutter until the middle backplate) for shooting in trap. For shooting on a round stand and hunting, where the bed should be shorter deducted size (15 mm) multiplied by a factor of 1.5 (see. B. Kreutzer, «Shooting in trap», M., 1968, p. 71).

The author offers the reader a table of calculation of pre-emption when firing on various types of game birds, depending on the speed of its flight and the distance from the hunter (20, 30, 40, 50 m). And me in this regard, to remember long case. One of my hunting partner, seeing how carefully I study a table like the one in question, with a grin advised: «Do not bother, and then forget how to shoot».

The meaning of his words became clear to me later: an overview of the pre-emption must, of course, to have, but try to apply a specific calculation (the ones that reflected in the table) in practice – empty and even counterproductive idea. It is appropriate to quote Oscar Wilde: «Centipede was asked how she walks. Centipede thought and stopped going».


The author pays attention zeroing rifles and, of course, introduces a 100-target longitudinal engineer A. Cereals and Vanzeevskoy target which has not been seen for sale, and make yourself – no easy task (all the more that the target does not need one).

I take this opportunity to share their own experiences zeroing rifles. From pieces of wrapping paper (newsprint for this purpose will not do) stationery adhesive glue otstrelochnye size sheet 120×120 cm (to intercept the entire charge of the fraction). In the center of shade «bull’s-eye» diameter 3–4 cm. Directly on location shooting (eg, forest clearing) attached with drawing pins and studs to the top and bottom edges of the sheet ordinary stick thick as a finger. Laces, tie up two places to the top of a stick, a leaf is hung on a tree branch or nail driven. Sticks provide a stable slack sheet on a gross basis (even in windy conditions).

If the cartridge is tested not only accuracy, but also to sharpen the fight for a scrap of dry leaf is attached, planed pine boards. I shoot to stop using the bipod. Treated target home. First, I fix holes in the felt-tip pen target – that they all stand out clearly. Then I find the center of the talus (scree when the whole, at a glance, the center quite accurately determined «by eye»). From the center describe a circle with a diameter of 750 mm (using wooden slats, in one of the holes which are inserted into the tip of sewing, and in another – tip pen).

Divide the first through the center of the circle into four, then eight (and can be 16) equal sectors (sometimes with an additional circle diameter of 375 mm). I count only the percentage of accuracy and the degree of uniformity of the talus. When both known, the rate of condensation to the center is not significant.

In the brochure VI Sugrobova there are others at least controversial statements and recipes. Experienced hunters have the opportunity to see for yourself.

Yuri Tundykov5 February 2014 at 00:00

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