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Forest visitors

Beloretsk City is located in the southern Urals, and is surrounded by pine forests that in many places coexist with suburban street.

Forest visitors

Since the forest close to the town from time to time, or go fly forest dwellers. In my memory, the city went elk, and in the mid 70-ies on city pond cruised from shore to shore, a couple of yearling calves, and I, quite accidentally caught in the midst of the event, had a rather sharp form to release the shore of onlookers that prevent calves selected on the shore.

During crust stray dogs occasionally drove into town deer. One of them we caught in the center of the city in the garage of the old printing house, located on the main street of the city. Polutoragodovalaya male chat with us when traveling equipment, and a veterinarian was aggressively dissatisfied during release and withdrew from us, so to speak, with dignity.

The city is sometimes fly grouse. One gluharka broke on balcony of apartment of my friend. One grouse somehow ended up in the hallway neuropsychiatric clinic. Visit the bird did not reveal any abnormalities, and released it into the wild.

During the winter school holidays in 1982 on the outskirts of the city entered a bear-rod and frightened women, to rinse the laundry in the river Nura. In that year, in Bashkiria, after a long break, it opened a licensed bear hunting license was in his pocket, so special approvals for the shooting of the connecting rod is not required.

In order to get to the next, took a snowmobile «Blizzard»Planted Russian-European Laika Ural Mountains, about an hour and a rod using a dog was taken. At the time of tracking the bear became a little scary for kids, which sometimes ran to door in 2-3 meters from Leszek beast.

This story could go into the category of ordinary because in the area in the year loggers lifted from the den of another bear, and in the nearby town of Yuryuzan bestowed bear with two medvezhatami.Interesna cause of vagrancy.

Exterior shot of the skins and carcasses of a rod of any anomalies, but a very strong depletion, not identified, but during the butchering was a surprise for us, and is such that if I had not seen with my own eyes, you will never believe. Describe the clinical picture will not, because it makes sense to go directly to the cause of her symptoms.

Bear hit a half-rotten pine tarred speck, he broke off and penetrated between the ribs into the chest cavity. After that, the speck of light and struck share around. Light was heavily damaged and eventually rooted formless mass of the inner surface of the chest. Bear because of such wounds failed to gain fat and became a rod.

The city is sometimes frequented and lynx. A wild cat came into the shop Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant, the other often raided the private sector of the city streets of the Lower village. The latest incident occurred on the first day of February of the current year was the reason for writing this article.

Young trot across a frozen riverbed Nur came to the Oktyabrsky village and got into a farmstead pensioner Averyanova LK Wild cat caught the chicken coop, which she climbed through the ceiling and where the strangled all 12 chickens. The woman, seeing the beast in the morning, did not lose her, she shuts the door in the chicken coop, covering the resulting hole in the ceiling and called emergency workers. The capture of a wild beast had a chance to take part and to the author of these lines.

Everything happened very quickly. Lynx behaved appropriately, was a lively look, the look is not in doubt, and so it was decided the only right decision to release the beast in the hunting grounds. The reason for entering trot into town was a sharp decline in forest hare– rysego main feed.

It is noteworthy that on the same day after the capture and release of animals in the holdings during the counting of tracks on the winter route accounting, I saw «still warm» followed by another very large lynx.

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