Forever bygone gun

Hunting path length in the 60 years I basically walked arm in arm with the Izhevsk shotgun. But the most sunken into the soul and leave a mark in my mind were two guns — IL-54 and IL-12. In this article, we will focus on double-barreled shotgun IL-54, I bought with it.

Forever bygone gun

…gun – lightning and thunder in the hands of a hunter and a certain distance makes him the lord of life and death of all living creatures. ST Aksakov


On the basis of the technical documentation obtained from Germany, production was organized IZhMEHe double-barreled shotguns on the basis of eight models «Sauer» with trunks arranged in a horizontal plane. Rifle was given the code IL-49, it started doing mostly 16 to 12 and a smaller number of quite small 20 caliber.

In the process of production and operation in IL-49 revealed deficiencies that required processing design. This work was performed design engineer L. Pugachev. The result was familiar to hunters of the older generation model of IL-54, 12-gauge shotgun bezkurkovoe.

General arrangement 

IZH-54 gained immense popularity not only among Soviet hunters, but also overseas. They were produced from 1954 to 1969. Total produced about half a million rifles. IL-54 – the first domestic gun, paving the way our weapons to foreign markets, which were delivered to nearly 70 thousand. rifles. First, let the gun barrels with a length of 750 mm, in the following years – 730. The diameter of the bore of 18.5 mm, it is sometimes increased to 18.9 mm. Chamber length of 70 mm. Choke parabolic: right barrel – 0.5 mm, left – 1.0 mm.

Outside trunks crow. Bore and chamber are chrome-plated piece and all of the guns ordinary performance. Locking barrel triple: striker plate on the hook and two grenade Greener bolt. Unlocking lever is located at the traditional location. There are pointers cocked. IL-54 released from the extractor. The stock and fore-end performance at an ordinary rifles made of beech and walnut, from the piece and export – Only walnut. Shape neck lodges straight or pistol. Detachable handguard, with lever latch. Weight gun 3.4–3.5 kg. Passport vitality – 7500 shots. But this resource praktikticheskie exceeded at times.

The first copyright certificate

For IL-54 rifles L. Pugachev has developed a new two-trigger trigger mechanism (USM). For the invention of USM L. Pugachev has received a copyright certificate. It was the first certificate issued by. Martial spring V-shaped. Pins set in chrome brandtrubkah. Hammers are cocked by opening the gun.

After hitting the firing pin moves the trigger switch lights out, releasing the striker, the latter under the influence of the spring out of the mirror pads. Lower position whispered helped strengthen the head of the lodge and increase its footprint fit to the end pads. Security rifle was raised that the new safety mechanism is securely locked not only the triggers but whispered. Automatic fuse allows for a smooth descent hammers.  

Model IL-54 has played a significant role in the development of arms production in the Soviet Union and marked the beginning of large-scale production hammerless gun with horizontal shafts connected. So far, it remains one of the most durable and reliable, being a magnificent hunting rifle, not only trouble-free to use, but also beautiful on execution.

Forever bygone gun

On the basis of IL-54 in 1957, it began production of a decent double-barreled hammerless gorizontalki IL-57 16-caliber. Shotgun hunters liked. But for some reason it was discontinued. A significant amount of IL-54 rifles, and today continues to faithfully serve its owners and serve them for many years. This model was very important for the plant, and after she had made a commemorative medal.

Heap fight 

In the IZH-54-R2 performance piece, I became the owner of the box was decorated with scenes of hunting. Her face was completed nicely curved lines, like a taut bow. Of course, these curved lines demanded skill boxes when paired with the metal wood. But the beauty demands victims. And ordinary rifles indiscriminately end of the box ended with a straight line. Sheaths have a length of 750 mm, the diameter of bores — 18.9 mm. The passport contains the accuracy of the battle for the right to 60% of the trunk, left – 70%. In ordinary rifles, these figures were 55 and 65%, respectively.

In practice rounds own equipment I have sought accuracy of 75% of the left barrel. Especially good was the battle rounds with sorokagrammovoy linkage fraction № 5. They are at a distance of 45-55 meters I took the Narva Reservoir with stuffed any sitting duck. In the autumn a triple shooting grouse with birches. Fox and birds   also I took plenty. But at the round I could barely stand served 3 discharge rate. As in any gun at the IL-54 had its drawbacks. For example, a lot of weight. My gun was drawn 3.5 kg, but I was young, and this defect I did not burden. But because of the long neck of the box I do not always take her place, and had «crawl» Right hand to achieve a comfortable grip. In addition, when inserting the gun into his shoulder, did not see the sight leaf.

But sawed butt, got rid of this shortcoming. At that time I was interested in shotgun shooting and without regret part with IL-54, bought himself a gun IL-12. Selling a gun, I did not know what to leave, because I was sitting in the belief that in our arms industry getting better and improving. Izhevchanam I believed that the model of IL-54 «obsolete».

Years passed 

What after IL-54 and IL-57 izhevchane offered to hunters? IL-26, IL-58 followed, and finally, they have pleased us «folk» IL-43 rifle. These models I know well. At one time hunting with a gun IL-58 16-caliber. A return to the IL-58 to the trigger, combined with brisk, pulls «Revolution» in the weapons business. The plant, releasing another model, urged the hunters that it «much» better than their predecessors in all characteristics, but they all lost and lose the guns of IL-54 and IL-57.

I could not understand why the factory abandoned production of these guns. I thought izhevchane, developed and implemented in the production of these guns were well aware of their advantages of the positive reviews hunters. It is safe to say they caught his bluebird luck. Such rifles are produced for centuries.   

The reasons for further «perfection» horizontal dvustvolok I read from the NL Izmetinskogo, chief designer of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. He wrote that the reason for setting the flow of IL-58 and IL-43 was the fact that they had «several advantages over guns type IL-54 and IL-57». Box of new guns «made of durable structural steel, do not require additional thermal treatment; Numerous external screws, demanding attention and care when they are installed, have been replaced by pins; complex joining lodges to the box was replaced by the more simple; the leaf springs also have been replaced by more simple to manufacture – spiral. Compound was made in the breech shafts via couplings».  

A few words about the IL-43 rifle. This release hammerless gun, to the delight of the American cowboy – with external vzvoditelyami (IL-43K) and real Kurki (IL-43KN). All these bells and whistles with decorative keyhole boards, according to the designers, give «product» the appearance of the classic hammer shotgun. On the basis of IZH-43 rifle was created under a new index – MP-213, which has a detachable trigger with one or two slopes. But all these guns do not reach to the classics and remain common «shooters».  

Our arms makers have not yet succeeded in creating such a gun that he took it in his hands, the hunter did not want to part with it, and go out of the store with him. We note with regret: IL-54 and IL-57 – this gun, we permanently lost.

Victor Gurov28 January 2013 at 00:00

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