Forests proud sire

So I called capercaillie poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. This is the largest forest of Birds symbol taiga forests Rossii becoming more and more valuable as a biological as well as in relation to hunting. Capercaillie — Russian traditional object of hunting, tasty trophy for foreign tourists.

Forests proud sire

Indeed, in most countries where grouse have survived, hunting them is strictly prohibited. In our country, hunting for capercaillie currents are still open, but requires strict regulation and strict observance of rules and regulations for Conservation of hunting. They have long been known to followers of the right of hunting. Apparently, now, on the eve of spring hunting, do not be amiss to remind them.  

You found capercaillie current, or you found it. Donate draft woodcock evening, head to the podsluh. The highly organized hunting grounds podsluh was required. Each hunter received a special scheme of the current territory, which was supposed to mark the landing of all flown grouse and other observations.  

Podsluh – is overheard the birds.
Podsluh – This scout where capercaillie… No!
It is much more: subside, merge with nature,
Listen as the wind goes, see how the snow melts…
—    Olga wrote Liverovskii daughter gluharyatnika AA Liverovskii.  

Podsluh – half the battle! Firstly, it allows you to determine how many cocks gathered at current. If less than five, you can not shoot grouse. The remaining males are not able to provide normal reproduction. Secondly, it allows to know the placement of roosters in the territory of the current, and it will allow the morning, before the songs come as close as possible to the capercaillie, without waiting for when he sings. Podsluh eliminates morning walk on the current in the hope of finally hear a welcome song. Now grouse are more cautious than before, and the presence of a person often makes them leave the current, sometimes on the same day.  

Personally, I have always preceded the hunt for the current podsluhom. Often, especially getting into the heart of the current. In the afternoon I was preparing a place, laid on the ground 2–3 Sushina, sat on them so that it was possible his back to a tree, and plunged into a tense waiting. Moshnikov flew, took their seats, flew, sang, fell asleep, and I was sitting. Then he stretched his legs and went on Sushina staying current on a grouse overnight. Such podsluh gave valuable insights and unforgettable experience.  

Dark of night gives way to the predawn gloom. Go talk to be an hour before Moshnikov sing. Should go slowly, so as not to sweat, just listening. Prohorkal invisible overhead woodcock. Cranes shouted, his voice kuropach. Capercaillie already singing. 

Black and bearded,
glohnuschy desire,
Clear and ragged rhythm
a slap in the tense hearing.
This sorcerer who creates
timeless spell,
This old man, a lover
in pristine spring…

Come slowly, gently, quietly, making 2–3 steps. In wetlands, wet currents, some hunters are sticks. This helps to keep the balance, not to create too much noise. Try as soon as possible uglyadet singing birds. If you succeed, then the further approach it is closed by a tree, a bush, so that on the way.

If tokuet grouse in a tree– OK. If the land – badly. Tokuyuschy on the ground, he often travels, and it is to his flock gluharki. After mating occurs on the ground. By tokuyuschemu on the ground and come hard and shoot dangerous – gluharku can be killed, and this unpardonable sin.

By singing in a tree approach should be as close as possible, steps 20–25. Older gluharyatniki distance measured is very simple: the gun must be sent up at least an angle of 45 degrees. Most of the mistakes and, worse, wounded game are due to shooting from afar.

For example, someone is late for the current and coming late to the inspection light has a bird – take cock oh so desirable. So begins to peel 70–80, or even 90 steps. Of course, cripple the bird. At best promazhet. Russian hunters have been immutable rule: «One cartridge– One grouse». Shoot permitted only with 100% guarantee.

Capercaillie current– Hunt intimate, you’re on the current one. Who will see? Who will condemn? Cartridge do not mind, and suddenly I shall get? If a game warden for a pack «green»? Say nothing and allow a shot on another– Homeland, they say, will not become scanty! Such cases indefinitely. Shoot only under the dead of a song, making sure not shoot at a bird or a squirrel’s nest and unable to witches’ broom, namely singing rooster.

