GPS-navigator and huskies

Navigation systems for tracking hunting dogs today are widespread among the hunters. The main device that is currently in use, this Astro 320 and DC 50 collars or older models of this line.

GPS-navigator and huskies

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They use them as hunting so on tests and competitions for freestyle vidam.My offer a relatively simple method of evaluating the performance qualities with huskies the use of this equipment.

Our method of using the GPS receiver 320 and Astro DC 50 collar on Husky is as follows: on the first stage of check capture (Detection) satellite collars DC-50, Astro 320 and the relationship between them. Then place them on dog.

Before the start of the route fix the weather conditions (temperature, direction and wind speed). Using the Astro 320, set the spatial cues of major events (the start and the end of the route, sharp turns on the point route, the lifting points of the beast). Regularly after the return of land to read data from the device on a computer.

Connect the device to a computer that already installed «BaseCamp». Rewriting and tracks waypoints program. Brings in File report events and brief comments tracks route. Viewed in day records and tracks roughly assess their validity (average speed, sharp deviation and etc.). And print out the track Statistics, before that spent the print settings.

The evaluation of the speed search begins to produce in program, building on record since the beginning of work and time spent by the animal or the end of the search. FROM this program select the search dog, we determine the average speed of the search, the distance traveled and his time. We can also plot the speed and to determine its average value with using any statistical program.

Copied from the program data stored in a user-friendly format Excel, noting key points (the beginning and end of the route, and the rise of the beast etc.). AT Program is possible to estimate the speed and we are interested in any of the distance segment. For example, the speed of the persecution of the beast, the speed of movement of the dog track and al.

The evaluation of the width, depth and correctness is convenient to search with Using the device during testing. AT Search office conditions assessment can be carried out in program.

To quantify this element of the dog’s behavior, we propose to introduce such a term as the search range — distance from the leading to the dogs. Calculation range search is performed every 10 minutes after the puffing, set point on tracks leading and dog, measure the distance between them. We expect the average.

Opportunity to evaluate and selectivity search program Google Earth.

GPS-navigator and huskies

Track progress elk hunted husky with a GPS-navigator

Using tracking devices on the dog tests and competition and help in the evaluation of such work elements, such as viscosity and obedience. Continuous monitoring of the dog will determine when it is thrown and the Beast access to the start leading the dog executes instructions out of sight of the expert.

Data from by instruments registration, will help to objectively evaluate the speed and correctness search trials. FROM the Registrar can most accurately assess the strength and obedience.

Tracks recorded during the hunt will help breeders and experts in selection of dogs desirable working qualities, such as search and viscosity, which may find use in further breeding work. Printed tracks subjects dogs — This protocol, which prove that the tests were conducted, and indeed how they are executed correctly.

Saved and disassembled tracks to help writing a detailed report on events and more accurate assessment of the working qualities of huskies.

Using a tracking device on the dog hunting increases its effectiveness, reduces the risk of losses and death. Constant use of instruments for hunting a certain territory and help in data processing determining the locations of permanent transition of the beast, that will increase the profitability of hunting.

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