Homemade cartridge

Homemade cartridge

Photo by Mikhail Semin

He has long admired the engraved shotguns state as a whole. He talked about the stigma of the company, but lamented that it hammerless and that it is the main problem — chamber 65 mm. In general, the gun he was very pleased, he said, laughing, that young fool luck.

With these guns hunted only before the Lord, and that the chamber is a bit short, a little trouble, there is a brand under the smokeless powder. «I will teach how to cut the paper liner and how they charge, — said the old man. — But before you hunt with him, you have to study it». And he gave me a whole lecture — something like «Hunting minimum» with gestures and a vocabulary that I was lost and could not figure out. He laughed and said that I should know and remember how «Our Father».

My grandfather had been an inexhaustible source of knowledge, particularly concerning hunting. I think that the knowledge gained from hunting books, magazines, various instructions may be useful in theoretical terms. But my grandfather always said that there is nothing better and more reliable than «his» an experience. «You tarry here with me, but not so easy (with an open mouth), and efficiently, carefully. NOTE that to what, to remember, and it is not clear — ask. Try to do everything in life itself». — he taught me.

My faith in the older generation. They taught us kindness, honesty, we have tried to imitate them, learn from them, in their presence, to be modest, and probably why many of my contemporaries grew decent people. In his early years on my native land experienced hunters revered guns that prevented wounded game, not mutilated animals and birds, and hit it firmly.

Our ancestors were suspicious of what wrote about guns and ammunition exercises, preferring the oral instructions of experienced hunters. By rifle old master gave me seven rounds in brass sleeve length of 65 mm. I bought two packs of ammunition factory in paper sleeves with a shot №7 and 3. Grandfather brought sleeve long 20 gauge 70 mm, comparing with my sleeve 65 mm, I showed how far my gun chamber shorter.

— Let discharged one bullet in a paper sleeve! Now we learn that there spread ground sleeve Soviet power.

Fraction I poured into a saucer, the grandfather became her carefully examine: Powder wad wood-turned and he rejected it: «We need to sort out a lot of marriage». He explained that the wad a felt need, and no other, because we have winter minus thirty. Then I carefully removed and powder lining. Father plucked a bit of bread, soak it and glued to the end of the cleaning rod gasket disassembled gun, began carefully inserted into the barrel.

I was curious and I asked what it is and why. He went on to explain that in this way we will know whether well suited for lining the inner diameter of the gun. According to the results of their measurements grandfather came to the conclusion that the laying of the powder is not only thin, but also «weak» diameter of the bore. We discharge all the bullets, they took his gun, squeegee, rags, oilcan, discharged paper tube, a candle, a homemade device for measuring the internal diameter of the trunk and drove to the MTS, where his grandfather was a friend of the blacksmith. There molten candle was poured into barrels at a certain depth.

Homemade cartridge

Samokrutov dozen dispersant-16 caliber Papkova sleeve.

After cooling and removal of the obtained ingots were measured with a micrometer, and they learned long slug entrance — 30 mm. My grandfather was very happy with such a sloping ramp. Then for a long time measured internal diameter trunks. Turner said that the trunks have a diameter of 17 mm with a two-step chokes. Grandfather asked Turner to carve cutting wads so as to walk in the bore with an interference fit.

Having driven about a third laying trunk, he raised trunks and sending them to the light bulb burning, watched from the breech, if the light does not pass between the liner and the borehole wall. My grandfather was very happy and asked pyzherubom paper sleeves cut to the size of 65 mm. Of course, after working all this good work was well obmyto.

Day off. I am a grandfather, and he taught me how to load ammunition. Chop block of wood on the cardboard sheets of different thickness shims — three or four dozen. Grandfather took a lining thickness of about 3 mm and began to pick up her sleeves, cropped turner. If the gasket is included in the pocket with the force with which the grandfather thought it necessary, he put a sleeve on one side. If the gasket comes in very tight, which was often, he sleeve defective and removed it far away.

Came across the sleeve, in which the lining, according to my grandfather belonged not so tight that it reject, and then it expanded its navoynikom with a diameter of the bore. He scored a dozen shell casings that minimum flow channel rifle. «We charge different HITCH like gunpowder and shot, to determine what the charge will suit your rifle.

And let’s pick up what will be the height wad». — grandfather told me and folded column all components of gunpowder wad 2 pads at least 3 mm, osalenny felt wad, another gasket of 2.5 mm, an additional neosalenny felt wad and a thin lining on the wad. He pressed his finger, and said that the height wad should be equal to the diameter of the canal at the departure of the right barrel shotgun.

This height helps tight charging of the cartridge and does not weaken the set pressure. If you put the powder wad smaller height, it will ease the pressure and the shot can not go across and along the trunk. Santa asleep powder, put two pads osalenny felt wad, then a thin pad of paper «Kraft»Then apply glue paper and inserted inside the sleeve gasket is not less than 2.5 mm thick with four ends of thread, another very thin lining. Gaskets made of paper «Kraft» served waterproofing.

He added neosalenny wad, yet thin lining and a fraction asleep. The charge fractions should not reach the edges of the sleeves 1,5 mm. We put a thin pad number fractions and tied the ends of the thread crosswise. Fraction, according to the ideas of his grandfather should not be constrained in the sleeve, and must «audition». Selecting a rifle cartridge, grandfather shot himself and stopped on the cartridge with the sample powder 1.9 g «Falcon» and 29 g of a fraction.

In this way, charging the cartridge, regardless of the length and gauge shotgun chamber, I use here for 48 years. I think that this is not the ideal way, but still noteworthy.

Nikolai ROGACHEV, Samara obl.20 September 2012 at 00:00

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