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Hunting with Norn

Hunting with Norn

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova

Hunting with the Norn for their emotional feelings can not be compared with a jump of greyhounds in the field, with hunting with hounds, or setter, as a setter, taking the smell of the birds goes to potyazhku, slowing down, and firmly stands on the rack! What could be better? Still hunting Norn has many of its charms.

Over the years, hunting with dogs I kept different breeds burrowing. But the most vivid impression left haired fox terriers, and among them was the leader of Alpha (1202 / PG p. 23 May 1982).

She came from Nord (1133 / FG, owner Titov AI) and Jolly (1067 / FG, owner Morozova TI). It was in 1986 and 1987 champion of the Stavropol Regional Exhibition. For workers he had one quality diploma of II degree (get it in 8 months) and four diploma of I degree of foxes. It was, without exaggeration, an outstanding dog. I hunted in those days with my constant companion, who kept four yagdtererov, and a pack of greyhounds Horta.

One day in November, we’re going after the competition greyhounds, which were our dogs. Time on the road flew by. In your area they entered was dark. Soon it began to snow. Each burrowing waiting for the first snow cover, with special trepidation. Fox gets off on the first snow in the hole and holed up for several days until hunger will not force her to leave his refuge.

Until we arrived home, an even layer of snow covered the ground. Began urgent preparations for the upcoming hunting for fox in the burrows. Our vehicles at the time was «Moskvitch 2140»To improve cross tires on the rear wheels was to Loiseau. At spring were added three sheet. The front springs have been strengthened. As a result, the machine has been raised high enough and took place almost everywhere.

Dawn the next day found us on the road. It was decided that first we eaten badger and towns, if we have time, let us move on fox burrows. Good evil dog with faithful and fast search is not difficult to drive the fox out of the hole. Alpha worked more than a year and has been proven dog. Therefore, we are with you, just in case, took Nora to Alpha was not boring. The road made a plan nor a visit that has fully justified itself. Alpha has excellent obedience and outstanding flair.

We drive to the town and the first badger stop 100 meters, especially to make no noise. After the hunt to silence Norn – recipe for success! We produce Alpha and quietly gets to Badger town. These holes we hunted already for many years, so every one of us knew where to stand. Alpha was also one of the few dogs that without a team gesture hole was not included.

So, we are a partner in their places. Snow cleared under the feet to the ground, so as not to creak while wiggling. Gesture to give a command to the Alpha entrance to the burrow. It instantly Ponor. After 2 minutes of the first lisovin flies. Let him go 30 meters and make the first shot. Lisovin falls on the white sheet, standing on it brightness of its color. Alpha is lagging behind not more than 4 seconds, and seeing that lisovin lies motionless, turns and continues noritsya.

Teammate gesture congratulates me with the field and the opening of the season. It takes no more than 2 minutes, both on my side departs second fox. I release it to the desired length, and once again put the first shot on the spot. Alpha immediately pops out of the hole, it reaches the fox and immediately returned to the hole. Underfoot heard clattering and the voice of the dog. Flies two foxes, and two on my side. Calmly doublet force down both. Alfa of the hole does not come out, it continues to work. I hear how she pursues with great enthusiasm under the ground fox, but one does not want to leave the burrow.

Three times under me are the fox and dog. Fox can not break away from the pursuit, and she is forced to leave the burrow. Issued on partner who doublet stops its rapid pace. Alpha flies out of the hole and pulls the animal passion. By the hole it does not return – we understand that the foxes no longer there. Pulling out of the hole quickly shoot beautiful, bright red skin and go to the next town. On the first hole, we have defended the 17 minutes, 5 foxes were put under the shot. Is not it a delight for burrowing!

Badger moved to another town, located in a field on the mound. Here, for the correct shot no obstacles, and each jump out of the hole the fox has virtually no chance. We produce Alpha ranking. I give the Alpha Team, she instantly noritsya. Only the tail of the dog hiding in a hole, it starts to work actively. Fox meets the dog immediately to the entrance of the burrow. Alfa throws a red and begins its active pursuit.