Insolvency arguments that the shooting in the chest (as goiter), capercaillie not kill; it is difficult to shoot the wings of hard wood grouse. If you have a normal, sighted the gun 12, 16 or 20 gauge, reliable, its charging cartridges and you shoot with a normal distance, the shot will be fatal.

Ironically, often hurtful mistakes happen when shooting at a bird sitting high in the canopy of aspen. Silhouette of the bird is clearly visible against the sky, and the bird flies away after the shot. Glouchar saving thin but strong enough branches. Often, they write: «After the shot stout bird, breaking branches, he collapsed to the ground».

Many grouse shooting, but never heard breaking branches and resounding hit the ground. However, after the shot you need to be alert. Flapping of wings fallen cock, which the Germans call «shreklih Mauser» – fright molt, the phenomenon of the same order as the separation of the tail of a lizard or grouse. Just easily torn skin a rabbit, fox or owl grasped. This guard of the body, an attempt to break free and escape death.

Personally, I am proud of the shot, after which «capercaillie, breaking branches»And he fell on the moss, and remained motionless. This usually occurs after exposure to the head or spine. According to the head can only shoot a gun battle with a very heap, and at close range and clearly visible target. Flapping of wings – a sign of a mortal wound. Most grouse tries to escape.

There are times when a wounded bird catches the hunter. My uncle, a respected professor Forestry Academy, but unlucky hunter wife always gave extra money «to repair guns»As he used to fend off attacks capercaillie «bayonet and butt». Bayonet he did not have, but he broke the butt (the neck of the box).

He’s on podsluhe, «fear of bears», Climbed a tree and tied to the trunk, so as not to fall off when inadvertently fall asleep. Of course, it is not necessary to beat the butt. It is simply a bird perforation of additional intervals, but not to run current, trying to catch her. Thunder shot scares forest dwellers less than human running.

Imagine you’re in luck. Capercaillie taken. Carefully inspect it. Count the tail feathers of the tail: 18 – It means everything. How many white spots on them? Pay attention to the tops (edge) steering. This is one of the pointers age of the birds. Enjoy powerful «eagle» beak bizarre horny paws Fringe – they help the bird to walk on the snow. Proud and majestic views of the «relict» birds.

Although again, it should be clarified: knowledgeable people do not consider older wood grouse gray partridge and many other birds. After grouse careful not to crumple and not spoil the tail feathers, stowed in a backpack, collect the remaining feathers, drop sleeves, do not leave traces. Keep the secret of power.

Now therefore:

• Podsluh required. It gives an idea of ​​the current makes the approach to the targeted wood-grouse, eliminates unsystematic circulation and, in addition, brings a whole bunch of new impressions and experiences.

• Coming to the edge of the current need for an hour before the first signs of dawn, before the grouse wake. This will avoid the rush, and the birds do not podshumite.

• Under the best song «suit», but not «jump». Approach carefully, prudently, no jumping and no Haste Slowly.

• You need to approach as close as possible. Do not shoot within 30–35 steps. Observe the rule of the Holy Fathers: «One cartridge — One grouse».

• Murder gluharki – a great sin.

• Wounded capercaillie not try to catch and immediately perforation of additional intervals.

• Inspect prey. Carefully put in a backpack, do not get crushed feathers. Or carry up camp on a strong stick, tied by the legs, and then take measures that, without dirtying and without breaking pen deliver taxidermist.

• Do not leave on the current and near spent shells, feathers, scraps of paper, bottles and other debris. Try as little as possible to leave traces.

• To take just one season for capercaillie.


My good old friend, the great hunter Gregory E. Rachmaninoff wrote: «I hasten to mention that I am one of those hunters who are willing to pay for a dozen produced spring Capercaillie grouse, harvested in the fall; among hunters, the most loving spring hunting – Current grouse, woodcock cravings, hunting with a decoy, but in this case, that love to silence the voice of reason».

Capercaillie – priceless ornament Russian forest. He is worthy of preservation and conservation.

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