Almost simultaneously from different otnorkov popping noise Fox 3 (as it was later established – young). I laid two doublet, partner also makes a doublet wounded animal. My MP 2112 gets wounded animal, and all three foxes remain motionless in the snow. Teammate feverishly recharged. After he had been charged, I shall be sent to the store patrons. Underfoot repeatedly I hear the dog in the course of pursuing the fox.

Hunting with Norn

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova

Not letting us relax, departs 4 noise fox, and the first shot stopped its rapid pace. In the seventh minute flies 5 fox and the dog almost hanging on her tail. His companion did not raise a gun! Yet the fox in the box fails to break away from the dog, and I have a chance for a shot, which I did not miss. The fifth shot the fox, after falling in the snow, and a dog with passion shakes beast. Fast take away a dog need a lot of forces – the day has just begun and we already have 10 foxes! We decide that waste time removing skins today is unacceptable!

In the trunk we put caught foxes and cover with plastic wrap. We took out a thermos of brewed tea rosehip and enjoy. Alpha took a sip of water, wags his tail and waits for further instructions. We’re going and move toward the next town. On this day, it has been extracted the maximum number of foxes from their burrows. A heroine of our hunting was, of course, Alfa !!! During the eight years of hunting it has been extracted a lot of foxes.

In those days his partner were 4 yagdterera, had I degree diplomas. I have 6 burrowing were also with diplomas of I degree, but we hunted only with Alpha. Equal to work it was not! And her face was not a single scar. And I am infinitely glad that I had a dog.

The work of many years Alpha Hunter watched Moscow – burrowing AA Filev. One day he came to hunt for the fox to the Norn. To our chagrin, I fell very deep snow, my Moskvich could drive only on the groomed trail. We leave the car and walk decide to move toward the nearest foxhole. To make it easier to walk in the tracks. Alpha jumping on the heels of our last, realizing that forces her to still come in handy.

Fox is the full, hare, too. We go on snow-covered road, on the left a rare tree planting. We are talking about hunting. I see – Bunny looked ahead. And hide. I show it to Alexander. He decides to pick it up and get to maturation. But this hare was ready! He departed not from the place where he was waiting for Alexander and eight meters in the side.

First Shot – the sky, the second – bloomer. Laughter I can not get over it. When recovered, I see – Alpha voice pursues a hare, not hearing my commands. Hare with a dog descended from the hearing, but the binoculars I saw a scythe went into forest plantations. Alpha was there. Hare came out of the landing field, and went to deuce did. Alpha, like a real hound reached spryzhki and making a small circle, and again found the trail again raised the hare.

Hare makes a big circle and hiding in the forest plantation. Hopes that the dog does not lose the hare, no. Suddenly, on hearing the dog appears, we turn towards the headland. Dogs have not seen, but the hare returned to the place of the first maturation. Soon we saw the dog, it lagged behind the hare hare 300 meters on the left of the dog, of course, slowly. High-speed data in the dog and the hare are different. Alexander pleads for rehabilitation. I do not mind, but it takes place to at the very least he could shoot, too.
Hare does not reach the place of maturation of 30 meters, stands on his hind legs and hears the approaching dog.

Alexander raises the gun and makes a shot, but the hare at the same time begins to move toward maturation. Automatically takes a miss! I have laughed. Zajac approaches meters by 20. Feeling that he had not heard the first shot and boldly approached the place of maturation at which it was raised for the first time. I understand that the inevitable second slip (too close distance). Oblique 5 meters. Booming shot.

And, of course, miss! But after I shot a hare in the snow falls. Soon Alpha ruffled prey. She was very tired, but we still come down to the hole. Alfa, as always, very quickly kicked the fox out of the hole, and Alexander laid her doublet. Hunting in the day a success. We were tired and headed back to the car.

These dogs, like Alpha, – fortune hunter. How many times did she voice chasing and fox and hare! Many hunters do not believe my stories, until we saw her work. Her memory remained in me forever!

With respect to you – avid hunter and burrowing.

Sergei Slyusarev, Stavropol9 of October 2012 at 00:00

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